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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, March 20, 2004

Back... Again lol

Okay i'm back again lol. I'm just finishing off copying some stuff that i got from the internet to try out with my conversation classes. I cant print it here though as the printers are offline lol. Still i begged a diskette from one of the secretaries so i can get it printed off somewhere else :-) Hopefully i can modify some of it to use in my classes or it will give me some different ideas :-)

Also i have the basics of a site created for my links for teaching english. I guess there are already loads of them online but this one is really just to save having to constantly search all of the time for the ones i use most and also the other teachers maybe will use it too. Who knows lol. Anyway you can find this new site if you want to see it by clicking Here okay? :-). I'll be adding to it all of the time and added a nice link bar to the side just so that it will have a permanant place to store the sites so people dont always have to search all of the postings :-)

Okay now i really have to go get ready to teach my OM3 group, they are going to do LCP which should cheer them up no end hahaha!!!

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sitting on my arse again..

Well its raining here again lol, nothing new as it always trains when i go to Taguatinga for some reason lol. Im playing with the internet here but they have installed some new security software by Norton and it has to be said... its shite!!!!!! it is the most useless pile of crap i have seen lol. I diasabled it in around 2 minutes so its not very secure is it? hahaha!! I wouldnt recommend buying it unless its a pirate version and then only pay a couple of bucks.

Ive been toying with some ideas for a new website for links that i use with just teching etc so maybe ill create a new site over the next day or two if i get a minute free. If i do i'll post links here :-)

Yesterday i gave my first conversation class of the semester to a couple of girls from OM1 which was alot of fun as they were very happy about practicing their english and motivated too. They have asked for classes every friday night which is great as i hope more of their friends from their group will come too :-) I will speak with their class about it as i think once they get over their shyness they will have alot of fun :-)

Okay time to go eat and then give class :-)

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Slight changes..

Well its still raining here and i have added a couple of changes just to the html stuff so it`ll be a bit better. good thing there are plenty of sites about html as im not all that good at it lol. Also added just a couple of nerdy gimmicks as well, just to brighten the page up a bit, or maybe not hahaha!!

The weird traning instructor guy (remember in the post the closet gay guy?, married with kids but looks at guys arses hahaha) Ricardo is here. I didnt bother speaking to him as we all heard about him telling everyone at the teachers training at CCAA Asa Norte how he was the best one and that we are all inferior to him. This guy is the living proof of the word PATHETIC. I cant imagine what woman wanted to marry this guy, well maybe saddams sister so she could get a visa to the States but thats besides the point hahaha!! With a bit of luck he will get out of here soon or a bus will drop on his head, the sooner the better

Time to pester Roberta with a few text messages. Can you believe i am still having problems getting rid of my TIM account? I have asked them twice to turn off the bloody phone but its still working. Roberta is going to give them some shit this afternoon and hopefully i will have a nice new Claro phone very soon :-). We spoke to the people yesterday and they said i could have 80% discount if i buy a new phone from them. I have to check into this though as i dont want to get screwed as i did with the last cell company. More news on this as i find more out okay? :-)

I just found a picture of the dopey cleaner on the computer along with half naked photos again of the other male teacher. That explains why Ricardo is here, i guess he must be copying them onto floppy diskettes for his own personal use at home. Hey whatever takes your fancy i guess right? ;-) Maybe i`ll post it on here, although i am worried of the effect it may have on people and i dont wanna be responsible for people dying etc. If i can edit it to make it smaller i might. stay tuned sports fans

Okay time to go get coffee, maybe back in as little while :-)

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Its raining again lol

Well i just got soaked walking back from the bakers, i was going to meet Roberta but i only managed to get a little way before the sky opened up and now i am slowly drying out lol. Good thing im from the UK and used to all of the wet weather there :-)

At the moment i am wasting time here while i wait for my final class of MEC4. They wont get here until 5pm so i have around 3hrs of messing around still to do. Luckily i have the internet to amuse me but i had to get someone to turn it back on as the dopey cleaner told someone to shut down the modem and then locked the door. Woman has a clear case of wearing her panties on her head, you know what i mean? you know the universe must have created her for a reason but i cant figure out for the life of me what it is. Maybe just to get on everyones bloody nerves. Still maybe a friendly bus driver will kindly roll over her and do us all a favor right? hahaha!!

