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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Friday, June 10, 2005


Iron Maiden, without a doubt the worlds greatest heavy metal band. Other bands come and go but Maiden are still setting the standard no when others fall by the wayside. In Brasil Maiden have a huge following especially amongst teenagers for both their new and older material. Bruces cds sell really well here, one of my students told me he has all of them hehehe. Anyway for your enjoyment heres the lyrics from one of Bruces songs:

Man Of Sorrows

Here, in a church, a small boy is kneeling
He prays to a god he does not know, he cannot feel
All of his sins of childhood he will remember
He will not cry, tears he will not cry

Man of sorrows, I won't see your face
Man of sorrows, you left without a trace
His small boy wonders, what was it all about?
Is your journey over - has it just begun?

Vision of a new world from the ashes of the old
Do what thou wilt!, he screams from his cursed soul
A tortured seer, a prophet of our emptiness
Wondering why, wondering why...

Man of sorrows, I won't see your face
Man of sorrows, you left without a trace
His small boy wonders, what was it all about?
Is your journey over - has it just begun?

A man of sorrows, wrecked
With thoughts that dare not speak their name
Trapped inside a body, made to feel only guilt and shame
His anger all his life - I hate myself!, he cried
Do what thou wilt!
Do what thou wilt!, he cried

Man of sorrows, I won't see your face
Man of sorrows, you left without a trace
His small boy wonders, what was it all about?
Is your journey over - has it just begun?

Man of sorrows, I won't see your face
Man of sorrows, you left without a trace
His small boy wonders, what was it all about?
Is your journey over - has it just begun?
Has it just begun?

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Thursday, June 09, 2005


So we're all waiting to hear Jacksons verdict. Lets face it we know he did it, the question is did he have enough cash to get away with it? According to the internet hes running out of cash but still living the life of a billionaire so im sure hes been spreading it around to try to get free. I hope hes convicted and put in a prison but not given any special treatment. Throw him in the cells with other inmates and let them deal with him, after all he doesnt deserve our sympathy after what he did to those kids. We know he used high power laywers to intimidate people into not testifying and threatening the kids who accused him to they would drop their accusations. After all they are just kids and the thought of dealing with taking on Jackson in court would scare the shit out of them. Lets see him convicted, in a cell, but for all the time in jail he will one day be free whereas he victims will be living with the things he did for a lifetime. Still one thing is that once hes convicted he will be a hasbeen, a no one and then all those arseholes protesting outside the courts will hang their heads in shame as they realize they were wrong. Or will they? After all they believe this guy is the fictional Peter Pan so they must be fucking crazy too. More likely they are pedophiles out there supporting one of their kind, maybe the police should now turn their investigations to those protesters and see what they come up with. Imagine J M Barries soul right now, knowing that some little prick kiddie molester is using the words Peter Pan to describe himself, he must be turning in his grave..

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I think people are finally waking up to the truth. They have been lied to long enough and finally they see that churches promote only themselves and use the bible as a means to get cash. In Brasil people are starting to flee the Catholic church and i think this is the reason that the new Pope wants to concentrate in Europe where Islam is growing very quickly. I put this down to the fact that churches have got it wrong, its supposed to be about the peoples god and not the paper god of cold green cash. But it Europe it will be a losing battle for Catholic church, We Europeans saw through their bullshite long ago. Many people realize that they have to prevent themselves being trapped in this dangerous cult. They see The Gospels as a kind of mass deception and not as the words of God, the Cross of Jesus as some sort of sadomasichistic glorification of pain, a priest instead of someone who used to get respect in the communities as someone whom you should lock your children away from to protect them. How sad that the Pope cant see this. I read that he even ithinks that all people who arent strict Catholics following his every word without question should be cast from the church, now that would be a big shakeup here in Brasil, where people are mainly loyal to the catholic church by birth or tradition and not because they actually believe. He also wants to talk about trying to part with being a popular church and close their doors to everyday Catholics who dont pay attention to everything the church commands them to do and keep it only for those adhering to strict church doctrine. sounds like something from history where the church was just for rich people. for all his smiles and waving from his vatican window and trying to speak in Portugues (badly i might add hehehe) nothing he can do can stop the people from waking up and seeing the truth about Catholicism and its place, or lack of place in the real world..

