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Saturday, July 19, 2003

Another thing added lol

Well i have the Blogsnob thing added along with the css stuff too but i was trying to figure out how to add it somewhere else in the page but gave up as my connection is a little slow this afternoon and it takes ages to upload and see any changes. ill try later on but its there and visible so when the admin people come to visit they can see that the code is there on the page under the links until i can figure out how to move it to the top part of the screen so its visible as soon as people visit the page. Ill play with the html as soon as i get the chance and see if i can get it where i want it to appear.. if its possible to make it appear there that is lol.

Its warming up alot here now, this morning was warm but its 1.30pm here and i am roasting lol. By the time i go downtown later though it will have cooled down a bit so it wont be so bad. I must remember to put sunblock on as i notice that i am changing color to a darker brown that usual lol. I will have to try to remember though as even though ive been here two years i doubt my skin will be used to all the sun that its exposed to now.

I had to change the music lol, something with a bit of volume. You guys read this thing all the time so ill let you guess what i am listening to now and answers on a postcard please to..... lol. Theres only me here at the moment as Dona Maria is outside so the volume can go up and up :-). O wonder if the neighbours are joining in with the chorus? ;-) somtimes i get so tired of listening to gospel music especially with there being so many churches around this quadra i live in. They always sing the same boring hymns too, cant someone write some new ones for them. Maybe they should contact Bruce Dickinson or Axl Rose ;-). Yeah that would liven things up a little wouldnt it?

Im toying with some other little idea that i want to do with this page, there are a few things that i just wanna tidy up a little as they look.. hmmm.. they just dont look as i want them too lol. I will have to back up the template though so that if i screw anything up i will have a copy to restore everything back again as although it looks quite bare i have added alot of things that i dont want to have to add all over again to a new template all over again as it is time consuming lol. I need to definately look into this css stuff too and also to find out what Rss is as well as i saw that in the template. The list of things is already growing :-)

Okay im off to the chemists and to get something else to eat as i am hungry again.. A little nervous about my date i guess lol... Can you imagine im nearly 40 and nervous? Omg :-)

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Good morning.. good morning.. Oh its afternoon lol

I went to the hairdressers this morning so now hopefully it looks all neat and tidy for when i go to the cinema later on. The one bad thing though here with hairdressers is they have this obsession with trying to blow dry my hair so i look like bloody john Travolta lol. I had to wash my hair out as soon as i got back and now it looks okay.. i think :-). of course the real test will be if Eliane thinks it looks nice but Dona Maria said it looks lovely ;-) I noticed that i seem to be losing my hair, i am sure its slowly disappearing.. im getting OLD lol

Just checked my email and had nothing but junk... and now im browsing the net and looking at the Idya homepage of the people who run the Blogsnob site to see how i can customise the little advert that will appear on my site :-). Hmm it talks about css pages and stuff like that in the template, i will have to get the template and have a look at it to see where i have to add the code to customise the advert. They supply a nice little form on their site that makes the code for you which for me is great as html isnt my strong point :-). Apparently one of the admin people from this site is going to visit my site and make sure its suitable to be included in their lists and stuff, nice lol. Ill have a look at it after lunch i think as i have to waste some time until 3.30 when i will go downtown. It will give me something to do to pass the time as i cant be bothered to go into Planaltina now. The nice thing is that i can do it all from Wbloggar and it also has stuff for html built into it.. i wonder what other things i can do with this program and html? lol

The Calling cd is still in the player so ive got it on while typing here. Hopefully when i go the the city park tomorrow i might get to pick up some more english cds, here in Planaltina its very difficult to get english cds. downtown though there are many people who sell copied cds so i usually get to find a few places that have some.

Its been a while since i last went to the city park.. i have only been there a couple of times and that was last year. I wonder if they will have anything interesting there happening.. they sometimes have displays and stuff at the weekends. Not that it matters as i will be there spending time with eliane :-) We should have made a picnic :-).. Wow its been ages since i went to one of those. when i was still in england i think although they dont really have weather there for picnics as it rains most of the year on and off lol Im sure that we will have fun though, the city park is a huge place and i dont think i have walked around all of it yet. I wonder if they have row boats there? its been donkeys years since i last went in one of those lol

I just got a text message from some of my students wanting to know when they are going to show another video at the school so they can go to watch it. sometimes i get the secretaries to help with organising popcorn and stuff and then we get the students to go and watch a movie and its generally very popular :-) I have been trying to get hold of copies of The Hulk and Bruce Almighty to show at the school to the students. Ill have to check with the school and then let them know monday i think what i will plan for them :-). Its funny how some things are really popular at one school but not the other but other things are popular at the other school that arent popular here.. Wierd aint it? ;-)

