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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, May 19, 2007

Finally something good for Brasil..

Church faces shaky future in Latin America

Pope Benedict on Wednesday starts his first trip to Latin America, where a Church that is home to nearly half of the world's Catholics faces an uncertain future and falling numbers.

The May 9-14 trip to Brazil, the most populous Catholic country, will also be a personal challenge to the Pope, who is still associated with crackdowns on Liberation Theology in the 1980s when he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

The trip's main purpose is to make a keynote address in the city of Aparecida to open a major conference of Latin American bishops, who will discuss strategy for the Church.

As the Latin American Church looks at its future, one main question will be why it is losing tens of millions of members to protestant sects such as Evangelicals and Pentecostalists.

"The sects continue to spread in Latin America," said Professor Guzman Carriquiry, undersecretary at the Pontifical Council for Lay People and one of the few non-clerics in the Vatican to hold a senior position.

"We have already lost 30-40 million members to them. We have to ask ourselves questions about how we are announcing the gospel, how we are teaching, why are people looking for something different?" he told Reuters in an interview.

A study in the 1990s showed that as many as 8,000 Roman Catholics were leaving the Church in Latin America every day to join sects they see as more charismatic and which give them more personal attention than the highly structured Catholic Church.

"This erosion calls for a radical re-thinking of how the faith is being transmitted and received today in Latin America," said Carriquiry, who is Uruguayan.

"If we lose the Catholic tradition in Latin America, our people will lose, and all of Catholicism will lose out. The very future is at stake," he said.


Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the Church realised "it should also have the capacity of self-criticism" and the Pope will likely discuss the defections in speeches.

Benedict is best known in Latin America for what he did as Cardinal Ratzinger, when, as head of the Vatican's doctrinal body, he disciplined a string of Latin America's Liberation Theologians.

The late Pope John Paul was convinced that, in their defence of social justice, Liberation Theologians were inspired by Marxist political analysis. He and other critics accused them of promoting a violent class struggle.

Although many in the Vatican think Liberation Theology is yesterday's problem and say the Pope will not likely dwell on the issue, it still divides the Church in Latin America and many there still see the interventions of the 1980s as open wounds.

Other issues will likely to be the Church's role in helping the poor, the crippling shortage of priests, and how it will deal with growing secularisation in a globalised world.

The Pope will also visit Sao Paolo, South America's largest city, canonise Brazil's first native-born saint, and visit a drug rehabilitation centre.

Vatican officials expect inevitable comparisons with the late Pope John Paul, who visited Latin America 18 times during his papacy of nearly 27 years and had an easy relationship with the more expressive outward culture of its people.

"In Latin America there is a devotion to the Pope as head of the Church, regardless of who he is," said Carriquiry. "There will be a great and festive welcome. We'll see how he reacts."

Finally the grasp of the Catholic church is loosening in Brasil, Here in Brasil they constantly interfere in everything that people or government try to do. anything from free condoms for people to cut down on aids and unwanted pregnancies, to trying to influence government policies. any time there is any kind of decisions to be made about the running or future of Brasil, you see these dress wearing child molesters swarming all over it, trying to stamp their control and outdated ideas on it, or sometimes to kill it all together. To be honest I was hoping that someone would take up a gun and do the world a BIG favor by dropping a bullet right between the Popes eyes, but seeing as 8,000 people a day are finally opening their eyes and seeing the damage that the churches do to their lives, encouraging dirt poor people to have lots of children they can't afford, causing them to be at risk from deadly deceases, givng out the worst advice ever, taking 10% of dirt poor peoples cash to fill their coffers and see this money used by rich, mainly white priests to buy things like new cars and big posh houses, I guess theres no real urgent need. Brasil needs to become secular and stay this way. Yeah, I'm sure people say Brasil is secular but not really, you can see the evil touch of the Churches fingers in everything then can get into. I see quite a few of my students now changing religion ot simply stopping being religious as they read for themselves in the newspapers and online websites the real truth behind the lies they were born into and raised with, some of them told me they were happy not to have to worry about being religious anymore. When I get asked about these things, it would probably be easy for me to just tell them things but usually I tell them to read the information thats out there and make up their own minds :-) After all, freedom to decide is probably the only real freedom many people have. I'll be watching this more closely to see what happens, and if you're religious, you should pray for more people to see the real truth, as for me, I'll just watch as Brasil finally throws off a different shackle of it's slavery, religious slavery, that is..

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mardy fuckers..

THE BURTON Mail has been removed from staff areas at East Staffordshire Borough Council premises because bosses are angry at the paper for exposing a list of blunders by the authority, according to sources.

The Mail, which has traditionally been on display at the council's reception area, was removed a week ago and staff say that the publication has also vanished from other areas of the Town Hall where rank and file employees previously had access to it.

Now only senior bosses at the authority receive a copy of The Mail - which has regularly brought the authority to task in recent weeks - council insiders claimed.

When a Mail reporter called in at the Town Hall and asked to see a copy of the paper, a staff member said that it was no longer available to the public in the reception area.

However, just to make sure council staff were not left in the dark about the goings-on in Burton, we hand delivered a bundle of complimentary copies to Town Hall workers yesterday.

It is understood that staff have not been given a reason for the council ban - but sources claim it is because managers and senior councillors are angry over recent reports in The Mail, including:

On Tuesday, we reported that senior councillors cost the taxpayer more than anywhere else in Staffordshire - but still believe that what they get paid is 'pretty pathetic'.