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


A quick look at a few quotes from our wonderful ex-Nazi pope, you can see what an arsehole he really is now:

On other forms of Christianity:
They are not churches in a proper sense; however, those who are baptized in these communities are, by baptism, incorporated in Christ and thus are in a certain communion, albeit imperfect, with the Church

On U.S. politics:
A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for holy communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidates permissive stand in favor of abortion or/and euthanasia

On contraception:
We cannot resolve great moral problems simply with techniques, with chemistry, but must solve them morally, with a lifestyle

On the Catholic sexual abuse scandals:
I am personally convinced that the constant presence in the press of sins of Catholic priests... is a planned campaign, as the percentage of these offences among priests is not higher than in other catagories

How much filth there is in the church, and even among those who, in the priesthood, belong entirely to him

On homosexuality:
Although the particular inclination of the homosexual person is not a sin, it is a more or less strong tendancy ordered toward an intrinsic evil; and thus the inclination itself must be seen as an objective disorder... As in every conversion from evil, the abandonment of homosexual activity will require a profound collaboration of the individual with God's liberating grace

On women as priests:
Such priestly ordination constitutes... a grave offense to the divine constitution of the church... And is an affront to the dignity of women, whose specific role in the church and society is distinctive and irreplacable

On the Muslim religion:
The rebirth of Islam is due... mainly to the knowledge that it is able to offer a valid spiritual foundation for the life of its people, a foundation that seems to have escaped from the hands of old Europe... What offends Islam... is the west's lack of reference to God, the arrogance of reason, which provokes fundamentalism... Europe appears to be at the start of its decline and fall. It must recover its Christian roots if it truely wants to survive

Lets just take a look at these wonderful quotes our little Hitler lover has came up with. Other religions are really churches, Hmmm but why would they need to be? After all, for those who belive in a god and belive that god is omnipresent you can pray anywhere, after all if you lift up a book you will find god there right? What he really meant here is that if they cant get these people from other religions into their churches they cant get their hands on their donation money. As for condemning people for how they vote and calling them evil, well that just goes to show how far this guy is from the real world. Attacking homosexuality, well thats just pathetic. I know alot of gay or lesbian people and i cant seem any moral evil in them - but i consider the Catholic churches behavior in africa a moral evil. you can see just how this guy thinks, basically everything is evil and you have to flee to their church and pay for your sins. Me, this will never happen, they will never make me feel bad about being me. Yeah so im not perfect and will never be but i will never let anyone make me feel as though i have no worth and should be on my knees grovelling for something i have no control over. We are what we are, we have to accept this and be happy and try to make ourselves better, this i know but not in the way these guys want. life is for living..

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Jacksons new profession, seeing as his singing career is long over, now he turns to a new direction. One where he can abuse lots of kids and never be accused again, becoming a Catholic priest. Its a well known fact that few Catholic priests have been convicted of their crimes and that the Pope likes to just move them around to other cities so they cant be found and can spread their evil filth. Jackson should feel right at home here, plus the church has lots of free communion wine he can use to subdue his victims before he has his wicked evil way with them. If ever there was a need for chemical castration this guy is it!
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So here we see with that idiot Hague (dumb bald guy on right) another new contender for the leader of the Uk conservative party - Rifkind. I think this party must just like choosing knobheads to be in charge of their party and thats why they are a dead political group. Maggie Thatcher started their downfall and offically once in the newspapers they declared the Conservative party dead and its not getting any better. They cant even find a half decent leader and spend most of their time whining on about stuff that no one gives a shit about. The war in Iraq tends to be their fav thing to bring up.

My advice to them, move on from Iraq, no one cares, we voted and its over so find something fucking useful to do instead of bringing up old news that no one even cares about anymore. Tony beat you, thats all that matters and you guys are still out there in left field not knowing where to turn, what to do, who to turn to for help. Maybe you should do something positive like blair is doing, after all at this moment Africa is the main thing not some war in a small insignificant country on the other side of the world. Africa, with millions of people dying every day. Maybe if you guys started protesting the Pope (also known as Ex-Nazi Bastard) and his stance on Africa you might actually get a little support from people but as usual Tony and his boys beat you guys to it every time. Conservative?? more like politically constipated..
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I just noticed this really amazing site in the dashboard of blogger. Its really cool and interesting so check it out okay?