I have to work on some more stuff for the new conversation classes too before the semester starts, i really need stuff for beginners or kids as advanced i have loads of stuff already set up. The biggest problem i have is findinf stuff that i can do thats exciting for brasilian students. The stuff i have for japanese students may not be as popular here, i have a whole site left to look through yet though, ill look at alot of it at work though as the internet is free there for me and there is quite alot of stuff on the site. I have a site that stores some of the sites i use alot and its hosted free here at Ikeepbookmarks. I dont know if any of the other teachers have added anything to it as i passed it onto a couple of the others.. i really should get around to checking shouldnt i? lol

Okay time to go get lunch as im starving lol. I think its chicken today.. Yummy :-)

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Friday, July 18, 2003

Ive been browsing lol

I found an interesting place in Google that has loads of links etc to stuff for weblogs and related stuff. You can click HERE to go visit the page and the others all stem off from here okay? :-) Im sure you guys will find something interesting there

I came up with a site from theere that allows you to place adverts about your site or weblog onto other peoples computers running the same code from the site. Its located here and i think its called Blogsnob or something like that. I have to read it up a little more later on or tomorrow.. or whenever i get the time to lol. There are so many sites i want to read or look through but i just never have the time at the moment :-). Anyway see what you guys think...

Weblogs are becoming more and more popular now and i love to read them if they are interesting as they let us share other peoples thoughts and feelings or news from people or places that normally we wouldnt get to read. And its all personal too as it was created by a person not a news machine that churns out the same stuff all of the time. I like to read ones that have been created by people in other countries too as we get to share experiences and stuff that we would normally never read or hear of. During the Iraq war there was a guy in Iraq posting to a weblog in blogspot which i thought was amazing as we didnt get the carefully prepared media junk from the war offices but someones real life experience as the war started and carried on. Will it replace the newspaper? i dont think so or at least not just yet ;-)

Hmm im feeling hungry again... Let me nip to the kitchen and see whats laying around in the fridge lol

Okay got some more Coffee... and these really nice milk and honey biscuits too but later on i will get something a bit more filling. At the moment the kitchen is busy with people so i will raid the fridge later ;-). These bicuits are quite nice but i couldnt eat a whole packet of them... Or.. Could i? lol Shall i go get the rest of the packet or not? Whadya think? ;-)

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I had to buy a new cd lol

I got so fustrated with waiting for the cds to arrive from england that i ended up going and buying one lol.. of course it was a pirated copy ;-). I seriously think that my package has either been reutrned to the Uk or that some customs guy with sticky fingers has taken it. Not that it matters as my bro will just copy me the cds again. The cd i brought was Camino Palmero By The Calling and i paid a very expensive R$5 for it :-). Im listening to the cd now and its actually quite good, i had only really heard the one song they released first the most so to listen to the other songs is nice. Its playing the last track now so i have listened to the whole cd and i like it.. I will get the lyrics for some of the songs to use in my classes with the teenagers as they seem to really like this group :-).

Im going to get coffee okay...

thats better lol, My trip to the dentists went okay this morning. I have to return in three months for another checkup so around the end of october i would guess. I have implants and stuff so i have to go regularly to make sure everything is okay and today was because i thought something felt a little loose but Claudiana (The Dentist lol) said everything seems fine so it must just be me :-). I had a clean and polish and also flouride treatment as well and also one of those lectures that dentists love to give about properly cleaning with floss etc lol. I have more types of dental floss than the chemists store by now ;-). I treated myself to a Mcdonalds afterwards as i had to wait around 30-40 minutes before i could eat or drink and by the time this had ran out i was starving lol. McChicken never tasted so good ;-).

