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Friday, January 09, 2004

Waiting for the day to pass lol

Man today is so boring, i am hoping that maybe Roberta will arrive this evening instead of tomorrow morning so that we can do something together. Later on i'll go to CCAA i guess and watch a dvd or something or study some portugues. There is absolutely nothing at all to do here this morning. How can one place be so quiet hahaha? I guess its because people are all on vacation or something.

I am at the lanhouse at the moment, i was kicking around Warcraft 3 but got bored playing it so thought i would do a quick post before i head to the school and then to get something to eat. I think its going to be Rat on a stick today or something just as quick lol.

Anyway maybe i'll be back to post later or maybe not, just have to wait and see right? hahaha :-)

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

I love coffee!!!!!

Couldnt think of a title for my posting lol. I must be getting old i guess, well in truth i am getting old hahaha. Im trying to get my Kazaa Lite to login so i can use it to search for a book that i want to download from the net. Its taking ages though but i remember reading that they were trying to do away with this version of Kazaa so maybe they have stopped it from working with the network. It will be a shame if they have as the original Kazaa is loaded with all sorts of popup stuff and adverts etc. My friends computer is full of this sort of shite now and he tried uninstalling it and its still there :-(. Kazaa Lite is a good tool as well, i recommend it for people here in Brasil who dont want to pay huge inflated prices for books in english as they can just download them from the internet for the cost of the phone call which is bound to be less than R$50.

Its been raining here this afternoon, but coming from the UK rain never bothers me. I like to be in the rain. Once me and Roberta actually danced in the rain for a little while so eat your heart out Gene Kelly lol. Was funny though as my singing voice isnt as good as it should be so singing along as we danced was really funny. I discovered that i cant hit high notes lol. I dont think i will put Nsync out of a job just yet.

Later on i will call Roberta just for a little while so that we can decide what we are going to do over the weekend, I wanna see the new Tom Cruise film - The Last Samarai next week so i hope that Roberta will be here to see it with me. It looks just excellent :-). The trailers on the tv and at the cinema show it to be outstanding, i cant wait to see it. There are a few films at the Academia De Tenis that i wanna see too but its so far from the center of the city that we cant be bothered to go there lol. We were going to check out Eta Park too but there arent as many good rides as there were last time so we decided to give it a miss too and think of something else we can do instead. There isnt really a lot to do in Planaltina, it needs a McDonalds desperately and also some sort of theater or cinema too as there isnt any thing for young people to do. I think this is one of the reasons why there are so many problems with teenagers in the city as they get bored and have nothing to do so make their own crazy entertainment. I saw the policia walking around Estancia in groups of five today lol, funny as i live here and i am a foreigner and have lived here two years walking just about everywhere and have never had any problems at all and these guys had guns and god knows what hahaha! This place gets crazier and crazier i tell you.

I tried to get my cell phone onto a different contract today so that i could make more calls cheaper but they would only let me do this if i brought a new and also very expensive new cell phone.. Talk about ripping people off, i wont buy a new phone though as i will be hopefully moving house soon adn will need the money to get some new stuff etc. Maybe later on i'll get one though as it would be worth it for the amount of calls that i make each month, trust me you guys wouldnt wanna pay my cell phone bill hahaha. I am going to shop around thogh at the weekend or next week to see if the other cell phone companies have any good deals going that are better than Tim's so that i can maybe change to one of the others instead. Here they havent really heard of competition yet from other foreign companies and once that starts to really happen then i think it will better for both the Brasilian people and also the phone companies as we will see which one can give the best service for the best price instead of any service for whatever expensive price they can come up with. Dont get me wrong Tim isnt a bad cell company but they could do alot better than they are doing i think especially with deals for people who use their cell phones alot. Maybe i should email them and ask them to consider doing more deals for people like me who use their cell phones a hell of a lot and not with those bloody top-up cards lol. Hmmm interesting idea, i might just follow up on this one ;-)

I guess i had better end here as i am dying for something to eat and then i have to get Roberta's letter ready for me to recieve on Saturday, we tend to write each other letters for when we arent together lol. Its nice and gives Roberta a nice way to practice her written English too :-) Hopefully there will be a half decent film on the TV later that i can watch while i am waiting for the time to pass so i can ring Roberta. Something smells good in the kitchen so i guess that dinner will probably be ready soon.. Great!!!!! Have fun okay? :-)

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Visiting the lanhouse lol

As you can see im at the lanhouse yet again lol. Just wasting a little time as there is nothing to do at home and Roberta isnt here until sat morning. Been playing around with warcraft 3 its okay but needs a beast pc to play it on as it gets alot of slow down otherwise. Will have to get my brother to download some upgrades etc for it now he has asdl :-)

