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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, June 21, 2003

If you want to know who dies in The Order of Phoenx then here is the answer and alot of people have posted this into the chatrooms and Harry Potter websites lol

The person who does is Sirius and Dumbledorf blames himself!!!!!

So the big secret is out.. but in truth it was out since the book was released as alot of the teen Potter chatrooms and communities were full of it from minutes after the books was released as they flicked through the book until they found out who it was lol.

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Ah would be a good idea to tell you what the news item i have posted is all about wouldnt it so you guys can go and read it lol. Will the blogs kill the media? and also The case for cloning too

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Hmmm well i havent found out yet who gets killed in the new Harry Potter book but it will be all over the internet in a day or so anyway lol. What i did do though was to get the report from newsweek written up and i am going to create a page i think just for interesting stuff that catches my eye once in a while so i can shove it there for you to read instead of having to try to use weblinks that usually dont work more than a day or two. Ill knock up a page and link for it here in a few minutes, im just checking that the Tag-Board and the Links are working properly and they seem to be working just fine now :-). Right now for the new page lol... I will just be a little while okay? ;-)

Okay as you can see im back and it took just a few minutes to get my new page all setup and its already running with my first bit of interesting news on it and ill put a couple more there later tonite or over the weekend. Will i use it as much as this i dont think so as this is my favorite one... My Baby if you like lol. But maybe youll find something interesting there to read just as i find it interesting too right? :-). how do i see this page your asking? well you can click here to view it or on the news links that i will add once in a while okay?.

The great thing is that with blogger i can have all the pages created and updated too from just one site and once its all setup its simple to get everything published. I just need to select the right weblog and type and click publish and Bobs Your Uncle lol. Bet you dont know what that expression means right students? ;-) And no im not going to tell you either :-).

**Drinking my brasilian tea lol**

I taught a group TT1 this morning that i only very rarely teach as a sub and although i like the group alot i think really that i should pray i dont get them next semester. Because they are cold or unfriendly? no they are really nice. But you say?..... they have had no contact with me hardly so they dont really know me and things i say that are jokes to my other students who have known me for a year simply arent funny to these guys and gals. For me to have to spend alot of time working on them to get them used to my crazy jokes and expressions will be a lot of work and really i can just ask that this group not be passed to me but one of the brasilian teachers instead. I will have three MEC groups maybe next semester and to have a group that doesnt know me will be alot on top of all the advanced groups and im sure the bosses will go along with me when i mention it to them :-). My joke about strippers usually has teenagers in stitches but with these guys i am afraid it didnt go down too well lol. Maybe they are a little conservative i guess. My teenagers at the Planaltina school are very used to me and this afternoon i did my lesson called Johns famous expressions which was so funny as alot of the GS1 students had no idea what i was saying lol. I am very curious to see what groups i will get next semester, i hope that i keep the MEC definately as they speak wonderful english and are already very used to me and my craziness and i like these guys alot... oh yes and gals too i didnt forget you ;-). They will not release the list of groups until the near start of the next semester but i will mention this morning group that will become advanced next semester and see if they will give me something else instead of this one. Do i hear you all saying Awwwwwwwwwww? lol

Okay im off to finish off the bits i have left for my news page and then maybe ill surf for just a while as i hardly ever have the time for surfing online lol

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Okay we are finally getting there lol

As you guys can see i have been sorting out the look of the page and added the commenting stuff and also the links as well :-). I had to play around just alittle to get it all working but i think that its all up and running now. I had a bit of trouble with the commenting stuff but got it all figured out in the end... fingers Crossed ;-). So do i like this color? well not as much as i did the green one but it will grow on me i hope. I cant wait for them to come up with some new templates though for the new blogger as there are only seven i think at the moment to choose from.

Hmmm talking of Blogger, i read an interesting article the other day in Newsweek about how apparently one of the most famous bloggers got started. Ill type it up and post it on here so you can read it but please remember that i didnt write it okay and give credit to the person who did.... I think his name is Steven Levy :-). Its interesting stuff and talks about how people are talking about weblogs taking over from big media giants. Do i think they will? hmmm well maybe not take over but i think they enhance our weblife online as they privide stuff that the normal press etc would never touch or if they do only as a small piece stuffed somewhere to fill up a page in the papers. See what you guys think about it when you read it okay?

