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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, July 12, 2003

I think my email link finally works lol, it will have to do for now as i will be going to eat lunch and get ready to go downtown. One bad thing about living here is that whenever i plan to do something downtown i have to remember to add 2hrs on for the travelling times so you can imagine how much time i must waste just to do simple things like go to a book store or to the cinema cant you?. It would be nice if they had some sort of train service that ran from the sat cities to the center of downtown. It will never happen of course, well not in the near future i think.

For some reason today my isp is so slow, it took me ages to get to alter the part of the html i needed to because of the connection speed. Its one thing i cant change with Wbloggar although the template itself i can :-) I have a bit of fine tuning to do to the code but ill do it over the coming week if i get time, its just to alter a couple of things that dont appear correctly. well they appear correctly but not how i want them to appear lol.

Anyways i had best go eat and get showered and go get the beautiful bus to Plano Piloto lol... Later guys okay? ;-)

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Good Morning Brasilia :-)

but it will be a better morning after i have finished my coffee :-). Im in the middle of adding my email link to my site but for some reason its there but only the html link not the sentence lol. god its too early for html.. 10am here at the moment and its already hot so this afternoon will more than likely be blistering and in the high 20s or 30s. Good for my tan though which, all i have to do is master a brasilian accent and i wonder if people will notice that in english? ;-)

Im goin to the movies with some students and another couple of teachers from work today, i hope they pick something good to watch and not one of those terrible brasilian films that are always in the cinema here. Trust me when i say they are bad.. it means BAD lol. Some of the acting is that bad that i could do better, how can they stand to watch such films? lol I have to say that Cidade De Deus was terrible, really terrible :-(. Still there are alot of new films this week in the cinema so i think itll be one of those.. nice :-)

Oh ive had a new visitor :-). Hi Elizabeth, thanks for visiting here. I alwayc find it amazing when people stumble onto this site as i only tell a few people about it lol. Usually just a few of my students read this place when they get time or if i bother giving them the email address. It gives them a place to practice their english reading skills :-)

I read in the news in Yahoo that there are people in Germany who have an online community to translate the new Harry Potter book in to German as it is taking ages for them to get copies. I think i am going to get my brother to get me a copy and post it over as we are talking now well over R$150 for a copy in english here in brasil. The price goes up all the time as greedy book store owners make as much profit from poor people as they can... Sad init? I might try to find this comm though just to see whats happening there and maybe there is someone around who has typed up the english copy into a word document that i can have ;-)

Ive already gone through half of one of those books i brought yesterday, i was still awake reading this morning at 3am lol. I love to read books, well absorb books would more likely be a better word. :-) A good book that im really into i can read in a single day, trust me that huge new Potter book wont last long once i get a copy of it. I read the Goblet Of Fire in a couple of days lol. I read that there have been people burning Harry Potter books and saying they are the work of the devil.. Cmon guys, wake up lol. Do you think buring books will get rid of your demons? somehow i dont think so. I think that sometimes people can go into extremes over the smallest things. I saw that someone has even gone to the trouble of writting a book comparing Harry Potter books with all sorts of strange religious stuff too. Guys its a childrens book!!!! Did you do the same when Star Wars - The Phantom Menace came out and that red faced guy appeared? Its as bad as people who say Tom And Jerry is too violent. I think we need to remember that people become violent because they want to, not because a kids books tells them to. I wonder if after reading all the violence in the Bible people become violent too as i seems to me that religion kills more people and has a negative effect on more people that a cartoon or kids story book :-(. Wouldnt it be nice to just have a time with no peace or violence or people trying to ram their beliefs down someone elses throats?

Okay let me post here and go get some more coffee and get some stuff done here or ill have to waste time tomorrow getting ready stuff for monday :-)

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Friday, July 11, 2003

Did you like the pic of the Glorious Leader? lol

One of my students sent this pic to me of good old Bush making yet another of his famous cock ups lol. How did he ever become president?.. i am sure he must have rigged something as no one could have voted for a guy who manages to do this in public ;-). I wonder if he will get voted in again? we have to hope that he doesnt i think as since he has been in power we have had wars death etc and it will be long overdue for some peace i think.

