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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Thursday, July 07, 2005


Can you believe that this evil fucker had the gall to comment on the suffering of the injured people in the UK? Millions of poor Africans suffering because of his policies and not a single word against his inhumane policies there but he has the audacity to talk about the pain of the British public. Oh i had to write to this prick, luckily the Vatican supplied his email address on their site, it's just in case you wanna email him too regarding his terrible guiding hand on the good ship catholicism. you can read a copy of my email to his unholiness below:

Please stop commenting on the terrorist attacks in my country, Great Britain. I'm shocked that you open your mouths to speak about our pain and suffering when you guys are killing millions of people all over the world with your stupid religious policies. Maybe you should try doing something useful instead of commenting about other countries by first putting your house in order. Its no wonder that in Europe your losing hundreds of thousands of your so-called followers everyday, we see the damage you're doing to the rest of the world with your wonderful ideas, millions dying in Africa and you guys just sitting there smiling and waving your god-damned crosses about while scraping up cash from dirt poor people to buy your flashy robes and stuff. You guys are so far out of touch with the real world that you cant imagine the pain of my country or my fellow countrymen. You cant even see the pain and suffering you're already causing or you can but just turn a bind eye in search of the cold green cash. You prefer to make comments about a airport-thriller but wont make any move to help save millions of people in Africa suffering from AIDS while all the time more and more people continue to die. You already lost this argument but you still continue to cling to it with some kind of sick, sad desperation. It's bad enough when the previous pope was here you were sat in the background pulling the strings with your idiotic religious rhetoric but now you've just got yourself into the job most people think you coveted for a long time you make things worse and worse. Leave my country alone and set yours in order first before you make any more of your hollow words that you accompany with crocodile tears..

You can bet your bottom dollar he wont be replying to this any time soon..

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Look at this worthless piece of shite, Michael Howard - Conservative party leader in the UK. All he's done since the start of the war in Iraq has been to complain and critisize our government and now after we get hit by more terrorist attacks credited to Islamic extremists hes all in favor of finding them and killing them. Oh how the fucking worm turns! Its no wonder this guy quit as leader of his party, what a worthless wanker, they should string him up by his balls until they turn black and drop off! I had to send a message to his party headquarters, something like the one below:

you bunch to two-faced spineless hypocrites, harping on about the war in Iraq being wrong and now we get attacked by some terrorists your saying how bad it is and how they wont get away with it. Changed your tune now aint you? See this is why you guys cant win anything, you let Thatcher try to sell us off to Reagan and now people see you trying to cover your arses. If you had been in power instead of Blair being on watch we'd all be dead. How can you guys sleep at night? I bet everyone of those with family and loved ones who were hurt or killed in the attack are remembering all that stuff you have been spouting off and thinking how Blair has been battling these evil terrorists even though he's been getting all that crap from you. You're all a god-damned disgrace!!

What a bunch of worthless losers, these guys rank right up there with the Catholic church for wanting to kill as many people as possible. Thankfully we have strong leader who will do what it takes to get the job done no matter how much the personal costs and these pathetic pieces of crap will be waiting a long time before they can try to think about a shot at power..

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So terrorists have hit the UK again, people here seem surprised about this but i just keep telling them that we Brits are accustomed to this after all of the IRA terror attacks over the years. For alot of Brits now they will rally around Tony, our fearless leader who has stood through loads of shit from weak arsed comments by spineless people and now it can be seem that he was right all along. I see online that the french leader was kissing asss with his speech, but we know they are a bunch of yellow spineless fuckers who dont deserve the drippings from our arses - we're talking about a group of people who welcomed hitler with open arms remember. Now maybe people will start listening to Blair and see that hes been right on top of it all along. Persuing the bad guys and trying to improve the UK as uch as he can while other politicians just flouder by the way side. With all these people hurt, killed etc the conservatives just have to fall in line and tow the line too instead of cowering behind fucking Thatcher and grovelling like the dogs they are. Time for Blair to show his true colors and shine as the true leader we all know he is..