My day at work was okay mostly but the afternoon sucked big time. Can you imagine having to go to a place to work knowing that the secretaries are using the other employees to compete against one another in a race for a better job. We are talking about turning on people who are supposed to be their friends and treating them very badly just for a few more bucks in their bank accounts. It makes me feel really sad :-( Im not the only one commenting on this either and i was talking to a couple of people who are so upset they are thinking of leaving unless the directors step up and take control of the secretaries. We will lose alot of students too i think which of course i need to have a job. So you can see my day was basically shit. Are you wondering if the secretaries know what they are doing?... well i think they both know but they just dont care so long as they can fight for promotion. We are talking about pulling some very low stunts too such as trying not to pay teachers for their time but closing the school nearly 90 minutes early but making sure they get paid for their full amount of hours. Of course the students can see the school is closed though when they come and they feel very saddened that they came there to spend their time studying and find that the doors are already closed. Some of my students are getting reaaly upset with one group suggesting that if i were to change schools they would all come with me. Can you see how bad things must be getting and we are talking about just a small space of time too since it was decided to create a chief secretary :-( Watch this space to see what happens okay?

On a lighter note i was reading that the new Harry Potter book has come out today and its been selling like hot cakes in the stores all over the world. WOW!!!! but i havent got a copy of it as in a week or so they will be selling it at discount here to get rid of the surplus ones once the rush and hype is all over and done with. Im curious to find out who the person is who gets killed off so ill look online later and find out who it is and post it here for you guys okay? ;-). Ill get it just to see if it is more adult that the previous ones. Getting it here in portugues is a waste of time as they usually translate everything here terribly so that you cant understand anything they say lol. You only have to see how they translate films here and you will realise that whoever does it has not idea about the english language :-). I will have to get my sister in england to get me a copy as here you can be sure they will charge three or four times the price of the book in english or maybe even more if they can get away with it. Here they have huge taxes on books from the usa or england but how can they encourage people to read the books when they treat books as a form of tax to raise money for corrupt officials?. Its really wierd right? lol

Okay let me update my weblog and at the same time update the changes to the site too and then i can check out how its beginning to shape up. Oh and also i need some coffee as well... ;-)

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Friday, June 20, 2003

Heres Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Well i have been at work all evening so i have just sat here to relax for just a little while before going to sleep as i have classes both morning and afternoon tomorrow. Sounds thrilling dont it? lol. I have been trying to get my archives to appear but they still arent showing up on the site so i am going to change the template for a new one from the newer version off Blogger. I tried one out the other day that looks quite good although ill be tweaking it around i guess for a few weeks after ive updated the weblog page lol. Anyway ill change it in a few minutes and see how it looks and wait to see if i get any good or bad comments about the BIG change ;-).

Ive been reading Little Women by Louisa Alcott the last few days and its actually quite a nice story and alot better and easier to get into than the Austin books. I have nearly finished it now and its been nice to have a change from the usual material i read although i love to read fantasy or sci fi stories lol. Ill write here about it once ive finished the book.... maybe lol.

Let me go and change the template and if i get it all done ill be back and type a little more.... lets see how much i can screw up in the next few minutes shall we? ;-)

Okay its there and the archives have appeared so it must have been something from the other template but i cant see what it was. anyway its too late now as i have changed it and just have to add the commenting stuff and the links from Blogrolling and then its just messing with the colors etc to make it look a little different. The nice thing though is that i can see the archives and so can people who visit this site. There are really just a few students though who visit here and maybe one secretary although she wont really understand alot of whats here because only my advanced students in MEC read this stuff lol.

Ill stop here as i have to go and copy the code from the sites to add to my template and yry to get some of it up and running before i go to sleep. sweet dreams whoevers reading this ;-)

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Thursday, June 19, 2003

All together now..... Please archives work lol

As you guys can see im trying to get the archives to reappear on the website. for some reason they refuse to show themeselves and im waiting for a little help from the blogger help thingy. One thing i really like is the blogger control site as its great to know that there is a human being to talk to if we have problems. Have you ever tried to get a human reply from say lycos or tripod?... its impossible lol. Okay let me try again and see if my archives appear... Dont go away we will be right back after this Commercial lol

Well as you can see they are still not appearing lol. ill sort ot out later or maybe ill just use one of the new templates and that should cure it leaving me to edit the templates etc again to add in the commenting and other stuff all over again. Sounds like fun doesnt it? :-). Ill wait to see what suggestion i get from bloggers help section first and then go from there although i quite like my little green site lol. Its simple and easy for me to edit stuff but maybe ill change it to something else just for a change later on. Ill create some sort of test page so i can play and see how things will look if i alter it alot and who knows maybe one day youll visit and see it looking a little different lol.

