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Saturday, May 15, 2004

What a joke!!!

Well the teachers meeting was a total waste of time, nothing good will come of it. After all the secretaries were prepared well in advance with printed and photocopied sheets listing everything they could possibly think of including complaining about peoples footwear. And i was under the mistaken impression that we were working at a school here. Guess i got it wrong :-( The only outcome is that nothing will happen, nothing ever does! The only thing that has changed now is that the teachers formally told the owner of the school that they will not speak to the secretaries unless they need to as part of their jobs so it'll get worse and worse now as they secretaries will lot take this lying down. Like i said.. A war is coming. It makes me laugh though as we are supposed to be a team but the gap between secretary and teachers is becoming bigger with each passing week. Some of the teachers were telling me last night that this semester is definately their last one and they are going to contact some of the other schools to put down their names for next semester instead. I cant remember how many times there has been requests for a coordinator there but we still dont have one and the chances are we wont have one either. But we did discover that the rumors about the cleaning woman spying on the teachers was definately true, what sort of sad person can she be. Also we noticed that a certain teacher who was absent from the meeting and who always kisses the secretaries arses and buys them things etc had nothing bad said about her. Im sure she's going to have no problems sleeping at night right?

I started on the other template yesterday, it'll be a while though as i keep changing and latering things all of the time hahaha!! Still now i have no groups in the mornings i have plenty of time to use the computer to get it looking okay. Expect this template to be here for a while yet lol. Also i was showing one of my students the blogger site and he is going to get himself all set up with a weblog. I'll give him a hand to get most of it sorted out next week if he has some free time so that it wont take him long to get going. Hopefully i can get him to try using only english :-) We will see how it goes :-)

The meeting with the parents last night went really well for my students, all the parents (two of them) were really pleased that their son and daughter were doing so well.

OH man.. my students arrived so time to go hahaha!!!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Thats what im drinking now, peach yogurt :-). Im waiting for one of the groups to finish so that i can go and get their literature books from SBS this morning. I have all day to go though as Roberta is at the hospital training all day long so no real need to rush :-)I asked them to call SBS before i go just to see if they had all of the books they need, they told me they have but knowing these guys they probably forgot hahaha!! Not to worry though as i wanna have a look for some stuff for myself too.

I notice that Haloscan isnt working again, on and off recently the commenting system doesnt load and also the link for the site doesnt always work either. I'm waiting for their website to load now so i can see if their is something wrong.. Says their server cant be found so maybe they have some sort of problem? It looks as though their site is down. Have to check later on and see whats going on with them.

Im just reading here about ufo's that surrounded a planes in Mexico. They have some film and photos of this too, sounds like they need to get Mulder and Sculley there straight away. A photo of this is below :-)

Guess i had better go write some emails before i have to head out :-)
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Spiderman 2 is coming..

As you can see we are just browsing the Spiderman website here. As soon as out students cards are ready we will definately go to see this (Yes, i have a students card hahaha!!!)

Okay better move my arse here now and go make some fruit juice for lunch..
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Well it appears that Hello only posts text messages to blogs on Blogger at the moment and that i have to check back in a week. I will just stick to using the Blogger website as its alot easier and i dont have to have many programs open at once, well at least until they have managed to sort out the problems. Oh well, one toy less to play with hahaha!!!

Oh the other hand though i think i will change to template on my site yet again once we have decided which one to change it too as the new Blogger ones look really cool :-) Of course i will have to copy over all of the stuff i added to my template but not to worry lol. One thing i will keep though it the commenting i already have as i like it more than the new Blogger one, just because i am more used to it i guess :-) But the thing i like most is that the new templates are really easy to understand with comments and stuff all the way through them so that people who arent good with html (like me hahaha!!) wont have so many problems editing them :-).

Just knocked up some quick pasta for lunch, I dont know if Roberta will like my pasta though lol. We will see when she gets here and samples it ;-)I wanted to make some cheese sauce but it appears i have ran out of it :-(. One thing i love about brasilian cheese it that it has a stronger flavor than most english ones :-) Plus the stuff i buy is usually home-made too and i like to buy home-grown stuff here if i can. I think it tastes alot better, mind you that might just be me :-). Later this afternoon i think i'll go to the fair here to get some veggies, the supermarket has just abyssmal offerings when we went there last night. I dread to think what those things they called tomatoes really were lol..