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


So heres living proof that people power works. The pictures are of famine survivor Birhan Woldu who was saved by Geldofs liveaid concerts and now is the picture of health and helping to try to save Africa from Aids and the Catholic Church..

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They are advertizing the telethon on the TV here in Brasil. Its similar to other ones they have in other countries with people ringing in to give money to help various charities, similar but with one BIG difference - hardly anyone gives anything here. Out of 175,000,000 in Brasil (according to a site online) they only managed to raise around R$15,000,000 last year which works out at less than 0.0857142857 per person. Such generosity right? You have to consider that half of the people in Brasil are dirt poor or kids but the rest around 80,000,000 could all easily give R$1 each to raise more or less R$80 million but since i've been here this never happens. Over half of the people in Brasil dont get enough to eat but they dont wanna do anything about it. In some parts of Brasil peoples children starved to death because corrupt politicians stole government money put aside for them and wasted it on stupid things and nothing was done to punish them - they're white. The organizers of this telethon must be so disappointed with their fellow Brasilians, they spend all their time protesting but when it really comes to doing something serious about it they just shy away looking at the floor or pretending they cant hear. And usually Brasilians tell me that its other countries fault that Brasil is insuch a mess, of course we all help them vote for people like Tio Tom, their dad's sisters lesbian lovers best friend, right? C'mon guys stop blaming everyone else and take a step back and have a good look at yourselves and the people you're putting in power and then have the fucking guts to do something about it! Oh and while you're at it, drop your R$5 donation in the telethon collection box.

Also in the news here the courts decided to release some white teenager who duped some dirt poor teenagers into helping her with her plan to kill her parents for their money. Hmmm, how can someone cold heartedly plan to murder the parents who have given them everything they wanted and admit to it and then say - please let me out, im white!! - and the justice dept do it? A quick blowjob to some corrupt judge in her private cell to secure her freedom? Or did she offer someone in the justice her hard earned death money to let her out? Fucking sad init?

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Velvet Revolver rocking Live 8, Slash and Scott showing how it should be done!!

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Some kind of problems with the new photo uploading thingy, i cant get it to let me upload anything hehehe! I've pestered blogger to see what they think is the problem. I think an option for going back and using the old way would be nice as it worker fine for me. Or maybe its because i wanted to post a pic of that sausage eating, kraut, ex-nazi piece of shit, who knows..

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Monday, July 04, 2005


So the G8 summit is nearly on us and while we listen to concerts and wait to see if our boy Tony can convince the rest of the world to do something useful like helping out africa we're also waiting to see if that fucking ex-Nazi sitting on his gold throne in Rome is going to finally come out and admit he was wrong pulling john paul's strings and spouting all that babbling bullshite about condoms and start telling dirt-poor africans that hes wrong about condoms and they sould try using them to save their lives and also to prevent the birth of many children who their párents simply cant feed. Of course this is just a pipe dream as it'll never happen, you know as well as i do that they wana have many people breeding like flies so they can scrounge more money out of them for their personal bank accounts. Maybe we should have some kinds of protests outide the vatican for a while, after all people are demonstrating outside the G8 meeting and i think it would be a natural progression to shove these people on a few planes and get them there protesting these so called religious murderers, oh i mean leaders. I'd like to see some cruxifictions myself, lets get Benidict up there first, after all he likes to see his followers suffering so i think its only fair he should set the example by dying and saving a few millon people too. Him and all those old farts in the Vatican who support him and kiss his fat garlic sausage eating arse. Lets have a good old lynching party, man people would thank us in their prayers for years to come!! I'm sure i read somewhere that the idea of voting some some old spunker to be Pope was to stop one person gaining too much power over their church but lets take a good look and see what the old pope did. Filled the place with his personal arse-kissers, changed rules so he could alway make sure his death command were carried out by his sycophant followers and persuaded them all to vote for him and make him a fucking saint! I'm sure all those dirt poor people they killed over the years are really going to be happy about that right? Its fucking sad that while so many people this week are trying to get something good done that these bastards sat there in Rome arent going to lift a fucking finger. Maybe we need to get some of those terrorists dropping a few bombs there instead, then they would no longer be called terrorists but true warriors for the people..


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