Im in the middle of searching for more classes to teach next semester, i hope to hear from one place this week and then if it doesnt pan out i'll start looking for some other places to teach at. I'll have to look into teaching at a public school as the people there seem to do nothing and get paid shitloads of money for sitting on their arses lol. Sounds just like the sort of job that i need ;-)

My friends in the UK tell me that its snowing there today, i'll get my brother to take a few photos for you guys when he has time to upload them to me. I was hoping to get some pics of the new games they had for their X-box at xmas but havent had anything yet. They are probably too busy playing games to get them sent to me. But now he has broadband i can him to download a load of stuff for me and burn to a cd for posting over here. I wonder how many mp3's will fit onto one cdrom? lol

Later i might get a film or something and go to the school to watch as they have dvd there. If not i'll just hang around the city as there is nothing at all for me to do here when i'm not working or doing something with friends or Roberta. I must see about getting some photos burned to cd so that i can copy them to the net so you can see me, Roberta and my friends here too :-). I will call into the photo center on the way home and see what they have to say i think. Knowing Brasil it will more than likely be very expensive, everything is here you know? lol.

It's been a while since i used the blogger site to type posts but they still have the same problem with there being no scroll bar in the type window and this is a modern pc with up to date explorer but still no scrool bar appears. Thank god i have Wbloggar at home although not for much longer as i hope to move in Feb.

Yeah i hope to finally move and get a place of my own, just really so that i have a bit more privacy and can wander in and out at whatever time i like hahaha :-). I'm not sure yet exactly where i will live but more than likely not too far from the school as it will be nearer for me to go to work especially now that i wont work in Sobradinho anymore. I'll have a look around the papers and get Roberta to give me a hand to see whats available. So long as i can fit a bed and Tv into it thats all that matters right?

Okay time to get my arse to somewhere to eat as i1m starving and then find a place that has envelopes to sell as i have ran out at home and need some for Roberta's letter that i wrote for her last night :-).

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Saying HI to Roberta :-)

Just a quick post here to say hi to my girlfriend Roberta lol. Im at the lan house here just playing counterstrike and checking my email too lol. I havent plyed counterstrike for ages so thought i would spend an hour here just for old times sake. I need to practice a little though as i am rusty lol

Finally we got to see LOTR and its excellent. The special effects are out of this world and its bloody long too, i had to run to the toilet and back so i didnt miss anything lol. I'll rent it on dvd though so i can watch it again, Roberta thought that it was just brilliant too. We watched a dvd this afternoon at the school together, Halloween Ressurection. Its a bit crap but passed 90 minutes i guess lol. I'll watch it again tomorrow as i missed quite a bit of the film as me and Roberta were distracted talking and stuff lol. Now she is back on her farm with her family till sat so i have to try to find something to amuse me for a few days lol. Looks like i'll be studying some portugues i think as the school is open ans there isnt anyone there so i can study in peace and quiet. I always have loads of questions to ask Roberta about portugues but she loves helping me try to learn the lingo a little faster :-)

I had better get ready to go home i guess as its getting dark out here and i wanna get home early so i can call... well you can guess right? hahahaha. I'll try to get more time online so that i can post on all the other sites i usually post on later at the weekend if i can. Have fun guys and gals okay? :-)

Nite nite!!!!!

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Monday, January 05, 2004

Man i cant find time to get online lol

I cant believe my last post was last year lol. I simply havent had the time to get online. And can you believe that the day we went to see LOTR the cinema was closed :-(. Roberta and i are going to see it this afternoon, finally at long last. Although we will believe it when we see the end of the film this afternoon lol.

Roberta and i have been spending quite a lot of time together now, its nice as we get along really well together. We spent the day here at my house yesterday just watching films and messing around but today is just downtown with the cinema and then we will decide what to do in the evening afterwards. I'm just hoping that it doesnt rain as i will get covered in mud before we even get there after walking through estancia lol

I was hoping that my students would send me some of the photos from the end of semester party at CCAA but i havent got anything in my email yet. I'll have to chase them up and see where they are so i can post a few online lol.

I'm hoping that maybe they will have cured the problem with the internet at the school so that i can ask Roberta to post here sometimes too, perhaps it'd be fun to have a womans view of thigs on my webpage lol. I'll have to ask her and see what she thinks about this. Of course we need a net connection for her to use as i dont get to use mine at the house very often at the moment. I'll pester the secretaries this morning over at the school and see what they have to say hahaha

Okay time for me to get moving and get showered ready to go to Robertas and then off to the movies for the rest of the day. Have fun guys.. Oh Joao, ill add some c omments to your site as soon as i get a minute free okay? :-)


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