Time for more Coffee..

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Monday, May 10, 2004

Its tempting hahaha!!!

Its real tempting to change the template to one of the really snazzy ones that are part of the new blogger stuff :-). Even though i just updated the site i think that some of the new templates look just excellent with the previous post stuff and everything. I want to limit the length of the title but i cant see how its done in the template. I suppose i will figure it out sooner or later lol.

One thing i messed around with thats new is the photo/pic upload thingy called Hello. To be honest i cant get it to work and in the end gave up with it. I think though you have to use the Picasa part of the program and thats only free for fifteen days and i found it alot easier to just use the upload button in the blogger interface. Its good for taking screenshots though ;-)

Phone ringing here, Roberta wants me to pick up some stuff from her grandmothers so have to get going here. Good job its just down the road hahaha!!

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WOW!! A new look..

Wow Blogger has changed alot since saturday afternoon when i last used it lol. I'll have to play later on and see what new things have been added etc. Looks alot better too, i like the graphics alot more but it'll take a bit of getting used to after using the other one for such a long time :-)

At the moment i am wasting time here as i wait to go and meet Roberta at the hospital later on. I have been searching for some stuff to use with one of my groups but not really found anything useful. Well thats not exactly true, theres loads of stuff but not at a level they will understand lol. I want to find some stuff to about Neither + Special Verb and also (Special Verb + Not) + Either too. I know they didnt understand a word of the explanation even though they said many times that they did. I am hoping that next semester i will get to change from this group as one of them is going to jump a level and i will hopefully get to have a lower group in its place. I like to teach the lower groups alot, it was alot of fun subbing the TN4 group this semester and the fact they are all young teens makes it alot more fun as they love to have fun while studying :-). Maybe i'll ring some of the other schools and see what they have for the next semester, there have been a couple of schools that have asked me to give classes for them this and next semester too.

I must remember to go to the post office and post my package for my parents back in the UK. It sits there and i have so much on that i keep forgetting to take it with me hahaha!! Its wierd how even we stick something right in our way to remind us about it that we just step over or around it aint it? lol. I'll have to ask Roberta to remind me when i meet her later on :-)I stuck some stuff in it that will look great next to the brass ornaments and stuff in their living room. We picked up a really nice painting for my parents to hang in their living room or whereever too, i think its nice they get some hand-made stuff from here instead of the boring tourist type stuff. We will see if they like it once i remember to get it on the way hahaha!! This week i promise guys!!!

The neighbors here have been banging the crap out of their house since early this morning!! Noisy bastards!! They should have some respect for other people dont you think. 7am though, my god in heaven.. Wait until they have had it all finished and then at 6.30am i am going to give them some AC/DC full volume as an alarm call hahaha!! I think something like You Shook Me All Night Long is just the sort of song needed in this situation ;-)

After a quick look through the settings and the tour to see whats new i see that comments have been added to the template as well as loads of shiny new templates too. and i spent all of that time searching for this template right here hahaha!! Sods law.. A new email type thingy too for publishing from an email and more options galore on top of that :-). I like the idea of having profiles so people can search the blogs too as i love to roam and read other blogs of peoples thoughts and lives etc.

I have to prepare some stuff for my groups tomorrow. I have already chosen it and just need to type and write it up and get over the the copy store to get it done :-). The written ones are to give my students a bit of practice reading my handwritting hahaha!! Really though its just because i have it half-written and cant be bothered to type it all out again :-). My MEC students love to get new vocabulary (So does Roberta who has a copy of everything i generate lol). I always try to give them something extra a couple of times a month although its not always possible with the amount of groups that i have. I try to get them to use the internet alot as i think its the best tool available for study and research especially as they are studying in english and most of the net has engish now. To be honest i use it alot to prepare stuff for my groups too, it has a wealth of things and ideas, stuff that i hadnt thought of doing before that my groups really enjoyed doing :-)

Okay time for me to actually do something now, i know.. terrible aint it? hahaha!!!


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