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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Friday, November 28, 2003

Im so tired of my computer monitor not working

Finally the guy is going to come here tonite and have a look at the monitor to put it right. Now everytime we go to the desktop the monitor turns off hahaha, I tell you can it get any worse? We could have brought a second hand monitor for what i paid for this one to be repaired. Sounds crazy but its true.

Anyway enough of that, tonite there is a party yeah !!!!!!!!!! At CCAA Formosa which will be loads of fun. I got my camera ready so i can have a few photos to shove on the website and ill get my friend Diego to scan them up for me so you guys can see okay? I'm not going to be doing any strange dances though as im too old for dancing now hahaha :-) Just doing the slow dances is more than enough for me, old age is catching me up very quickly.

Ive been busy getting copies of cds the last couple of days, different ones for different people. I have to remember to get the lyrics and track lists for the cds now so that i can add them to the cases before they are collected. It would help if i could use the printer here but it only works with usb and at the moment we have win95 installed and the one at the schools isnt working as we are on a paper saving drive at the moment. Well really not saving money as paper is dirt cheap but for some other reason which though im not sure hahahaha. Not to worry though as there is a place in the city that does photocopies dirt cheap and prints things as well, ive used them a few times and they are quite fast too :-)

I might go over to the school this afternoon to watch a dvd and ring a few students to see if they wanna go watch one too. I havent had time really to watch dvds with the students recently so itll be nice to get popcorn and cola and burn off a couple of hours at the school before going to the party. I have a few friends going to the party too ,students that study at Formosa uni so i can get a lift back home with them :-)

**The Offspring - Why dont You Get A Job**

This song cracks me up, sort of reminds me of my ex back in good old england hahahaha. I like The Offspring alot as all their songs are relevant with something real :-) I want to get some more cds from my brother though as they are just so hard to find here or when you find them they cost an arm and a leg :-(. Some Iron Maiden for the religious people in my street or maybe some WASP.. now that would be funny ;-) I can just imagine them all bopping around and not knowing anything that Blackie Lawless is saying hahahaha

I think that its going to rain this afternoon, the sky is darkening over now but maybe itll just rain after i get to the school to watch a film. I had better go get something done here and get ready to go or it looks like ill get drowned :-)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

My monitor isnt working yet again :-(

For some reason my monitor still doesnt work properly, it turns itself on and off as it feels like it and i just had to ring the guy who repaired it to tell him to get his arse over here and fix it properly. The problem is that the guy thinks that he is the only person who knows about computers and that he can tell you any bullshit and you will believe him but this time hes wrong as i know enough about computers to tell he didnt do his job properly. anyway he has to get himself over here before i go to work so i can see what he is going to do about it or if he cant fix it to refund some of my money. It never rains but pours for me all the time hahahaha

I wonder if the secretaries in Planaltina have calmed down today, we had a small discussion about getting things fixed at the school lol. The idea they have of fixing things is to use sellotape for everything which isnt good for electrical things like the stabaliser for the computer or leads to the video or dvd players etc. I have been asking all semester for them to ask someone to repair them and the other day one of the cables fell to bits and they didnt even bother phoning to get it fixed just shoved it back into the tv lol. The Brasilian Way of doing things!!!!! I also have to suffer the other school this afternoon too, man i cant wait for this day to be over hahaha :-) I hope some of my MEC2 students decide to come this afternoon as it is a little boring when no one comes and i have to find something else to do.

I have a party to go to this week too on friday in formosa, i am waiting to see if i can get a lift there and back though as it starts in the evening and i wont be able to get a bus back so a lift is needed. Maybe my friend joáo is going to go so i can take a lift home with him :-). Itll be my first party there and i think its going to be loads of fun, i wonder if Iza the girl with five boyfriends is going to take all of them or Izadora with her three? :-) Im not going to dance any of those crazy embarrassing dances though where i have to wriggle my arse, at my age it doesnt wiggle well anyway ;-)

Interesting smell drifting through the window here, the dog must have just dropped its load outside the window.. Rottweiller shit Yucky!!!

I have to figure out why sometimes Tripod doesnt load my site too, maybe this is the computer at the school though as it seems to work just fine here when i try accessing at home. Probably they have badly installed something on the computer that interfears with everything. Nothing suprises me at that place i tell you hahaha :-) Still the ftp problem seems to be resolved which is good as i dont have to find another host to have my site on. Its a pain in the arse sometimes to hunt around for a decentish web host that is free too. My site survives a little longer :-)

I suppose i had better get something to eat and wait for this guy to finally arrive to sort out the monitor, he had best arrive before i leave to go so Sobradinho so i can see what he has to say about his shoddy work :-(

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Monday, November 24, 2003

More lyrics for you guys :-)

The Darkness - "I Believe In A Thing Called Love"

Can't explain all the feelings that you're making me feel
My heart's in overdrive and you're behind the steering wheel

Touching you, touching me
Touching you, God you're touching me

I believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my hart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love

I wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every day
You got me in a spin but everything is A.OK!