Today was a religious holiday here in brasil although i didnt celebrate it i went over to the Lan house and then to the movies this afternoon to see Fast and Furious 2 which was really good although i really wanted to see The Four Feathers which isnt showing here yet. Still it passed a couple of hours as i was getting bored. I never join in religious celebrations here unless its because the family ask me to, usually i just sit out of the way somewhere until its passed. I do have one student in Planaltina who is trying to convert me.... well so he tells me lol. Itll never happen though and he will hopefully soon give up and concentrate on his english instead ;-). Why so people always have to try to convert others to their religion? lol... Its strange isnt it?. Maybe i should start my own religion... The john religion... How does it sound? ;-)

Anyway im off to get some sleep as i have a busy morning with both extra classes and conversation classes to give in the morning and at night too. I have to prepare some stuff on the Past Perfect yet too..... Sounds really thrilling doesnt it guys? lol. Anyway its Goodnite from me & Goodnite from him :-)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Hahahaha... We have a connection again lol

Well finally the internet is back and working and as you can see that the previous post was very long lol. I cant get the archives to appear though for some reason so ill sort it out later on. The main thing is that i can post again.. Yeah!!!!!!

I only have a little time and then i have to get off to the other school to give revision classes. These classes are just so boring ;-) especially when the groups are MEC and already speak very good english etc. This mornings review class was so boring that i thought i was going to fall asleep but i somehow managed to survive lol. I have a pile of things to correct that will take me a good couple of hours too :-(. Believe it or not i spent 2hrs doing them this morning after classes too and only managed to make a small dent in them all :-(. I cant wait for the end of the semester so all i have is standy by time lol.

Tomorrow is a holiday here, some religious event i think that doesnt concern me as i will be over at the LAN house i think or maybe ill go into town or maybe the movies... i havent decided yet. I wont waste my day off here listening to all the junk that the advert cars will be broadcasting all day tomorrow telling people to go to the churches etc lol. I hate to waste my days off by staying in or staying in Planaltina as there is so little to do here... I might ring some friends and see if they have anything planned thatll be fun to do.

**Bon jovi - Living on a prayer**

With being offline i had a stack of emails to answer... Awwww Rosana how can you say that i wouldnt reply to that email??????? lol... well i did okay? ;-). I wrote a few last nite but have loads to do later on when i get home from work. I need one of those voice typing programs i think to make it alot easier lol. They can be a pain in the arse though as they are programmed for an american accent and it takes ages to change it and get it used to an english accent instead lol. Ill just get a secretary instead ;-)

Okay time for me to get out of here and get my stuff ready for work.... But first a few cups of coffee i think lol

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"My position concerning God is that of an agnostic. I am convinced that a vivid consciousness of the primary importance of moral principles for the betterment and ennoblement of life does not need the idea of a law-giver, especially a law-giver who works on the basis of reward and punishment."
-Albert Einstein

Wow it seems like ages since I typed here lol. I have been rushing around typing up questions and stuff for the oral tests at work and also been helping out a couple of others with theirs too. The tests start around next week so you can be sure I will be really busy on that week lol. Ive just finished Gullivers Travels which was so so boring and im glad I have done all of it now and just have to take the diskette over to the school to be finally rid of this book lol.

I ended up going to both parties at the weekend too lol. Actually I had a lot of fun there which was nice, it was a lot different from how I expected it to be and got to practice my portugues a lot too. I tried out a few brasilian dances too, I have to admit to liking the slower ones that my foot old feet can handle though lol. I got to talk to loads of people too and all in just portugues as there were very few people there who spoke English. Itís a shame they donít have these sort of parties all the time.. hmmm maybe they do I just donít know about them as im always at work lol.

The CCAA party was good fun too, although I donít drink alcohol. A lot of people there were also not drinking though so was even better for me as there is nothing worse sometimes than being the only one doing something different. I actually did karaoke too a first for me lol. Luckily the others sounded worse than me so it didn't matter ;-). At least the songs were English so I knew most of the words but they had no guns and roses which was a tragic blow lol. Can you imagine all the soppy love songs that were sung though? They told me I had another admirer there that was asking all sorts of questions about me like.. who is he?.. is he available? Etc which I find very funny lol. It always puzzles me though why they just donít come and ask me themselves.. hmmm must be a brasilian thing I guess right? Lol.

Okay time for me to go and get something done, I wanna go into the city if I get time as I need some new books to read as I have just about gone through anything interesting here now lol.