Just been looking through a mag that one of my students gave to me and it has a few interesting sites and pieces in it. Maybe i should toy with the idea of a weblog with links for all of this interesting stuff? I tried with the students before but i think they really want something to just read instead of posting as alot of them simply dont have the time with studies etc. Something to think about i guess..

This weekend i dont get to spend all of it with Roberta, she will return to her farm as her parents will be back from vacation and it will be her first weekend home in three weeks. It`ll make sunday nice though as we can spend the whole evening together doing something fun and romantic, like going to Mcdonalds hahaha!!

Okay time for emails i guess, See ya later guys :-)

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Waiting for my baby to arrive..

Well its raining here at the moment, roberta is on her way here to help me sort out some problens i have with the bank as they still havent managed to open my new account yet and also to sort out my useless cell phone company as its become a joke when i recieve my bill now every month. Someone needs to tell brasilian businesses that the american dream only works in the USA and that ripping off people isnt a good way to try to make a fortune. Hopefully i will be soon using a different cell company that Roberta uses and says are alot better than the one i`m with now.

As you can see i have the Haloscan stuff all setup now, i think it looks a little tidier too apart from there isnt the screen from Tag-board anymore but people can easily click on the links right? I`ll alter the css and stuff later to make it look a little better but it`ll only happen when i have a bit of free time to go through it :-)

Okay time to go get ready for roberta arriving so we can get lunch.. I AM STARVING!!!!!!!

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Okay all done.. i think hahaha!!

Okay as you can see i have altered the commenting now and the Tag-board is gone for now, well probably for good and i have replaced it with Haloscan instead. I havent taken all of the Tag-board stuff off yet as they just asked me to substitute a teacher but i`ll tidy up the rest in a couple of days as soon as i get a minute free :-). Time now though to go teach some little devils hahaha!!

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Making Changes..

Im changing the Tag-board for Haloscan so please bear with me if the site is screwed up or the commenting isnt there okay? It will be i promise hahaha!!

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With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion

Well as you guys can see my tag-board isnt working anymore, apparently i just had a years subscription and its ranout so now i have to find another one to use. I will have a look this afternoon so that i can set it up before i have to give class later on.. if i get time of course lol. I have seen a few other similar ones online so i will try to find one and set one up okay?

God i hate using this computer here, the keyboard is shite and the space bar sticks so that sometimes it doesnt create spaces lol. As soon as the other one becomes free i will change over and use that one instead. Maybe i should steal one from the computers that are no longer used upstairs? Hmmm what do you think?

Just been over to the bank to see about my new account but it still isnt setup yet, they told me ten days but its been nearly two weeks and still no sign of my card and stuff yet. They have to get it setup soon as my employer will no longer pay into the type of account that i use after the end of this month. C`mon bank people, get it sorted!!

Its hard to believe that some of my students here are teenagers lol. Some of them are running around screaming like 3yr olds. What are they thinking of? hahaha!!

Im trying to speak with a guy here from the TN2 group this afternoon, they get a little shy when speaking english especially with me as i am english but once they get going they are okay :-). Its good for them to practice as later on they will all have to have class with someone like me who is native or has lived for a while in the States.

I`ll go search for a new tagboard for my site i think - Oh the quote from the top of the post, isnt mine lol. It was emailed to me by a friend but from where it came i have no idea..

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The Top 10 movie cars:

1 Batmobile (Batman, 1989)
2 Aston Martin (Goldfinger, 1964)
3 Mini Cooper (The Italian Job, 1969)
4 Herbie (The Love Bug, 1969)
5 DeLorean (Back to the Future, 1985)
6 Greased Lightning (Grease, 1978)
7 Ford Mustang (Bullitt, 1968)
8 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 1968)
9 Lotus Esprit (The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977)
10 Plymouth Fury (Christine, 1983)


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