Touching you, touching me
Touching you, God you're touching me

I believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my hart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love
Ooh! Guitar!

Touching you, touching me
Touching you, God you're touching me

I believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my hart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love

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A whole day to go and i just wanna sleep lol

For some reason this morning i feel really tired, i guess i didnt sleep too well last night. God damned mosquitos are eating me alive haha. Ill have to get some of that insect cream or spray or something before they drain me of all of my blood.

Im hoping that some of the photos i took yesterday turn out, it was a little strange but different from going to the movies and my students are always good for a laugh too. Think of it as a sort of OM3 invasion force okay? :-). It was a little embarrassing though when the girls started screaming, what is it with this screaming? hahaha. Seriously Roberta theres not need for it you know. Just because of the screaming im going to find the most embarrassing photos i can from yesterday for my website okay? lol.

**Playing The Darkness - Permission To Land**

This group The Darkness are just excellent, i will definately have to let my students have a listen to some of the songs. The lead singers voice takes a little getting used to but after a few minutes you really get into the songs and they rock big time :-). I will have to try to get all of the lyrics for the songs so i can have a read through them to see what are suitable to use in class, for MEC i can use anything but the other groups i like to use something that isnt full of bad words. Well they like to listen to bad words but... well we will see wont we hahahaha

God this afternoon i was to teach in Sobradinho, im really counting the hours and days now until i have finished there. To drop R$360 for the classes i will lose there isnt a problem for me when i think of all the stress i will be free of. Ill pick up some groups elsewhere next semester or just give private classes as there are loads of material i can get from SBS that they use in most schools in Plano Piloto. I should be able to easily teach this material as i have been playing with saome of the new stuff in my classes that i got from different methodology books. The stupid part of working in Sobradinho is that although i have quit the school and just have to stay till the end of the semester, the secretaries are still trying to report everything that either i or my students do. The other day my students and i caught the cleaner listening outside the classroom door, shes a bit on the thick side and didnt think to make sure that we couldnt see her through the class window. You would be amazed how many people are afraid of this one person at that school, she spies on everyone and then with the secretaries reports everyone. Still it took a teacher from Planaltina to complain about this, its always the teachers from Planaltina that complain or try to get things changed a little. You guys in Sobradinho should say thank you to everyone there in Planaltina you know instead of hiding in the shadows so that you dont get involved. They have a saying in England for this type of person... LMF - Lacking Moral Fibre. I will leave you to guess what this is okay?

I have to remember to take the copies of the cds with me to class this afternoon, they are copies of a sort of drill cd that teaches expressions in English with portugues translations. a couple of students asked me to get copies for them to use at home to improve their vocabulary :-) I noticed that some of them have picked up just a bit of my hybrid English/American/Portugues accent now. Its quite funny to hear it sometimes but shows that they are listening alot of they have managed to get my accent :-)

Okay time for me to post and get something else done here as i have to get loads of stuff ready to take over to the school with me. also i have to try to get my cell phone to send text messages as well, i cant see why it isnt working properly :-( I'll just have to get a new one when my contract runs out in the end of december but not a TIM phone hahahaha

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

Wow.. The Darkness rock :-)

The Darkness.. Yeah!!!!!

Im listening to The Darkness cd that my brother copied for me, its excellent and i think my students will love hearing some of the tracks especially with the bad words, all MEC students love to learn bad words. It makes my laugh when they say "Teacher teach me some bad words please" hahaha. I have no idea if the cd can be brought here, probably not so i guess you brasilian guys will miss out which is a shame :-(

This afternoon i went with some of my students to this sort of car show in Planaltina. It was kinda interesting involving people doing lots of burn-outs and doughnuts and blowing up their car tires but was fun to do something different. We were hoping that i could maybe get Rosa to go to get some icecream with us but i spent the whole afternoon trying to get my phone to send one text message and my battery was flat from all the times that i tried :-(. Oh well never mind ill have to get another cell phone from another company i guess as i am getting less and less fond of the TIM cell company here :-(

Okay i have to go email my mum and dad before i have to let the others use the computer so ill stop here get my coffee and start on emails lol

"Get Your Hands Off My Woman" (Permission To Land)

You are drunk and surly
In Latino lover mode
We all know what's on your agenda
We've broken the code

I've got no right to lay claim to her frame
She's not my possession
You cunt.

Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker

Octoped, you've got six hands too many
And you can't keep them to yourself
You're too fat and too old to marry
So they left you on the shelf

I've got no right to lay claim to her frame
But you soiled my obsession
You cunt.

Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker


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