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Last week we attended a teachers conference at Cultura Inlgesa in Brasilia, it was great and we met lots of people as well as getting to take part on some really good workshops. While i was there we were talking about the Bras-Tesol event that will be held in the end of the year and i got asked if i would like to take part in the event and maybe give a presentation too. I usually get quite nervous if i have to give a presentation but this time i think ill take part as it will be a good experience for me. My presentation will probably be music or something like that as I love music in the classroom. Its good fun to have some timew to relax and do something a little different and most teens love listening to music. for the stuff i use in class i had to make a quick visit to Kazaa to get some video clips of stuff my students like as i listen to mainly rock music and then i created the games and activities based around the lyrics of the song. I think i'll try to do a presentation for mainly beginners as experienced teachers generally have a lot of stuff to use with music and i remember when i first started to teach how i was a little lost for activities to do in class. Hopefully it'll be a lot of fun..

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Monday, June 06, 2005


Showing again just how out of touch the Pope and Catholic church are with the real world, our glorious ex-Nazi leader had another stab at gay and lesbian rights. You can read the report below. I think the real reason this tosser does this is to avoid critisism of himself and his so called church on the real issues such as, AIDS in Africa, child abuse by Catholic priests, fleeing of Catholics to Evangelical churches because of the Catholic churches twisted out of touch message, and many other things. Strange thing is that we read about these things and other attrocities all the time but I dont remember reading about gay or lesbian child molesters or gay people condoning AIDS deaths in Africa. Just goes to show what a joke the Catholic church has become..

Pope Benedict, in his first clear pronouncement on gay marriages since his election, on Monday condemned same-sex unions as fake and expressions of "anarchic freedom" that threatened the future of the family.

The Pope, who was elected in April, also condemned divorce, artificial birth control, trial marriages and free-style unions, saying all of these practices were dangerous for the family.

"Today's various forms of dissolution of marriage, free unions, trial marriages as well as the pseudo-matrimonies between people of the same sex are instead expressions of anarchic freedom which falsely tries to pass itself off as the true liberation of man," he said.

The Pope spoke to families at Rome's St. John's Cathedral on an issue that has become highly controversial around the world, particularly in Europe and the United States.

In April, parliament in traditionally Catholic Spain gave initial approval to a law legalizing gay marriage. It is widely expected to be approved by the Senate and to become law.

Gay marriages are already legal in several European countries.

However, just last week, California's Assembly killed off a bill that would have allowed gay marriage in the most populous U.S. state. U.S. President Bush favors a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages.

The Pope, who as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger headed the Vatican's doctrinal department for more than two decades, said "pseudo freedoms" such as gay marriages were based on what he called the "banalisation of the human body" and of man himself.

Aurelio Mancuso, president of Arcigay, Italy's largest gay rights group, hit back at the Pope. "Ratzinger pretends not to understand that gay unions are no threat to heterosexual marriages," he said in a statement.


The Pope, who read his 14-page speech in a steady, professorial manner while seated at a writing table, spoke of the family's vital role for the future of society.

"Matrimony and the family are not, in reality, a casual sociological construction or the fruit of specific historic and economic situations," he said.

In a clear reference to contraception, the Pope said couples went against the nature of love itself when they "systematically shut off" the possibility of "the gift of life."

The 78-year-old Pope's wide-ranging speech, interrupted by applause several times, touched on themes such as human sexuality and freedom. It clearly showed his background as one of the Roman Catholic Church's leading theologians.

"The greatest expression of freedom is not the search for pleasure," he said, adding that society seemed to want to tear down the moral goalposts he said were needed for its future.

"Today, a particularly insidious obstacle to (moral) education is the overwhelming presence in our society and culture of a type of relativism that recognizes nothing as definitive...," he said.

