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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, April 24, 2004

I need coca cola!!!

I am in need of alot of coca cola, its really hot here this afternoon. Still i have an air conditioned classroom so that helps alot :-) I am in two minds as to what to do this afternoon with my students. Maybe we will watch a film later on i dont really know yet, i have a pile of them to take to the other schools so i can watch one of them here just to have a change

Oh phone ringing here..

Was Roberta organising a trip to the cinema for next weekend to see some film that i cant remember the name of i portugues lol. I will call her back later on to get the full story :-)

Anyway better go get ready for class and correct all these exams that are here waiting for me :-)

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Harder Faster - W.A.S.P

I don't care if you track me down
Like an animal that's on the run
Tie me down spread-eagle
Leave me dyin' in the sun
Cause I scream bloody murder
When you writhe and when you squeeze
You smell my blood and you come runnin'
Taste me if you please

Lick it hard, lap it up, do it now baby, touch it, touch it
Lick your lips and flash your paws
Shuck me suck me eat me raw

Oooh, Harder faster
Yeah, that's what I need cause
Now that's what I'm after
Come do that wicked deed aha

I can hear those cries of love
A wolf howls at the moon
A heart attack, a sex maniac
With rock salt in my wounds
Cause I can feel my pulsing vein
Make it last, last all night long
I taste the bliss I wet the lips
And I don't care if it's wrong

Lick it hard, lap it up, do it now baby, touch it, touch it
Lick your lips and flash your paws
Shuck me suck me eat me raw

Oooh, Harder faster
Yeah, that's what I need cause
Now that's what I'm after
Come do that wicked deed Aha

Slippin' slidin' strokin' the devil's hand of sin
Screamin wild and smokin' the ecstacy begins
Listen to your woman here
She say she don't want none of this slow down crap
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?

Oooh, Harder faster
Yeah, that's what I need cause
Now that's what I'm after
Come do that wicked deed aha

Just so you can see the sort of lyrics these guys wrote, this is how real music was written and thank god we still have heavy rock to blow away the Spears packaged crap thats always floating on the god damned radio all day long!!
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New X Files film being planned

Good news for X Files fans. David Duchovny says a second movie is in the works.
The star of the series says: 'I think the movie will definitely happen. The writers, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, have an idea they like. They keep threatening to tell me about it and I wish they would. We'll be doing it within the next year.'
The actor also disclosed that a 'big-name' star will also be brought aboard for the movie, someone 'who can really score in a great thriller/sci-fi role,' he said.
'So I hope that takes the movie toward the TV show's fans but also toward new fans at the same time.'

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Waiting to go!!!

Im waiting for the last ten minutes to pass so i can go to the bank and pay some bills lol. dont you just love seeing all that money going to someone else? :-( I need to win the lottery hahaha!!

Well i dont know what i am going to do this afternoon. i have classes later on though so maybe i'll mess around preparing some stuff for that. Conversation class should be good fun today as i have the girls i think from OM1 who like to learn all sorts of crazy expressions and stuff. I'll have to do another informal bad language lesson soon too, they lways go down well with advanced and MEC students but i usually do this class on my own and not in the school as it usually involves me getting asked what alot of really crude words mean that students see in films etc hahaha!!

Oh i can leave now :-). Okay im outta here.. BYE!!!

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Still tinkering here..

Okay im still playing around a little here, you know how it is when you tweak things to try to make it look just a little better right? hahaha! I found a couple of nice sites though that help choose colors and give those numbers that you need for the template css stuff and a really nice one is at Colormatch thats really simple to use :-)

Oh also finally got Roberta added to the site too, im not sure what the problem was but its working just fine now :-). Its good as she can use the blogger website to add posts easily and leave the other stuff to me lol. Im not sure what she will post but it'll be fun having her share this site with me. After all we share just about everything else we do :-). I'm hoping that i can get some photos of the two of us scanned so that you guys can see us, dont know how long that'll take though as finding someone here with a scanner isnt always easy :-).

Im trying to see how this css stuff works, i understand the idea but when i only really get to use the computer in fits and starts its not always easy to try to learn something online hahaha!! I'll have to print it off so that i get more time to read through it all :-) I might have to spend quite a bit of time trying to get it printed though as somethings dont always work properly.. example the printers ;-)

Checking my emails here, i have three email accounts now, i need to have one though just for all of the photos that my brothers tries to send me from the UK. He loves using his digital camera and i like showing my students the pics he takes too. Its nice for them to get to see things they cant see here in Brasil, snow etc lol.

Awww i have an email from Marianne, she used to study at CCAA last semester but is now studying law i think at uni :-). Shes alot of fun, a little crazy but then so am i, well according to some of my students who tell me that i am "A cool and crazy guy". I think this is supposed to be a compliment hahaha!! I will have to configure outlook so that i can check all of these email addresses at the same time instead of hopping from one to the other lol.

Just got a nice reply from Blogger about my g/f not being able to join my site but its all working now. I like how its always a human person who replies to questions and stuff at Blogger. At tripod its all this computerized stuff which can be really terrible if you are having alot of problems. Man we were talking here earlier about how long i have been using blogger lol. My students were looking at the length of the archives list on the site, some said they were going to read all of my entries and i told them its great as it will help them to fall asleep at night hahaha!!

OMG!! ten minutes and my TT1 class is going to start, i guess i had better go and make some coffee here. Nite nite guys and gals ;-)

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New Template!!!