"I cannot conceive of a God who rewards and punishes his creatures, or has a will of the type of which we are conscious in ourselves. An individual who should survive his physical death is also beyond my comprehension, nor do I wish it otherwise; such notions are for the fears or absurd egoism of feeble souls."
-Albert Einstein

9am here, and im just finishing my first cup of coffee lol. Well to tell the truth I have been awake since 6am here but flattened the battery on my cell phone playing that bloody snake game so now I am playing here on the computer instead. I have to remember to get a roll of film for the camera this afternoon as some of my groups were asking about taking pics etc for the end of the semester and I thought it might be good fun to snap a few too for my family back in England. Hmmm I must remember to get the photocopies too for my class this afternoon. I wonder if the place is already open now as they have such strange times for opening and closing shops here in the city. Some days they are closed by 6pm where in England shops are open all the time. Ill check it in a few minutes when I go to the corner store.

Some of the students from the other school have asked me to help them set up conversation classes that are not a part of the school as they have had terrible problems trying to get this classes booked. I give them a day for conversation class and the secretaries have been telling them there isnít a class so now we will have them out of school where CCAA haven't got influence. They were talking about having them at peoples houses and also at the pizza place up the road too as we can do stuff there and pizza is very cheap lol. I already have some stuff prepared for the MEC groups but haven't got around to using it yet so it will be nice to see if they like it or not. I will type up a couple more sets this weekend and then they can choose from what I have but usually they will go along with just about anything. Maybe doing something from childhood would be fun as everyone always has funny stories to tell about when they were children etc and I think will be fun to see how being a child here differed from my childhood in England. I like this idea. This will be the one I will type up later on this evening and then they can set up the times etc for the group. I think it will be fun as we can touch on loads of stuff from peoples memories and how its different with the present.

Can you believe that still no mail has arrived from England yet? God its been around a month now I could have got it here faster if I had sellotaped a packet of heroine to it and smuggled it into the country lol. How slow can a postal service be so slow? I will have to get them to send things recorded delivery next time so that I can track where the packages are online and see where they take so long so I have someone to complain to. Even if they had to paddle a canoe here I donít think it would have taken this long for it to arrive here and be delivered lol. I wonder of some corrupt little official has been dipping his hand in the mail here as I was told its quite common?? I was quite looking forward to getting some letters from England as I donít get many with the service being so bloody terrible, I think I will have to get them to send it all again.

Id better go and get moving or ill never get anything done before I have to go to work this afternoon.

"Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: it transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural & spiritual, and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity."
-Albert Einstein

Just having a break from correcting things here and trying to get online again lol. Thank god today is just extra class day and I have already given class. I have an extra sort of class later on with one of my groups but its just to watch a video and there's popcorn and stuff too so should be loads of fun ;-). Im not sure what we will watch yet, Southpark The Movie if I can find a copy of it in English I think but if not I have Red Dragon so they can watch that instead. Ill grab some cola on the way there and they are getting the popcorn and stuff so this evening looks like fun.

I might go to the LAN house later this afternoon just to waste some time, this city is so boring that I cant find anything else to do lol. Im slowly improving though I think and Fridays tends to be a good day to go over there for a couple of hours as there will be quite a few people so loads of fun and I might even get to kill more than my usual very terrible score lol. Ill see how I feel in an hour or so and maybe go. If not I can always just go to sleep and then watch that movie later on with my group. The exams will start next week so this will be my last week of having free time until I have all things corrected and all the tests out of the way.

I must remember to do some photocopies this afternoon too for my intermediate group, its all stuff for present perfect and very very boring. Ill get them to do it probably while im in the Game house as I think I will need a few copies of different things and also other things too. There is always something lol.. I have to get some stuff for the past perfect copied up as well but need to find something thatís easy for them to understand so they can just look at it and understand without having pages of grammar to read. Ill dig around in a minute and see what we have laying around here lol

Okay lunch is readyÖÖ. Im Outta here lol

if I could say what I wanna say
id say I wanna blow youÖÖ Away
be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight
If I could say what I wanna see
I wanna see you go downÖÖ On one knee
Marry me today
Guess im wishing
My life away
With these things ill never say

Im trying our net connection as I type and its still not god damned working lol. Ill get onto them and make them sort it out tomorrow as I have to go early tonite to give classes for another teacher who wont be going in. Its one of my old groups from last semester with the Spice Girls so it should be a fun lesson lol. Well they think itll be a fun lesson anyway but I think we will have to hurry up this time as I have to mess around with some extra stuff and also get ready for my group later on that I have a load of photocopies to get ready for as well.