Just checking my email here to see if i have one from my brother or family yet. I got one saying they were very busy at work at the moment and also that one of my brothers had quit his job but they didnt tell me why. This brother likes to change jobs though as i think he gets bored after a few years lol. Usually i get emails from them at the weekends as its the only day my brother Brian usually doesnt work. I dont ring the UK very often as its really expensive to ring from Brasil. There is only one phone company and they have the monopoly to just about charge what they like. Well in truth this is true about many companies here at the moment but now foreign companies are starting to invest in Brasil i think this will change and this of course is good for the brasilian people and for Brasil too as it will create a better market and more jobs etc. A few phone companies will drive the prices down as they compete with each other for market share.. i hope they hurry up and do it soon lol

**Now playing.. The Calling - Could It Be any Harder**

Tomorrow is my date with Eliane, i was going to get a haircut this afternoon but by the time i got back from downtown i didnt have time. I didnt find time to buy a new shirt either but im sure that Eliane wont mind if i go in one of the ones i have right? lol. I checked that the movie we wanted to see was still showing but according to the paper its not and there is a new Cuba Gooding Jr film in its place. I know Eliane really wanted to see the Jim Carey fillm so maybe we will have to go to a different cinema. We will decide when we get there tomorrow evening. Jim Carey is so funny in the film Bruce Almighty.. it got slammed by the Yahoo critics but then they dont know anything as i watched it and thought it was excellent. I notice that this is another film that has a colored God as well :-). Id like to see a chinese God too as who knows what he really would look like?? Im just a little nervous about going on a date, after all i dont go on dates very often... About as often as a blue moon appears actually lol. I think that Eliane and I will have loads of fun though :-)

I was hoping to have a copy of the Matrix @ here tonite to watch but the person forgot to take it to the school so i will have to borrow it next week, i think the Matrix films are excellent and i like watching them :-) I like alot of Sci Fi films but generally ill watch anything that is interesting. I really wanna see the Drama film The Four Feathers as it looks outstanding. Its an historic drama from the wars a long time ago but its really looks good so ill be at the cinema as soon as they start to show it :-)

Ill stop here just so i can get online and post and then get something to eat as i am very hungry at the moment. I might write more later on. itll depend on how tired i am ;-)

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

A pic of where i used to live :-)

I actually managed to find a photo online of the little village i used to live in.. Wow i am amazed lol. I used to live in a place called Castle Gresley which is a little village in the middle of nowhere in the midlands of England. It was a boring place with only one post office that was also a shop and a chemists etc. I liked the fact that for my kids though it was near to the countryside so they got to play out quite a bit. The bad side to this place though was that the local authorities used to use this plce as a dumping ground for all the problem families so you can imagine how it must be now as i have been left two years and it was already getting bad. Still i will post the photo for you guys to see, you cannot see my street or the house i used to rent in this picture. What you can see here is the turning towards the street i lived in (the turning on the right in the photo). The white building is a Public house / bar and if you travel up the hill in the photo it takes you to another small village after a few miles called Overseal. So there you are a pic of the place i used to live in... Sorry its so small but it was the only photo i could find and it wont blow up either as it goes all blurry

Castle Gresley

did i get to the fair? well i waited for the bus to arrive at the bottom of the street and it didnt show up and it was so hot that i decided to come back here again lol. I can go tomorrow afternoon after i get back from the dentists if i dont have to have anything major done. I am quite lucky with my dentist as she can speak english which for me is great. She used to work here in the city i live in but moved to Plano Piloto so now if i need to visit the dentists i have to suffer a 2hr bus journey lol. For me though the fact that Claudiana can speak english is worth the trip especially when it comes to explaining things if i have to have any dental treatment actually done :-). Hopefully tomorrow should just be a checkup which for me takes around thirty minutes to an hour as i have all sorts of strange dentals things like removable bridges and implants etc. Sounds really interesting doesnt it? but for me its just time to try and fall asleep while the checkup takes place.. i got quite good at that after having a whole year of dental treatment lol

For some reason my cell phone bill had R$50 of text messages on the invoice, i am going to ring them about this as i never send text mesages so i cant understand why this amount is there. They better have a good explanation as we are talking about alot of money.. well to me it is. My cell phone is a contract one but at the end of December i can change it for either a new contract or maybe ill shop around for a new deal from another cell phone company. I really just want a decent contract though as i use my cell phone to make quite a few calls as for me its cheaper than using the normal phone because i buy hours in bulk with cant be done with a land line in Brasil.

