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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Vatican says feminism "lethal" to families

Man, how much more out of touch can these people get???

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Modern feminism's fight for power and gender equality is undermining the traditional concept of family and creating a climate where gay marriages are seen as acceptable, the Vatican says.

In a 37-page document "On the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World", the Vatican said women should be respected and have equal rights in the workplace, but differences between the sexes must be recognised and exalted.

"Recent years have seen new approaches to women's issues" including a tendency "to emphasise strongly conditions of subordination in order to give rise to antagonism", it said on Saturday.

The document, which re-stated Catholic Church positions, including the ban on female priests, said that many women felt they had to be "adversaries of men" in order to be themselves.

"Faced with the abuse of power, the answer for women is to seek power. This process leads to opposition between men and women ... which has its most immediate and lethal effects in the structure of the family."

The document is a booklet-letter to bishops by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican department in charge of safeguarding and interpreting doctrine.

It criticises feminism's attempt to erase gender differences.

This has "inspired ideologies which, for example, call into question the family in its natural two-parent structure of mother and father, and make homosexuality and heterosexuality virtually equivalent, in a new model of polymorphous sexuality," it says.


Pope John Paul has repeatedly defended traditional marriage from the trend towards legalising same-sex unions in the United States and Europe.

After Massachusetts became in May the first state in America to permit gay marriages, the issue has been hotly debated ahead of U.S. presidential elections.

The document called for greater recognition of a woman's role as a mother and urged society to value it as real work.

But it also said women's access to the workplace and to positions of authority should not be limited.

"Although motherhood is a key element of women's identity, this does not mean that women should be considered from the sole perspective of physical procreation," it said.

The Vatican said women who choose to be full-time mothers should not be stigmatised, but at the same time, it appealed to governments to make it easier for mothers to hold outside jobs without "relinquishing their family life".

In the introduction, Ratzinger says the letter is meant "as a starting point for further examination in the Church, as well as an impetus for dialogue".

Among other issues, the document addresses the recurring question of whether the priesthood should be opened to women -- a possibility repeatedly denied by the pope.

The document says woman's role within the Church as a witness and "bride", as exemplified by the Virgin Mary, is key but different from man's.

"The reservation of priestly ordination solely to men does not hamper in any way women's access to the heart of Christian life," it said.

The Church teaches that it cannot change the rules banning women from the priesthood because Christ chose only men as his apostles.

Groups that favour female ordination say Christ was only acting according to the social norms of his times.

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I couldnt get that bloody spyware off the computer so instead to get around it i installed Opera. Its not too bad, theres some things that i cant get to work as they must be IE fuctions but at least i dont have to put up with that irritating message appearing all of the time about downloading anti-spyware software. The people that make this crap should have their testicles cut off, its a menace as bad as junk email!!!!! On the whole though Opera has some very new features included in it, such as tabs for the windows and a nifty ability to pretend its another type of browser, well it looks that to me. I stumbled on it in the options lol. It's around 26meg i think for total download and installs even on Windows2000 crippled with admin too which is good as we cant update our IE because of lack of admin privs. It looks quite cool, can be skinned and stuff, theres probably loads of stuff to play with in the options but i didnt look at it all yet lol. Sad though that all of the new things in Blogger dont appear in it :-( Theres spellchecker and upload and preview but none of the nifty new stuff. Still in the old IE we have installed there was less than that hahaha!!!

Talking to the secretaries in the other school by messenger and they dont wanna tell me what the bottle dance is :-( Must be some Brasilian cultural thing i guess ;-)

I spent most of the day here preparing stuff for my classes next week, i have loads of stuff just about ready now, i'll finish them this evening as Roberta is at the farm and see what she thinks can improve any of them. She is always coming up with new ideas and stuff, i dont have the time to try all of them out though, but she came up with a nice idea about pictures the other day that we are going to work on as i think it'll be alot of fun. I have some nice music stuff that looks a lot of fun too and need to find some dice type games that i can play with the students, Another one to ask Roberta about ;-) I found some flat-packed boxes here that are just perfect for making dice from, i'll use a couple of them for different activities.

The teachers also asked me about making some conversation type classes for them too, i'm not exactly sure what they would like to do but i have some advanced conversation type stuff that might be good for them. They will have to give me some more ideas on what they would like to do, hopefully not phonetics as i know very little about it and cant remember all that much of what i know hahaha!!! I have some sentence stem stuff too, i wonder if they wanna cover that as i will do it with my MEC4 group this coming semester?

I have some posters to make for my classroom too, i dont have to make them right now thankfully. They are really just vocab and sentence stems just to give my MEC guys and gals some new stuff to use but hopefully the other students will find it at least interesting. We have story-telling this sem ester too, its not part of the methodology though, i just got it from online and adapted it for my MEC4 group to use. I think they will like this, they are a group that dont take themselves too seriously and like alot to speak or do any activities that involve english :-)

Time for me to get something to eat here..

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Friday, July 30, 2004


Man this stuff is a menace, i cant change the homepage or anything as it keeps changing back. The people who write this shit are as bad as spammers. We should find who these people are and cut off their hands!!!

Well i have some of my groups now, six of them uncluding some really low levels too which will be great as with MEC the methodology is different and i dont get to use the full methodology all of the time. Sort of a practice semester i guess lol. I have been prepping some stuff and Roberta has been giving me a hand to set up some new activities too, they sort of caught me by surprise as i dont usually get real low levels so i have until monday to create some new stuff for them. No problem!!

Crikey, the Spyware remover has already found 72 things! It finally finished and there is 83 apparently data-mining programs. Well there were as they are all removed now lol. Hopefully we will get control back of the homepage and stuff :-)

I have to reboot..

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Wow nearly..

Wow nearly a week has gone by already since my last post. I have been prepping some stuff here and also attending some teachers training course with one of the coordinators from the schools too. I got some really wonderful ideas of activities to do with my students from this, it'll be alot of fun to see how many of the new things i prepared for next semester the students will like doing. I like to try to get some idea of whether they thought it was good or not so i can improve something or drop it if it looked like a complete failure lol. There were some interesting ideas to play with music that i'll definately try out, i love using music in the classroom and they suggested quite a few new ideas for ways to experiment with it with the students :-) I came away with around 20 new things i wanna try out in various groups etc. Not bad for just one day of training..

This afternoon i will find out who why new students will be, i am pretty sure there will be MEC groups as this is my normal area but i am hoping to get some lower levels too. Teaching MEC is alot different from the other groups and levels because they dont use the full methodology in their lessons and its nice for me to have contact with the lower levels to keep me from forgetting things that are required by them. How many groups i will get i dont know but hopefully will get the same as i have now. The mornings i want to keep free as i wanna try to take a teachers training course if its possible and also i have some other schools that are interested in having me give a few classes for them too. It'll be nice to get to teach in other places as its a great way for new ideas to get passed around between teachers. Anything that makes a class more exciting and fun as well as motivating students is great by me :-)

I am trying to send messages here to Roberta but its very slow, i guess i'll have to try ringing her from here if the Claro site wont work properly. Oh well!

time to go searching for lyrics while i have nothing to do lol..


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