On Monday, Tory insiders told the Mail that council bosses had ordered a media blackout after Sainsbury's announced it planned to pull out of Burton's CCTV scheme.

On April 30, we reported that retired accountant Anthony Davies had been officially 'sent to Coventry' by bosses at Burton Town Hall - because he asked them too many questions.

On April 27, The Mail described how former council worker Alyn Thompson had been told he will be refused references and stripped of his retirement gift after he circulated an 'inappropriate' e-mail criticising his bosses on his last day in the job.

On April 25, The Mail exposed a council bid to fell mature trees at a Burton beauty spot which was described as 'yet another criminal act of wanton destruction' by environmentalist Keith Harrison.

Most alarmingly, on Monday this week, cabinet member and soon-to-be deputy mayor Liz Staples criticised The Mail for not publishing stories the way she and her political colleagues wanted them to be written.

Instead she praised ES News, the authority's own in-house propaganda newsletter, for doing as it was told by the council leadership.

Speaking at a meeting of Tutbury Parish Council, she said: "ES News is a much more efficient way of letting people know what's going on. The Burton Mail prints only articles as it wants, rather than how we want."

The comments left Mail reader and Tutbury resident Bob Wood so angry that he wrote to Councillor Staples about her views.

The letter, which was also sent to The Mail and to ES News, states: "The ES News by definition will always be a self-congratulatory piece of propaganda.

"The local Press is produced on a daily basis by professional journalists in a competitive environment, as opposed to some cosy arrangement with, no doubt, well paid council employees."

However, council chiefs said that The Mail was no longer widely available at the Town Hall because they were buying too many copies of the newspaper and had reduced the number as a cost-cutting exercise.

Council director of corporate affairs Andy O'Brien said: "We were buying way too many copies of the Burton Mail - I can understand why some staff are annoyed because their routine may have been changed but we are encouraging them to read the Burton Mail online instead."

You can see what the local authorities are like where I used to live in the UK, can't you? Banning a newspaper for telling the truth? What happened to freedom of speech? Fucking idiots, they grovel for as much cash as they can get from the public coffers and then when people take them to task for not doing what they were voted to do, they start crying and trampling over peoples rights! Lets hope they don1t get voted in again, or maybe someone will shoot them seeing as gun crime in on the increase on the other side of the pond. Maybe someone'll cap my bitch ex-wife there and do the world a favor..

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Whose really to blame?

While the world is shocked and saddened by the kipnapping of this little girl, we have to ask ourselves, who is really to blame? Why were the parents of this little girl not with her and her other siblings? In a foreign country, how many of us would leave our children alone? Not me for one, and I'm betting not many others either. I think that the parents of this little girl have to shoulder a very big part of the blame as no one would have been able to have taken her if her parents had been with her, which is exactly where they were not. Yeah the criminals have to be punished for this crime, and we are all hoping this girls life hasn't been snuffed out but lets not forget the parents who were too busy having fun to watch over their own kids..

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We must be the laughing stock..

"Web site" baffles Internet terrorism trial judge

A judge admitted on Wednesday he was struggling to cope with basic terms like "Web site" in the trial of three men accused of inciting terrorism via the Internet.

Judge Peter Openshaw broke into the questioning of a witness about a Web forum used by alleged Islamist radicals.

"The trouble is I don't understand the language. I don't really understand what a Web site is," he told a London court during the trial of three men charged under anti-terrorism laws.

Prosecutor Mark Ellison briefly set aside his questioning to explain the terms "Web site" and "forum". An exchange followed in which the 59-year-old judge acknowledged: "I haven't quite grasped the concepts."

Violent Islamist material posted on the Internet, including beheadings of Western hostages, is central to the case.

Concluding Wednesday's session and looking ahead to testimony on Thursday by a computer expert, the judge told Ellison: "Will you ask him to keep it simple, we've got to start from basics."

Younes Tsouli, 23, Waseem Mughal, 24, and Tariq al-Daour, 21, deny a range of charges under Britain's Terrorism Act, including inciting another person to commit an act of terrorism "wholly or partly" outside Britain.

Tsouli and Mughal also deny conspiracy to murder. Al-Daour has pleaded not guilty to conspiring with others to defraud banks, credit card and charge card companies.

Prosecutors have told the jury at Woolwich Crown Court, east London, that the defendants kept car-bomb-making manuals and videos of how to wire suicide vests as part of a campaign to promote global jihad, or holy war.

The trial continues.

Man, people all over the world must look at the UK and think that the judges in our country were raised in the fucking outback. how can we have the internet for all this time and a fucking judge in charge of a case not know anything about the subject they are discussing? And the defendants are supposed to get a fair trail? how when the person who will decide their fate doesn't understand anything they are talking about? How did this guy get the job of judge in the first place? I wonder if he is actually understanding the free speech issues here too? What a total fucking cock-up!! Fancy the lawyers having to explain the judges job to him before they can even begin to defend their own clients. How does this look to the rest of the world? In the USA when we see trials there the judges all seem to know about things, how come ours here look so donkey? Hmmm, well we don't really have to answer that, do we? We already know the answer. It's just so sad that the rest of the world will wonder what happened to British law and justice. There was a time when an englishmans word was his bond, It's a shame we can't say that now :-(


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