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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, May 14, 2005


Finally we have some peace here, unfortunately it wont last though as tomorrow morning they will start chanting their devilspawn again and parading up and down the streets at 6am waking everyone up even if your not of their sick cult religion. I think ill wait for them tomorrow with some buckets of water or maybe some dog shit, should liven things up a little. I can tell them they are joining my religious festival of the holy dogshite. After all i have as much right to disturb peoples peace.. oh i mean celebrate a so called religious festival as anyone else right? I think they must get a real kick out of making so many peoples lives a misery, after all whats the best way to get people to do what you want? Jusy pester them until they take part just to get rid of you. Of course theirs always a price to pay, in this case you sign over 10% of your salary for some greedy fucking pastor or priest to steal and use to build a few apartments etc. I think we should have a universal no religion day for people like me who just wanna have some quiet time after working all week long without having to suffer the indignity of some religious wackos spoiling my hard earned free time with their rantings and ravings. At least my children will never be infected by this, they are safe where no crazy people can brainwash them so when they finally come here they will be safe.

None of my students are here this morning, they are probably at home sleeping but next week will tell me they were walking around the streets chanting like the Hari Krishnas. Still for me its good as i get to have an easy saturday morning, relaxing as much as i can with coca cola hehehe! In fact i`m going to get off here and load up on chocolate and get a film to watch from the video store..

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Festa do Divino Espírito Santo: A crazy religious festival where people parade around the streets in red tee shirts pretending to be celebrating the holy spirit and at the same time hiding half-drank cans of skol. People here in Brasil have to suffer over a week of Catholics ramming their pointless religious festivals down their necks, which isnt really good for promoting inter faith relations is it? I had to fight my way through a crowd of these fanatics this morning just to get to work. Sad init? you`d think they had something better to do with themselves than make other peoples lives a misery. Take a look at these sad individuals below:

So basically you can just slap on a red teeshirt and it gives you free licence to run around the streets making as such noise as you can and letting of fireworks in the streets that are so loud they damage your hearing just as an excuse later to get pissed, use drugs and then rob, rape or kill people. My ears are still ringing now, i wonder how these fuckers would like it if i stood outside their houses at 2am letting off fireworks and playing WASP or Iron Maiden and leaving my religious crap all over the place? They would soon be on the phone to the police protesting but for the rest of us we just have to suffer, and i do mean suffer. Still one day maybe these people will wake upand smell the coffee, better than sniffing the bottom of an empty skol can, right?

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Friday, May 13, 2005


I would rate this as the biggest cult in Brasil. These guys drag in just about anyone they can into their churches with the sole purpose of making money. These people exploit any persons weaknesses just to get them through the doors where their trained brainwashers go to work on them, loosening the strings of their purses to line their own pockets. These guys are huge recruitment places, thousands of poor, ignorant brainwashed people with no where to go and no one to turn to all coughing up their desperately needed money just because some rich white guy in a suit tells them if they do this their life will become better. If ever there was a need for sterilization by thermonuclear device these guys are the reason for it. Lets stick em on a big island and do Brasil a favor and wipe them out. They call themselves "The church that helps Brasil" but it should really say "The church that helps itself to brasil`s money"

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Whenever i see something about the Catholic church its always bullshit! Apparently in a desperate attempt to stop people from leaving their sinking church in droves the new ex-nazi pope has decided to try to make the old one a saint. What sort of dabbling bullshit is this?? We all know that the chanting crownds shouting for john paul to be made a saint were carefully planted and well planned supporters of conservative church leaders, after all they had beautiful signs already prepared and everything. The laws of the church say these kinds of outcries for sainthood must be spontaneous but we can all see this one was all prepared well in advance. All politics and it amazes me that people dont see through all this crap. Well the truth is they dont wanna see through it, they are happy to just sit there being spoonfed shite and conned into putting their money into the church coffers. Hoe can people say the recognize the popes holiness when he was a member of the Nazi party which killed millions of Jews in the 2nd world war? Its not enough for people say hes forgiven for his past sins, does this mean they forgive Adolf Hitler too? What about Saddam? He can become a pope too? Bullshit!! Hypocrisy at its highest level and theres no stopping it. Hmmm, but then maybe there is, Here in Brasil we are experiencing a rise in the amount of people fleeing the Catholic church and converting to Evangelics instead. The main reason i guess is the disillusion people have here in poorer countries of the messages of the church while at the same time it lets millions of men, women and children suffer and die in Africa etc from AIDS and starvation and other things. In Europe many people are converting to Islam, the Catholic church is a dying institution, struggling to keep its members and also more importantly its hands on their hard earned money. People are starting to see the truth, and the truth is they have been lied to, they hopes and wishes twisted by this cult into a way to make money, you never see a poor catholic priest. Millions of dollars piled up in the vatican bank and none of it going to help anyone. Pope? Prick is more like it!! The best people can do now is pray that this knobhead dies quick and then people can put pressure on the Vatican to choose someone who is more inline with the world and the wishes of the people. For me it cant happen soon enough but even more so for the millions of Africans who put their trust in an institution who didnt give a shit whether they lived or died - so long as they coughed up their 10%.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


We are in download heaven here hehehe! With Kazaa running full speed i managed to get alot of clips for my students to listen to in class. I love using music in class, a good song lets me have fun with the students. Last week my TN9 group were practicing learning the lyrics to the Queen song - Love Of My Life. After a couple of tries they had it nailed, it was good fun and i got to spend 20 mins just sitting on my arse listening to them trying to drown out every other sound i the school. The clips are nice as Nero makes really good clips cds with a menu and stuff, workd great in a dvd player too. Well saying that my dvd player can handle just about anything we put into it. I`m just burning a clips cd for Roberta, her students like different music from me (I just like rock) so we had to get some different stuff for them. shania and other stuff but i slipped in some rock too just to show them what they are missing hahaha!

I`ve been playing around with some stuff that i got from Onestopenglish with some of my groups. They have some banging stuff there, i got some really good news stuff from there that is good because it was based on articles about Brasilian life, the corrupt police, big money-making farmers wiping out people and killing the rainforest and some other stuff too. I had to modify it a little to use in class but i think it`ll be good to do something different. Also i got some of my students to write me small poems and i got one back already with the rest dues to give to me on Thursday. Grazielly from my MEC2 group wrote me a really nice poem, you can read it below:

I remember when I was a child
I remember all my happies
I remember how I didnt have problems
I remember that everything for me was wonderful
I`m happy `cause one day I valued all this
I allow them alot of poetic licence when they write and cant wait to see if the others are as good as this one. The MEC groups seem to like alot more serious stuff too, so this stuff i got the other day should go down well with them. I found one about the vaticans ideas of what a woman should be like etc. and this one will work well as here in Brasil womens rights are very different from those say, in the UK or USA. I should get alot of discussion from this.
Today i just have two classes and they are at night, so this afternoon i get to just sit around doing nothing. Well i have some stuff to correct but theres no rush. Maybe i`ll get a dvd and sit on my arse for a couple of hours just doing nothing, hmmm this sounds a great idea hehehe!
Well time to go change the cd in the burner, just three more to go hahaha!


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