Im toying with the idea of doing a few Albert Einstein quotes, I have a few religious ones of his so ill start using them next week I think just for something a little different. Of course this guy is very deep so I donít expect to understand all his quotes lol. Should be interesting though to read some of his sayings right? Lol. Its no fun not having a net connection to get some lyrics to use for quotes and I cant be bothered to listen over and over to the songs to type them all out.. thatís why these ones are all from the same few singers lol. Im getting lazy in my old age I guess.

Anyway im off to get something to eat as I have to run over to the school now to get ready for this class I didn't know I was going to teach lol. Bye byeÖÖ

Dirty Deeds.. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapÖ AC/DC

Im just wasting time here while I wait to go over to work to work on some stuff for another of those bloody lit books. I've got nothing else better to do today though so it will help pass the time until later on. I just have class in the evening so I might go spend an hour or so there typing up this stuff and later go over to the fair as one of the guys there is supposed to be getting me some English music cds. At least I have most of my other things corrected so I donít have to bother with those today.

Only a couple of days to go now until this party on Saturday but im in two minds as to whether to go or not. Really there will only be a couple of people there that speak English and its going to be very boring for them to spend most of their night talking with me in a language that isnít even their own. After all will just be an obligation and I will know this all the time I am there. The most important thing is that I paid the R$10 for the charity they are raising money for. The young lady that is supposed to be interested in me? Well I think this is some sort of wind up because this person hardly ever speaks to meÖ Hmmm I think I will not go there.. It wont matter to them or me

I will find out today too what my other students who have been trying to get hold of the main office of CCAA rio have found out. They are really pissed that they are being forced to do things by some woman who they have never seen before and this mess is becoming worse by the day. Some days I really donít wanna go to work as I know there's just going to be more hassle. My students feel that they should be asked or at least informed about things that the school is changing in their courses and I think they have a good point as they have been studying there a long time and have paid a lot of money for these courses and I think they arenít being unreasonable in expecting a little in return. We will see how this mess will turn out on Sunday at this bbq they are having as the main coordinator is supposed to be there and I heard a few teachers saying that they are going to give her hell about all these many things that the students are angry about. I remember once being told that teaching is supposed to be fun..

Well I had better go and get ready to go over to the school and make a start on that stuff or I will never get it doneÖ God where's the extra strong coffee? lol

America, hahaha, we love you, how many people are proud to be citizens of this beautiful country of our's, the stripes and the stars for the rights that men have died for to protect, the women and men who have broke their neck's for the freedom of speech the United States government has sworn to uphold, or so we're told...

Hmmm well still no net!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRR where is the net connection? Lol. Oh well not to worry ill have to copy it all to diskette and take it over to work and get it all done there or I will never get my weblog updated lol. I have loads to do now even though I have missed a couple of days out. Im hoping for some better pics from my brother too so I can post them here. We will have to see whether I have them when I get to work later on.

**Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away**

Something for the neighbors lol. Oh this morning as I walked from work I saw my little friend from down the street waving and shouting at the top of his voice bom dia professor with a huge smile all over his face ;-). His name is joao Paul and there isnít a day goes by that he doesnít say something to me lol. I guess he's around 4yrs old and usually I can hear him before he comes into view lol. Its nice for a change to have some of the kids from the street talk to me as usually children donít appear very often because of all the violence in the Estancias.

On Monday I joined my group with a childrens group just for something different and was really funny. I donít get kids groups as the school directors have this crazy idea that kids are difficult to teach but really I think its just how much fun you make it for them lol. Of course they didn't speak a lot of English but with kids you can just use the universal language of fun and games lol. Today I will be trying to drum up people to go to a sort of party from the school that will not be part of the school itself. Its sort of for fun with just students and the teachers meeting at a bar downtown where they only speak English on certain days of the week. I think will be good fun for them all and I have been there to the bar and is great inside so they should like it a lot. Also I did conversation class with an OM3 group just for fun too as I had to wait over an hour for my lift home and was very funny, although I think they were a little shy to talk with me at the start. I guess lessons are different from actually talking with someone from England lol. Anyway a BIG hi goes out to Jades OM3 group although you guys will never read this lol.

Its getting near to this party now too and just a few days to go, I was told that I will probably be doing a lot of dancing but I doubt it very much lol. At my age its more likely that I will sprain my ankles ;-). Hmm I wonder if they know something that I do not? Lol it wouldnít surprise me, im usually the last to get told anything as they have to translate most things for me ;-). I donít go to parties but im actually looking forward to this one for some reason, maybe because of the young lady who knows lol. On Sunday is bbq as well so that should also be interesting as I love bbq lol. I've never been to a bbq in the morning before though, I guess it must be a new thing they are trying out ;-).

