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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, October 25, 2003

Okay back lol

Okay class is finished and i have a little free time before i go to the city this afternoon. I cant decide whether to go to the cinema or not though as last time they hadnt got anything that i hadnt already seen lol. I guess i go too often but theres not alot to do in Planaltina apart from go to the hotdog stand or visit the churches and i have already taken alot of pics of these for my parents and family back in the UK lol.

I must remember that i have to get some stuff from the net for my groups too like expressions etc. It'll be fun to try and find something thats different instead of the usual stuff. I wonder what strange wonderful stuff i can find online this afternoon? lol Some wierd thins and information would be nice but what sort of things? lol

I have to remember to email my brother too as he is getting me a copy of linux from england to use here. The copies of linux here are in portugues so i find it very hard to use them and because linux is free to download he is going to get me a copy and burn to a cd so i can use it here :-) Of course though it will just be for mesing around on so i can experiment with it while still using windows.. you just have to have windows if you wanna play some games :-)

Okay better go get searching the net and see what i can find.. later guys and gals lol

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Hi... good morning lol

Hi there world lol... ill post again later on okay, im just making sure that they have left the dsl modem turned on here at the school as they have this habit of turning it off all the time to try to save energy, wierd right? lol.

HI there to any of my conversation students from formosa... yeah you guys know who you are right? lol

Time to go teach... Bye bye :-)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The spermazoon can easily pass through the net formed by the condom

- Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, the president of the vatican Pontificial Council For The Family, telling people in countries stricken by AIDS not to use condoms, despite a widespread scientific concensus that condoms block the HIV virus

As you can see i have managed to get online again but only at the other school lol. I added a few pictures for you guys to see as well, they are of my students and also one of the childrens groups with my friend Narinha (with Junior hidden by the sofa lol). I'll add some more as soon as i get the other rolls of film developed and scanned. I must get around to getting a scanner or maybe getting the school to get one instead so i can use it lol. I have so little time at the moment though with working at three schools to get anything done, itll be nice if the other school in Formosa offer me some classes as i will drop the sobradinho school because of the problems im having there and just teach at the other two which will free up a little more time but not for a social life as teachers dont have one of those right? lol.

I've been preparing some stuff to do in the conversation classes the last couple of days too, im toying with he idea of doing controversal topics with the MEC groups as they love to talk about things. I picked Human Rights this time around and have made up some stuff to use in the classroom, posters and quotes and also acouple of powerpoint presentations that will run in a loop while we do the class so the students can read them through the lesson. Im not sure if it will be too strong though, im going to run it by one of the other teachers and see what she thinks of the idea and if she can suggest any things that could be improved. Mind you i think the stuff looks okay, the pics arent really strong but just enough to show why we need to have basic human rights for everyone, well apart from people like child killers etc who should have no rights. This week though is roleplay, i think that it will be good fun once they get into it and we will have laugh at the same time. I always try to think of something different that they will enjoy and i hope that they will suggest a few things to do as well so that the students feel more involved and that they have a say in how the classes develop. Its going to be an interesting time while experimenting with different thing :-)

I managed to find someone here who has the full set of Offspring cds so i am going to get them all copied lol. I cant seem to get a hold of any decent music thats not Brasilian at the moment. They have this thing about protecting their music so that its not wiped out by other more popular music from the rest of the world. When you see the bands they create here from TV shows like Popstars you can imagine how bad things really are here cant you? lol. The band they created even stole the name of an english britpop band too calling themselves Broz (in the UK Bros).. pathetic aint it? lol. I need to listen to some decent music lol, Ariel though is going to lend some of her cds to me as she and the rest of the Spice girls love american rock bands at the moment which will be nice. I'll let them copy off my AC/DC cds in exchange so they can experience this excellent group.

I am sure that those metal detector machines here at the local Banco Itau dont like me. No matter how many times i try to get through the bloody door it refuses to open and i have to get the security guard to come search me so i can get in and use the ATM lol. I must have a lot of iron in my blood i guess or its my height, there has to be some reason but whatever it is i have no idea lol. Maybe the bank wants me to deposit more money?... who knows lol

okay time for me to go to the bakers and get some ice cold cola as its really hot here today and then get ready for teaching MEC for the rest of the day. Have fun okay??

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My Crazy Students lol

Ariel, Fabiana And Larissa

Camilla, Kelly And Faridah

Narinha And Her Kids

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Monday, October 20, 2003

I wanna go home!!!!!

My god i want to go home lol, i am getting so tired of the stupid antics of the secretaries here, i have this sort of disagreement with them as i wouldnt bed some girl at the school and now everytime i try to get something done here or ask the secretaries for anything i get this stupid "Uhhh" to say they dont understand or they just come out with this load of babbling bullshit :-( Its supposed to be all about havin fun teaching english, maybe someone didnt tell them that part in their training :-( Now i cant correct my exams as they said they have misplaced the correction keys.. yeah right nd there was a puff of smoke from the grassy knoll too lol

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OMG.. I'm so tired lol

I need some coffee lol, loads and loads of coffee today. I feel really sleepy but i have had loads of sleep the last couple of days, maybe its because i had too much sleep, usually i am awake at the crack of dawn but this morning i got to have a lie in as no one told me about the time changing here because of daylight savings time lol.

I just spent an hour trying to catch up on emails and still have some left to reply to, i have to try to get around to answering them later on as i have no access online at the other school until they fix the modem there. Apparently it hs burned out and it will be at least three weeks before they can get it repaired or replaced. Ill probably have to go to the lanhouse i think and use their connection tomorrow to catch up with the other emails, its R$4 an hour though but it costs me R$5 just to get the bus here to use the computers so not really much different.

I went downtown at the weekend just to find something to send to my parents back in england. I ended up going to the TV Tower as they have a fair there and managed to find some nice carved wooden statues that i think my mum and dad will like and got them off in the post this morning. It'll be interesting to see if they like them or not, but my parents they usually love to see things from Brasil and photos and stuff too :-) My god though it was so hot yesterday, i must have drank so much water, cola and coconut milk that there would have been enough to float a small boat lol. My parents told me that in the UK they might get some snow this week coming, i dont think they ever get snow here in Brasil lol

Okay i had better go and get something done here, i have some stuff to type up and some stuff to search around for on the internet about Human Rights and Amnesty International that i am going to use in one of my conversation classes. I think this time ill use the computer and internet in the class as well as posters and stuff too that i have already started to prepare at home. I think it will be nice to do something relevant in one of the classes and there is some stuff on Amnesties site about human rights violations here in Rio De Janeiro that i can use as everyone should already know about this. I think will be interesting for the students to get to discuss this amongst themselves and i have some powerpoint stuff that i created to use as well. We will see how it plays out i guess :-)

Okay time to go... bye bye lol


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