Im toying with the idea of going to play counterstrike this evening for a couple of hours as i dont have any classes or extra classes to give and have nothing to do now until monday at work. Still tomorrow i am going to the cinema with another teacher and some of the students we taught this semester which will be good fun. I wonder what movie they will decide to see?.. something with action i guess.. I hope really as i want to save any comedies or romance films so i can watch them with eliane ;-). Maybe we will watch the new Terminator 3 film as it looks really good in the previews, we are all going to decide when we meet up tomorrow at 2pm

Mmmmmm the coffee i made earlier is just great lol. If people dont arrive and drink it some there will be none left as i will have drank it all lol. Another 30-40 minutes though and i will be on my way to kick some arse at connections i think lol. Im just trying to get hold of a couple of others to play too.. give me a sec as im on the phone lol. Oh oh no answer lol.. i guess they must all be busy, never mind ill try the other one instead lol. there are a couple of students who i like to play counterstrike with as they love computers etc too.

I can hear people arriving... time for me to get ready to go out. Catch ya later ;-)

Im back again lol, i only spent a couple of hours there as i dont like to be roaming around that part of planaltina once it gets dark and only went for an hour or so. It was a bit boring as there were hardly any people there and the fair had no one around too. I bumped into a couple of my students at work though, so hi Sonia and Janiana lol. They tried to get me to buy some new tennis shoes but i declined their very kind offer as i have some already lol. Another student tried to sell me a new cell phone but the one i have works just fine :-) If i brought everything those three had suggested i would have no money left lol

ill start reading those books later on, i like to fall asleep with a book.. how about you guys? :-) Hopefully ill get some more books next week and also i have to nip to SBS to pick up some new material books from their store as they have some excellent english teaching books there and i get discount as i am a teacher ;-). I should get at least R$20 per book in reduction which is nice as i have to spend over an hour each way on the bus to go to this store even if i wanna just look around.

Right im off to eat a hotdog and get settled down with my books, nite nite :-)
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The Glorious Leader Lol

Oh god.. how did this guy ever get to the a president?? lol

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God i need a vacation lol

Just back here from downtown... i went to pick up a couple of new books to read but the store had only a few very limited ones and alot of the classical ones were just BORING lol.. I got a couple of new ones though, King Solomons Mine By H Haggard and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea By Jules Verne. I love these classic writers, its a shame that they didnt have more of the ones that i liked though as i will read these very quickly. On a good day i can read a book in less than a day :-). Ill try another couple of stores i know later in the week or next week if i get time and see aht they have available there.

Ive downloaded a couple of new skins to the wbloggar toolbar, not really because i wanted them but because i was a little bored and just wanted to see what they looked like lol. They look okay i guess but for me the look of the toolbar isnt really important ;-). So long as the program itself works thats the important part for me :-). The more i use this the more new little things i keep findind in it but it wont work with Webcrimson as i checked the website a few minutes ago. I was toying with using the Webcrimson webzine site for something with my students but im not really sure what i will do with it yet. The homepage for the site never seems to get updated very often... i wonder why that is?..

I think i am coming down with a sore throat as i got up this morning with a strange sensation there but maybe its just from the dust thats in the air at the moment. I will have to go for a checkup i guess if it gets any worse as i have medical insurance.. but i hate doctors and being poked and messed around with just so they can get payed bug bucks lol. Oh well....

The mouse on the computer is also acting up, sometimes it moves and others it just sits there, i have cleaned it all and its still not working properly. Maybe its time for a new mouse although a new computer would be even better :-).

Time to make the coffee and eat before everyone else gets home and ill probably be back later....

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

I dont have a title yet lol

Im waiting for my lift to arrive and take me downtown and just surfing online for something to do as i am BORED!!!!! lol. I read online that there has been a group of enterprising young ladies that let people marry them for money so they could get their green cards in the states and posted the story on my weblog so you guys can read it as pages tend to come and go very quickly on Yahoo, some of the pages dont even load when you click on them too. I think Yahoo tried to become too big too fast and should have done it the Google way instead where they wanted quality instead of quantity first. Anyway you can go Here to read the story okay? :-)

Its roasting here at the moment, must be easily into the 30ï?½s i would have thought as i am soaking just sitting here in front of the computer. I will need another shower soon if my lift doesnt arrive quickly lol. I wanna pick up some new books in the city as i havent got anything to read here at the moment... some books by HG Wells or conan Doyle i think as i love these writers. There are good classical writers and bad ones too but i remember when i was young reading books by these authors and others too and even now i am 36 i still love to read War Of The Worlds and 1984 or The Lost World. Getting books here in english cheap though is a total nightmare as they put huge taxes on anything in elgish to make as much money as possible from what they see as rich english people but of course how can poor brasilian people read and share in these books if they are paid lesson that $1 a day? :-(. They must do something about this as soon as possible to give poor people here a chance to read and improve their minds and knowledge at the same time.