Wow is that the time already? I had better get showered and get over to the bus stop and get on my way to the school. But I usually go to the coffee shop first just for a coffee and to chat to the people who work there even though they donít really understand all of my English ;-) I need all the coffee I can get before starting the class lol.

if I could say what I wanna say
id say I wanna blow youÖÖ Away
be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight
If I could say what I wanna say
I wanna see you go downÖÖ On one knee
Marry me today
Guess im wishing
My life away
With these things ill never say

After a whole weekend we are still without any net connection, ill have to copy all this stuff to a floppy diskette and take it over to work I think and upload everything there. I guess thatís one bad thing about living in a very poor areaÖ The fact that it takes so long for anything to get fixed. I can always go to the LAN house though and login there but its a lot more expensive thereÖ Hmmm I will have to try to find out what's happening and then get all this copied onto floppies.

I cant wait for this semester to be over, it seems like every time I see one of my groups I always have BAD news to give them from the owners of the school. I hate this as im just the teacher and its not my place to upset these guys. This last weekend I had to spring on my groups that people who arenít going to buy this new lit book will not be allowed to take any oral exam. Some of my students were really pissed about this and also I found out that any teacher that says they arenít going to have time to correct all these will be fired. You donít wanna know how many questions we are talking about here but there are around 100 per book and I have quite a lot of students so you can imagine we are probably talking about thousands. This is on top of all the usual stuff I have to do as well so you can see that its not going to be a lot of fun for the teachers right?. A lot of my students in one group work all the time and are also at uni too and they have no time at all for this extra lit book and to say they are upset is an understatement and they are going to contact the head offices of CCAA so you can imagine what the atmosphere is like at the schools at the moment cant you?. I think it will get worse before it gets better and that its going to become a huge mess that will take a long time to get sorted out. I thought it was all about having fun while teaching the English but I guess I must have got it wrongÖ. Some days I dread going into school as I know its going to be more bad news lol.

Im trying to decide what to do today lolÖ shall I go to the LAN house or shall I go into Plano Piloto???? I might go and get some new books as I have ran out of things to read although I was reading Jane Austin's sense and sensibility until a couple of days ago. As a book its okay but itís a little hard to get into at the start. All of her books are basically the same and talk of love between very rich people at a time in history when people didn't marry because of love but to increase wealth or power in order to keep money or power centered only in the rich people of the country. Although at her time of life there were many interesting things happening in history Austin never talks of them in her books, at this period of time the rich and powerful simply ignored anything that tried to change their little lives so we never hear about the industrial revolution or the wars etc. They have a couple of biggish book stores in the city and I might go and have a see what they have on sale there as they might have some decent classical lit such as ones written by Conan Doyle or Jules Verne who I think was one of the very first science fiction writers that I really liked. Ill think of something of that you can be sure lol. It will more than likely be going over to LAN busters though as its just a few minutes from my house.

Anyway I had better go and get something done and get showered, see if my cell phones charged yet and then decide what to do with my day lol. Whatever I decide I have to be back in time for my classes later on.

All I hear is, lyrics, lyrics, constant controversy, sponsors working 'round the clock, to try to stop my concerts early, surely hip-hop was never a problem in Harlem, only in Boston, after it bothered the fathers of daughters starting to blossom, so now i'm catchin' the flack from these activists when they raggin', actin' like i'm the first rapper to smack a bitch, or say faggot, shit, just look at me like i'm your closest pal, the posterchild, the motherfuckin' spokesman now for... White America - Eminem

Can you believe that its 9am and some guy just got me out of bed on the intercom to talk about of all things God lol. I was trying to drink coffee and decipher his portugues at the same time and when you are half asleep trust me its not easy lol. In the end he had to give up once he realized that understood very little of what he was telling meÖ im guessing it was something like please come to our church meeting he and his little girl went to the neighbors instead. Gave me a chance to practice my portugues though although I knew a lot more of the language than I was letting on lolÖ I didn't want to end up standing there for twenty minutes half dressed and half asleep talking religion especially at that time crazy time in the morning lol.

Well still no internet connection, three days its been out of action now. It must be something to do with the phone system I think as I cant see an ISP being out of action for this amount of time. There is going to be loads to cut and paste by the time I can upload again, it is starting to pile up on the computer now. I will soon have enough here to make a book at the rate im going lol.