As you can see i have a new template, its still in need of a few adjustments though so excuse the things that look a little wierd or dont seem to work properly lol. I'll get around to debugging them as i go along okay? I had a pain in the arse of a time trying to get the formatting of the posts to look okay as they all looked a little wierd but now i think its looking alot better. I dont know if i will stay with this template though so i might change it yet again hahaha!!!

I have been trying to add Roberta to my weblog so she can post too but the invite goes and it still doesnt allow her to join. I guess blogger must be having a problem with the invites or something. I'll try to find out later on if it doesnt work by this evening. It'll be nice to have her posting on here too :-) At the moment she is doing a test all afternoon so she cant be here to keep checking and trying her invitation from my blogger. Oh well another thing to sort out later lol.

I have some stuff to translate here, luckily i have one of those translation program to do it for me. It doesnt do a brilliant job of it but i can get roberta to run over it with me later on and see how it has done.

I best get back to it i guess, the little devils have just arrived too. I wanna go home hahaha!!!

(Oh by the way, i moved the Maystar link to the links list as they didnt have a button and just the link looks crap.. Sorry!)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Upgrading here hahaha!!

Im downloading the newer version of internet explorer here, i dont know how long it will take but with dsl not too long i hope as i have class in less than 45 minutes hahaha!! 11 minutes it says here so that not too bad i guess :-) I wanna try the new version of Gmail beta that i got the offer to try out so it'll be interesting to see just how much emails i can fit into all the free space they say i am going to get :-) I signed up for it but because we have ie4 here i cant see anything when i try to login so a quick download and install is required first. Its great we have dsl here as it wont take more than a few minutes to get it all done :-)

I was working on the template too but gave up for a while as the download is still running. There was a shitload of comments in the template but i removed them as there is a link to the person who created the template anyway. Later on i can always add it back again but for now while i have to add and alter a few things i deleted it lol. It was just a note saying that the person had written it and not to steal his idea codes etc but ill put this huge piece back later on so i dont have to keep scrolling past all of it and yes it was that big hahaha!!! It just looks a little different but i wanted to change the page just a little to make it different. I have had this page design since the changes and stuff blogger made ages ago so it'll be nice to have a different feel to the site although i may change it a few times as i experiment with looks and colors and stuff lol. I stumbled on a nice Dragonball Z template but it was all in portugues and i couldnt be bothered with all that struggling with my dictionary all the time lol. I guess though roughly a week or so to get it changed over :-)

I also have some stuff to print off too for my conversation class on fridays. i have already prepared it all and just need to get a printed version so i can make some photocopies :-). I think that the girls will like it this time as i got some nice stuff all about relationships and stuff. Crazy stuff that teenagers will love ;-). There was a woman who called here earlier on too about having some conversation classes but she didnt arrive here at the correct time so i guess she changed her mind. doesnt make any difference to me as i just get more time to spend with Roberta :-)

Talking of Roberta, tomorrow we are off to the park and cinema and anything else we can squeeze in as well lol. Its going to be great to spend the whole day together :-). While we are working and studying its a bit arkward to find a whole day together.

Oops.. need to reboot here..

Okay and i am back hahaha!!! Okay and Gmail is working just fine too and the new version of IE is better as well so now i can use this new email program with 1000meg limit lol. I'll experiment with it just a little and see what happens but first impressions are it looks and feels pretty good. Of course its a beta but seems to be smooth and looks better than my hotmail too :-) I'll find out more about it as i play with it later in the next few weeks :-)

Anyway better get my arse moving here as i wanna get some stuff printed by the secretary for my classes :-). So its g'nite from me ;-)

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Another hot day here..

Man its bloody hot here again, good job i have loads of coca cola in the fridge to keep me cool lol. Im just setting up a few programs here at the school now that they have fixed the computers here in Planaltina :-). Stuff like adobe acrobat which isnt installed and i use alot. Funny but most of the files i download from the net seem to be in this format. Still it doesnt take long to convert them to word or another as i have some conversion programs from the internet :-)

Hopefully i will have more time now to finish the new template for this site. I have one that i am in the middle of setting up now and hopefully itll all be done within a week or so once i have it looking half decent. I got it from Blogskins and i hope that itll make this site look a little different if not better. We'll see i guess hahaha!! I should try to find out more about writing templates when i get time..

Well tomorrow is a holiday here which is great as i am going to spend all day with Roberta :-). We will spend the day at the park or zoo i think and then hit the movies later on to see, well im not sure what we will see.. i will let Roberta choose something for us to watch :-) Probably the new Angeline Jolie film or a comedy depending whats on at Patio Brasil..

Okay have to go and install Adobe now its all downloaded :-)

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Its a scorcher!!!

Man its fucking hot here today, i am melting and its in the cooler part of the school too. I just walked Roberta round to CEP and now have to pass a couple of hours until my class starts later on this afternoon. I have some stuff to finish typing though and try to get printed as well. Hopefully the computers will be working tomorrow so i can use them there instead of having to slog all the way here instead :-)

I found a new website with lots of templates on it the other day but they are all in portugues with the graphics also in portugues but then again i might still use one of them. I`ll have a better look at them later on if i get a bit of free time. Some of them looked quite good too :-)

I`ll have to go and get some fruit juice in a min as its just too hot here now. I was going to go to the post office to post some stuff to my parents but i couldnt be bothered to walk to the post office in this heat.

Have to go get juice now hahaha!!!


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