I think my lift will be here soon so i will stop and post and get my arse up the road okay? ;-)

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Home at last... cause we have coffee here lol

Finally im home, the cleaning lady in Sobradinho has no idea how to make coffee so we had to wait unti lwe got to the resturant and the other school before we could have some :-(. I know it sounds crazy but she doesnt like to make coffee as she is very lazy. Good thing that the planaltina school always has plenty of coffee lol. Now im home though and on my third cup of the night and its delicious :-)

Not long ago i got off the phone with Eliane and she sounds really excited about visiting her parents at the weekend :-) It was nice to get to talk with her and also to practice my portugues too and i hope that my language will improve a little faster if we start to date regularly :-). At the weekend i will call her to see about setting a time and day for us to go out on a date, either the park or the cinema or something like that. we will have to wait and see as we both work in the day which only leaves night time and evenings really to get any time to do anything. Who knows.. if things go well between us both maybe ill put a pic of us both here... maybe lol.... we will just have to wait and see what happens ;-)

Oh i found a new pic of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers for this weblog too so ill post it later on okay?. Its easier for me to be online and upload it as the computer i use is very slow and if i drop the pic into the program it slows the computer right down so is just better to ftp it and let the program add the link for me automatically lol. Im getting a little lazy in my old age i guess :-)

Time to post now and then get some sleep as i am getting a little tired now!! Good nite... Boa Noite lol

Chilli Peppers Live

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Hmmm okay solved webcrimson lol

Well i finally managed to get the Webcrimson site working although it wont work with my Wbloggar software :-(. I really wanna have something i can use offline with students next semester, a sort of students weblog diary etc. Whether this can be possible though im not sure yet as it will depend on how many people i can get to sign onto the idea. Maybe the MEC students would go for this idea the most as they have computers and also scanners too to the images which i can upload or they can if they download the software that i use. Ill toy with this idea a little more and see what i can come up with :-)

I still need to add my email address link to this page too, i keep trying to remember but i havent added it yet lol. I will try and add the code this weekend if i dont do anything with Eliane :-)

I had better get ready to go to the bank and then for the restaraunt too as i am starving lol

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Having fun at work lol

Im here hiding in the lab at work as they are trying to get my to appear in some video that kids are making here. ll not appear though as they speak no english and i dont want them making me look foolish just for a laugh at their school later in the semester lol. If i stay here they will find some other person to star in their production ;-)

My friend Tim rang me just as i was leaving to come here to work and was telling me that eliane was asking if i was going to ring her about going out somewhere before she goes to visit her parents :-). Nice news that made me smile alot so now i have to think of something that we can do. Maybe the movies or a trip to the park or something else, i will ask her what she would like to do.. Ladies choice so to speak :-)

the kids have finally gone lol... they must have found something else to amuse them or another person to pester as its lovely and peaceful now, all i have to do is hope that it lasts all afternoon until i go home lol. I have some stuff to check out online now so will post again later on okay? :-)

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Red Hot Chilli Pepper Hour lol

I have finished everything for the school now and thought id just surf the net for a little while before getting ready to go to work. I managed to find a site with the lyrics to the song Throw Away Your Television so i thought i would post them here for you guys that havent heard of this group before so you could read them and see what your missing out on

Throw Away Your Television
Throw away your television
Time to make this clean decision
Master waits for it's collision now
It's a repeat of a story told
It's a repeat and it's getting old

Throw away your television
Make a break big intermission
Recreate your super vision now
It's a repeat of a story told
It's a repeat and it's getting old

Renegades with fancy gauges
Slay the plague for it's contagious
Pull the plug and take the stages
Throw away your television now

Throw away your television
Take the noose off your ambition
Reinvent your intuition now
It's a repeat of a story told
It's a repeat and it's getting old


Throw away your television
Salivate to repetition
Levitate this ill condition now
It's a repeat

I have a pic too but ill post it at the end as i need to be online for the picture to be uploaded to the site and for the link to be added too. So guys who dont know who these people are can see from this site right? lol. I will try to find a decent photo of the group to put here to replace the one thats here now okay? Right i am outta here as i have to shower and get ready for work now lol

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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Hmm i need more quotes.... Again lol

Its been a few days since i last posted, sorry but i was a little busy lol. I was giving extra classes and also messing around with another group in the other school too. Hopefully it will all settle down now as we are well into the standby hours :-). Ive just got a couple of students who are having reinforcement classes and the rest is watching videos as the tv here is just crap lol. Let me stick a cd in here okay?

**Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Around The World**

I have to go over to the other school later on but i think ill just sit online there as there is nothing for me to do apart from sit on my arse :-). I was reading on the wbloggar site that they have a unicode update so i might try it out at work and see what it makes of the Brasilian characters. Usually they dont work when i post to the tripod site for some reason. Mind you im not all that bothered as i dont really type much in portugues lol.