I think ill go over to connexions later this afternoon because there is bound to be loads of still drugged up or drunken people in the streets from the religious ceremonies of the last few days. Talk about religious fanatics.. do you believe they were really celebrating the holy spirit or just using it as an excuse to get drunk or high hmmm? Ill have to ring my students and tell them ill only go later onÖ itís a good laugh and I get to meet a few of their friends too which is good as more people get to see that under all my tattoos im not really a crazy brit serial killer lol. I definitely need to get a lot more practice as the last couple of times I have been there I got my ass seriously kicked but then they get to play these games all the time and I hardly ever get the time. For me its just to have a couple of hours fun and to get out of the house for a while too. I wonder if my sons will like going to this place if or when they come to Brasil? We will have to hope that my ex wife's racist feelings haven't rubbed off on them both but I think before I came here I did enough to make sure that my children will not turn out this way ;-)

Oh phones ringing.. need a sec here...

Itís Leonardo one of the students wanting to know what time I will go there but I am waiting here for people to arrive and will more than likely go in the afternoon. Let me shove a cd on here okay?

**Shoving Avril Lavigne in - Playing Things ill never say**

I hope my cds from England will arrive this week, you know itís a real pain in the arse when I have to wait weeks for stuff to get here from England as to America can only take a couple of days so it must be red tape here that takes so long.

Id better go and correct some stuff I have here so I donít end up rushing them all tomorrow morning before I go to work.

How could I predict my words would have an impact like this, I must've struck a chord, with somebody up in the office, cause congress keeps telling me I ain't causin' nuthin' but problems, and now they're sayin' i'm in trouble with the government, i'm lovin' it, I shoveled shit all my life, and now I'm dumping it on... - Eminem

Well today has been very noisy and I will be glad when tomorrow has been and gone and things can get back to normal.. well if that is possible here lol. They are celebrating still this festival of the holy spirit.. although people here really donít care about that just that they can drink and take drugs for a whole weekend. You can imagine in the part of the city I live in people are feeling very nervous at the moment as there are a lot of teenagers completely out of control and staggering around the streets of Estancia. I managed to avoid most of this as I was at work and left really early this morning so that I could miss most of it. With being English I am an instant target for people here as they think I am rich.

Some of my students have been talking to me about the lit books that CCAA have shoved onto them and I think they are going to get in touch with the head office of the CCAA franchise in Rio De Janeiro to see what they have to sayÖ see I donít think the school is allowed to alter the methodology and class new stuff as CCAA material so I will wait and see what becomes of all this. Unfortunately it wasn't all that well planned when they introduced the lit books and the students were angry that they were not consulted about this when they pay so much money to study the English language at their schools. There is always something isnít there? Lol

Well I have about one week until that party and im getting just a little nervous now lol. Its crazy right as its just a dance but now I know that this young lady is definitely interested in me I think its making me a little jittery lol. I usually donít go to parties as I donít drink but for some reason this time I decided to goÖ yes itís a miracle guys and gals lol. Hmmmm I wonder if that country dancing is easy to do as I hardly ever danceÖ Hopefully they will do something that my poor old legs can cope with, like a very slow dance.. Now that I could cope with ;-) Maybe if we get along well she will teach me a few dance steps.. Hmmmm I will ask her if I see her at work this week as usually I am just leaving as she arrives lol. Life is such an adventure.. donít you guys think so? Lol

Also I still cant access the internet.. there must be some sort of problem as POP as I try but it just wont connect. I will have to try at work in the week if I cant get online soon although ill use the one in Planaltina as they have dial up access there but not asdl but it will only take me a few minutes to get on and upload all this stuff. At this rate I will be cutting and pasting for ever to get it all there lol. There are only a few people that I know read this from my workplace, I have no idea how many others read it too lol. For me is just my little bit of cyberspace.. my little online part of me that gets updated a lot more than I thought I actually would lol.

Hmmmm I need to eat and get some coffee, gosh im starving lol. Ill stop here and go and raid the kitchen and see what is in the fridge.

You donít know me
Donít ignore me
You donít want me there
You just shut me out
You donít know me
Donít ignore me
If you had your way
You'd just shut me up
Make me go away

Unwanted - Avril Lavigne

Well its late afternoon here at the mo and its blistering hot, well for me it is lol. Im melting here at the moment. Hopefully it will cool down a little later on so when I get to work it will be cool enough not to have the air conditioning on. Some of the students donít like the a/c on as it affects their allergies. Hmm I wonder if you can just catch allergies? Lol. Yeah well enough of that right?Ö. yeah im going crazy.