Ratzinger has already backed a controversial campaign by bishops who have urged voters to boycott an emotionally-charged referendum in Italy this weekend that would lift bans on embryo research.

The Pope's words on Monday were no surprise. In an address to fellow cardinals before the start of the conclave that elected him in April, he denounced what he called an "anything goes" mentality that marked modern times.

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Questions to ask fundamentalist Bible-Believing Christians:

1- In the case of Siamese Twins, where one head is a Christian, the other an Atheist, where does the soul go?

2- What does the Bible mean when it refers to the Holy Ghost "coming upon the Virgin Mary". Isn't this a "adult film" term

3- Why don't Christian's obey Jesus and give all they have to the poor.

4- When Christians become ill, why do the majority of them go to the doctors instead of hoping to die and go to Heaven ASAP?

5- Does God sleep, and if so, who reads the minds of the hundreds of millions of humans who may be "committing adultery in their hearts"

6- As Creationists are fond of asking how does an eye evolve through chance, how do you explain a God existing for all time and capable of living for ever, and reading minds and predicting the future, yet completely invisible. Isn't this harder to believe in.

7- If God knows everything, does He know where He came from?

8- Finally, where did God get His sword and arrows from, which the Bible talks of Him having and why does He recommend birds blood to cure leprosy.

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More truth..


A bout of tabloid "political correctness gone mad" hysteria has arisen after hospital bosses in Leicestershire said they may remove bibles from the bedsides of patients amid concerns over offending non-Christians and spreading the superbug, MRSA.

Leicestershire-based Gideons International, which distributes bibles, described the move as "outrageous".

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust said it was committed to equality and religious diversity. It is meeting today to discuss whether the "tradition" should continue at the city's three main hospitals.

Gideons International's UK headquarters commissioned reports from medical consultants about the potential risk and found there was no danger. Gideon Director Iain Mair, director, said: "They are saying there's a potential MRSA risk, and we say that is nonsense. They also say it's discriminating against people of other faiths. It's outrageous, political correctness gone mad. We will put notes in the lockers which will say that, if a patient wants a book of another faith, these are the people they should contact."

But in a statement, the Trust added: "Discussions are still in the early stages, meaning no proposals have yet been put forward by staff and no final decision has yet been made on this issue. Regardless of the outcome of the discussions, patients can be reassured that religious texts will continue to be made available at the trust's three hospitals through the Chaplaincy."

This morning the story was blown up into the kind of screeching hysteria that only the tabloids can create. The Daily Express made it front-page news, with two pages of extra "information" and an editorial as well.

Terry Sanderson, vice president of the National Secular Society, said: "Nobody seems to be asking the elementary question here: why are these bibles doing in hospitals in the first place? Leicester is a multi-cultural city - probably the most diverse in the country. Why are only bibles permitted? Why not cram the lockers full of holy books, including the introduction to Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard of the Scientologists and the Dark Materials trilogy so that the 25% of patients who are atheists don't feel left out. Or better still, why not let people make their own religious arrangements. The hospital is there to treat their ailments, not their spiritual needs, and anything that poses even the smallest risk of spreading MRSA should be removed."

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We commit the sins, but we want you to pay for them says Catholic archdiocese. After nearly going bankrupt from sexual abuse claims and compensation payments, the Newfoundland diocese of St. George's has won approval for a novel plan to sell all of its churches and missions and compensate victims with the proceeds, while simultaneously persuading would-be buyers to donate back as many of its key properties as possible.

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Geldof condemned over Pope 'invite'

Campaigners have penned an open letter to Bob Geldof in protest at his decision to invite the Pope to support Live 8.

The National Secular Society (NSS) is pointing to the Vatican's refusal to condone the use of condoms, saying it has helped spread HIV in Africa.

The society, which campaigns for religion to be taken out of public life, says it will create a counter-campaign of protest against any decision by Pope Benedict XVI to get involved.

NSS executive director Keith Porteous Wood said Geldof should not have written to the Pope about attending the Hyde Park event.

He said: "Inviting the Pope to Live 8 would be a slap in the face for all those currently working to stem the spread of Aids in Africa.

"Aids is destroying lives, communities and, ultimately, will destroy whole nations for generations to come unless greater efforts are made to check it.