I thought i had got rid of those lit books until the next semester but yesterday i ended up typing up summaries of the Emma book, you can be sure i was really thrilled about that cant you? lol. I think i will end up doing alot of these things over the vacation time but for me is just something to pass the time until classes start which for me is nice as i tend go get bored easily here in Brasil in the city i live in as there is nothing remotely interesting there. I did notice that there is a funfair here now but i will not go to this place as they have very lax safety procedures here and i dont wanna be in a place where i might see someones children getting killed when the ride falls apart under them :-(. Seeing this funfair reminds me of all those nuclear power stations in Japan that are running with half the safety stuff not working properly, you can be sure that someone will get injured there.

Has Eliane called from dinner the other day?.. no not yet.. I have to call her later today as i have been swamped with stuff from school and the exams too. Hopefully we will get to do something before she goes to her parents house at the weekend. Maybe we will go to the cinema or to the park as i like the parque de cidade but have only been there a couple of times. They have alot of free concerts at the teatro too so maybe we will get to go to these too. I will have to give her a bell and see what days and times Eliane works so we can plan some stuff together. I told her my times etc but i was a little nervous the day we had dinner and i didnt remember to ask her her schedule lol. Although things will go very slowly i think at first hopefully things will go well between the two of us. Will have to wait and see right? lol.

Oh i hate these lit books!!!!! lol .Shakespeare is so so boring lol. I hope that they give me different books to do next semester as these books are already old for me and hopfully they will choose something alittle more modern for the new groups.

**Throw away your television - Chilli Peppers**

On saturday afternoon one of my groups are going to the movies and asked me if i wanna go with them and their other teacher. Itll be nice to get out with these guys as they are so funny lol. Maybe i will have their group next semester, if so it will be great as they are all teenagers and love fun and jokes too so we will get on just fine :-). I dont know if eliane will go though as i am sure she is going to visit her parents, ill find out when i speak to her later on if she will go or not :-).

Id better get this stuff finished here and load it all onto floppies so i can pass it over to the secretaries at work so they can give it to the coordinator lol

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Sunday, July 06, 2003

God dont you just hate it when people never have their cell phones turned on, especially when i am the one who pays for the cell phone calls in the first place. I must have rang half a dozen times now and i know it wont get turned on at all today. Do you guys notice too that when people owe you money they always do everything they can to avoid contact with you?. Oh well i guess itll be a trip to the Atm machine and hope there is some cash left in it but i also have to hope that its working too. People like this should have their fingers cut off as it would help them remember to pay their debts right? ;-)

Ive finished all the typing for the conversation games and classes, it only took a couple of hours and it just needs printing out so i can get them all copied at the photocopiers. I dread to think how much that will cost lol Maybe the secretaries will print it off for me.. no way lol. I cant see that happening as there is loads of it. Ill just take it to the other school as they will do it there for me no problem :-)

I suppose i had better start trying to find out where this bloody person is who owes me money or i wont be able to go to the cinema later on and its the only thing i have really to look forward too all week long as i work every day :-(. How much do you wanna bet that i end up not going today? :-(

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Its a beautiful day - Dont let it slip away :-)

Its lovely here this morning, was a little on the cool side at first but its warming up nicely now and i think later its going to be really hot. Im just eating a tangerine and trying to type at the same time. Hey its not easy for someone whos only been awake for thirty minutes and hasnt had more than one cup of coffee :-) I thought id try eating some fruit for something different though this morning lol

Wow!! dinner last nite was just great.. I love brasilian food so for me was really nice and i think Eliane and i got along really well and we are going to go out on a date... Yeah!!!!!!!!!! lol. It has to be said though My portugues sucks lol. Ill have to practice a lot more i think although she can speak some english and is going to study english too so we can help each other to study.. nice :-) We will have to see what happens but i think we will get along really well but of course only time will tell right? :-) Ill ring her later on as we were talking about going to the cinema and i usually go there on a sunday afternoon so maybe she may want to go too.

Also today i have some stuff that i found out for the new conversation classes to start to type up so that the worksheets and texts etc will be ready so i can see how they are going to look and hopefully try a couple of them out to see what people think of the ideas. This semester ill try out the Ranking Games too as they are popular with advanced students and im working on games for beginners and conversation stuff for those guys too. I think will be alot of games etc to help them to remember the words they have learned so far. I hope that next semester i will get a couple of the lower groups just for experience and maybe a kids group too. Another thing i have to wait and see what happens...

Okay let me go eat breakfast here or ill never get started guys lol


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