Im trying to decide what I am going to do for conversation class later on, I am guessing hardly anyone will come but will just do expressions I think as I have around 100 semi clean expressions I can use depending on who arrives. If two come then I will be surprised as once it goes from weekly to fortnightly they lose interest really quickly. See classes once in a while arenít no good, they have to be every week as many as I can get to them as it gives a lot of help and confidence and also vocabulary to them too and they get to have a bit of fun at the same time. Where is the fun in once a fortnite? Yeah.. Exactly there isnít right? Ive got some expressions that will raise a laugh or two, I used them this morning and they thought they were really funny lol. They spent a while trying to figure out what the expression Whip in - Whip out - Wipe it meant lol. Do you know what it means because you can be sure im not going to tell you? Lol. Ive got some more games and stuff we can do though if I have any prudish students or youngsters so not to worry on that part.

Hmmm my net connection still isnít workingÖ. C'mon Telebrasilia what are you guys playing around at? Lol. How can I post my weblog if there's no connection?. You wouldnít believe how much I pay for the internet either. In the UK I used to get great deals from BT but here there isnít anything. Im going to get withdrawal symptoms from the internet soon you know lol. I cant use the one at work as only one of the schools has it and I donít think there is much possibility of it appearing at the other school anytime in the near future. Oh well I guess I will just have to wait Grrrrrr lol.

Okay time to get Outta here as I have to eat shower and get ready for class too. Maybe ill get to post the weblog later onÖ. Will see okay?..

I never would've dreamed in a million years i'd see, so many motherfuckin' people who feel like me, who share the same views and the same exact beliefs, it's like a fuckin' army marchin' in back of me, so many lives I touch, so much anger aimed, in no particular direction, just sprays and sprays, and straight through your radio waves it plays and plays, 'till it stays stuck in your head for days and days - Eminem

Hmmm for some reason the telephone isnít working here this morning, well it is estancia so im not really surprised lol. This is usually the last place that they try to fix anything so it could be tomorrow maybe before it works to my weblog is now confined to the word document and ill copy and paste it whenever the phone system works. Funny for a big company like Telebrasilia you would think they would fix things straight away but it tends to be in the rich areas first and then our poor area whenever they have the time or can be bothered.

I just got into a really strange discussion at work with the secretaries about conversation classes because I turned up for the time one secretary gave me and the other one went crazy because she didn't know lol. Then it turns out this is my fault but they didn't tell me why so you can imagine how crazy it got right? Lol. In the end I just switched off and went into the other part of the school, sometimes there are too many chiefs and too many different things said when really just having one coordinator would solve all these problems. I really wonder now how many teachers are going to be there at the start of the next semester that I know or will it be all new ones?. Even though I warned them that cutting down hours for conversation classes would just mean that no one would bother coming anymore they still went ahead and did it and this morning just two people turned up. Its all about the money and how to make as much as possible in as short a space of time as can be done. Funny I thought it was all about teaching English but maybe I got it all wrong or its just that I see things very differently. Must be my English heritage right? Lol. The students and I talked about maybe doing something out of the control of the school so we will see what comes from all of this I guess.

I found out some nice news yesterday night too, apparently I have an admirer lol. I had my suspicions about this but hadnít said anything because sometimes how I think things are is sometimes very different because everyone I know is brasilian lol. It makes me smile though as sometimes things here are so so complicated where just a simple question usually solves most things. There are games and games here involving such small things as liking someone and for me coming from England finding this a little confusing lol. God sometimes I get this impression that I am getting so oldÖ Do you know what I mean?. By next Saturday I will probably know all about it as we will both be at the same party and there will probably be hardly any other people who talk English thereÖ. I had suspicions that this was all planned before hand and now I quite sure of it lol. Im not going to say who I think this young lady is here, because people read this?? No just because I wanna see if im right first and then maybe ill shove it on here lol

There is some festival here tonite, im not going to go as I have conversation class to give later on and then ill probably just go home afterwards as im not really into all these different religious festivals here. For me my religion is mine and not really for other people and I hate to have people trying to ram theirs down my throat. Here they haven't really discovered the difference between discussion and conversion lol. There's also a party here on sat night my students asked me to go to, but its real late at nite when it starts and I donít like being around Planaltina at these hours of the nite. In Plano Piloto it really doesnít bother me late at nite but they have a lot of police there and here there tends to be very few. I would like to live just a little longerÖ you know??. The other party of course im going to go as its in Sobradinho and there is a huge difference between here and there lol.

Okay im going to stop here and correct a few things so I donít have to waste my weekend on them later.. oh and my coffee cup has run dry too lol


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