"To invite the Pope, who has supported and reinforced this inhumane policy, to an event aimed at combating poverty through protest, verges on an obscenity. The invitation must be withdrawn immediately."

At the launch of Live 8, singer Sir Elton John raised his concerns about the invitation, saying: "When you take into consideration their (the Catholic Church's) views of contraception, and how this affects the spread of Aids... it adds to the general poverty of this region, doesn't it?"

The event in London's Hyde Park - featuring Madonna, Robbie Williams and unfortunately Paul McCartney - will draw attention to poverty and debt in the developing world.

Five free concerts will take place simultaneously in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Philadelphia on July 2

Copy of the letter sent to Sir Bob Geldof:

To Bob Geldof

Dear Bob Geldof,

We are horrified to hear that the organisers of Live8 have invited the Pope to attend this event in Rome. We urge you to encourage the organisers to withdraw it.

This event should not become a religious jamboree dominated by any religion. Of even more concern is that the Pope stands accused in many quarters of doing almost more than any other individual on the planet to increase poverty and suffering in Africa.

His intransigent opposition to the use of condoms to fight AIDS is a scandal of epic proportions. The Vaticanís much publicised fallacy that HIV can pass through the rubber of condoms - a lie so blatant and so cruel that it almost beggars belief - has never been withdrawn, despite the World Health Organisation and prominent scientists repeatedly contradicting it.

AIDS is devastating Africa. Condoms are the only known barrier to the virus. The Vatican has spearheaded the restriction of condom distribution and actively discouraged their use. The scale of the deaths from AIDS in Africa is so great that the working generations in some African countries have already all but disappeared, so these countries are now incapable of recovering for at least a generation.

Instead of lauding the Pope, you should be accusing him; instead of inviting him to be feted, you should be organising a march on Vatican City with a clear demand that this ban on condoms must be lifted. Prominent Catholic theologians have said that it is possible to justify the use of condoms to save lives, that a smaller "evil" may be necessary to prevent a much bigger evil.

We call on you to withdraw this invitation immediately, and to make a demand on Pope Benedict XVI that he demonstrates some mercy on the children of Africa in a tangible way by changing this inhumane doctrine. It is well within his power to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Porteous Wood
Executive Director

My message to the National secular Society:

I 100% agree with you about Bob Geldof and the Pope, as an british ex-pat living in Brasil which is also a mainly catholic country i see here the effects that the catholic churches continued lack of support for condoms is having on the brasilian population. I cant understand why the Pope continues with this stance, after all hes already lost the battle and argument. Killing millions so he can try to increase the faithful of the church is sheer lunacy. Well done for your stand and for your letter to Sir Bob too. lets hope something gets done.

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I see recently on the internet that there are many different kinds of programs and stuff going on at the moment to make people more aware of AIDS and concerts all over the world to drive home the simple message that AIDS will not go away and that we all have to start doing something about it. Its about time people woke up and smelled the coffee and remembered that this isnt some desease from gay people as many people still seem top believe but an ilness that affects everyone and how we behave in our lives, especially our personal ones. Tony Blair, Geldof, Mandela to name but a few of the many people trying hard to raise awareness but I dont see anything from the Catholic Church. Why arent they joining in too by dropping their pathetic ban on condoms? after all they lost that argument a long time ago but they still yet cling to it as though its their lifeline. Millions of dirt poor people are dying because of their policies and yet they still do nothing, cardinals in their expensive clothes that are paid for by poor peoples donations hiding in their big grand churches and cathedrals and closing their ears to the crys of people who are now just realizing they are just seen as a dollar sign by their great religious leaders. Maybe the next campaigns the world have should be to raise awareness about the Catholic church and its evil influence to show people that just because you walkaround with a big Bible in your hand, it doesnt mean your a good person. After all what sort of religious organization preaches that it cares for the whole world yet vote4s for some fucking ex-Nazi to be its religious ruler? I think that practicing Catholics should be speaking out about this and do something positive like leaving this dying corrupt institution and join a religions better served for helping the world instead of supporting one that likes to milk the old, sick and dying for every penny they can get..


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