Can you believe that my cds STILL havent arrived here yet from England? :-( I will have to get my brother to send them again or maybe they have been returned back to him because he got the address wrong or something. Ill email him and find out if hes going to send them again as he also has a copy of linux there for me too and i wanna try it out lol. I really wanted the music cds though to use with the teenager groups as they are really into The Offspring and i had four cds on the way :-(. It will onlky take him a few minutes to remake the cds for me though :-)

**Linkin Park - Forgotten**

Here the teenagers like this group alot but the other day one of them was asking me about Iron Maiden and couldnt believe it when i said they had stopped being the original lineup years ago lol. I think this is because here they try to limit the amount of foreign music that gets into the country as the brasilian music wouldnt exist within a short space of time lol. Personally i dont really care what i listen to so long as its good :-) Its strange though as i have never been to a pop concert.. ever lol. I have never had the time to go and when i did it was miles to travel or some other reason. hopefully i will get to go to at least one in my lifetime :-)I will have to get some of the lyrics for the Linkon Park songs just so you guys who read this site can experience their words etc. My students love to read lyrics and try to understand them. Some times though this is a little difficult especially if the person who wrote the song was drunk at the time he created the song lol. Ive used groups and songs by U2, Guns And Roses and Eminem though with some of the groups in the conversation classes as they have advanced levels of english and they liked trying to figure out what the lyrics were all about :-) Sometimes though i have just a little trouble trying to figure out what the song is trying to say lol

I guess i had better go and get something to eat and make some coffee as people will be arriving here soon. Usually though i make the coffee and drink loads of it before everyone gets home lol. Oh someones here... let me go investigate lol

Well they were all here but they left straight away to go to the supermarket so that means loads of coffee all for ME! lol. Not really as i will be going in a little while to work after ive eaten. Its wierd though as i only have to go for one hour instead of the usual amount of time but im not really bothered as it means i am going to get home earlier :-)

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It has to be said that the mozilla browser isnt as good as i expected it to be as it is very slow and takes ages to load a page too. My IE5.5 is twice or three times as fast so i deleted the mozilla :-(. Still it was interesting to see it i guess lol. I think people must need a ninja pc to run it on because it fair crawls.

I am going to go over to the fair i think to try to find some new tee shirts for me. I have been a couple of times but they never seem to have anything that i like or the size is wrong or some other problem lol. Hopefully they will have something nice that maybe i can wear on saturday when i go to the cinema with Eliane. Oh i must remember to find a hairdresser that speaks english so i can have my hair cut too lol. The last place i went seemed to think that my hair should be styled the same as John Travolta in Grease lol. Needless to say i dont think will go there again ;-).. Okay off to the fair Tchau for now :-)

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Good Afternoon Brasil lol

Im in the middle of reading my email and also downloading a new web browser to check out. Oh i got an email from Eliane... Awwww how sweet lol. Just give me a sec to do a quick reply here okay? :-)

Okay all done, luckily i have a translation program that i used to change my emails etc to portugues. Its not a perfect translation but is good enough to understand what each other is saying :-) Eliane gave me the idea by using one at work and i remembered that i had a copy of a program similar to hers on cd and installed it :-). nice as my written portugues is terrible lol. I also ran up a quick Online card for her too just to put a smile on her face, of course it will only do that if she likes it right? ;-)

Im also downloading a new web browser just to try it out. I read on the Popdex website that there was a really good version of Mozilla that they claim is very fast for browsing etc so i thought i would give it a quick try out and see what its like. The computer i use to surf the net at the moment is very slow so if this speeds it up a little it will be nice. I am just downloading the slim down version not the full one as it will take a long time on a 56k modem but i read a little on the Mozilla site and it said a few things i was curious to try out like auto popup killing etc and a couple of others too. After ive installed it i will maybe write a little about it here to let the very few people who read this site know what i liked or disliked about it okay? lol.

Let me just find something here to listen to.. what sort of music can i choose today from the rack? lol

**Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Minor Thing**

Tonite i have to give final exams to students who missed their original times. I wonder how many will turn up though as the last time only one person actually arrived?. As i am on standby i get to do all these wonderful exciting things lol.. i dont mind though as i dont have anything else left to do :-) I was hoping that the internet would be working at the Planaltina school so i could use it to pass the time but like alot of people there we dont think we will get to use it much as the secretaries will hog it then as they do now.. thank god for the other school ;-)

Ah.. i have an email from tripod wanting to know if i want to have a weblog with them.. only have to pay to use all the fucntions that i have for free now though lol. Oh yeah ill have ten of them then ;-) It just goes to show that if you look around online enough you can find that alot of things that sites want you to pay for you can usually get for free by using a couple of different sites or programs. For example i can upload pics and do most other things from the Wbloggar program and Tripod let people pay for this wonderful service i get for free lol. For some people though i am sure it is good for them as its all on one site and for people who want less hassle its good. I like to play with different things though hence downloading the mozilla Browser :-)

My download has finished so ill post this and go install and then see what works etc lol... Bye for now :-)

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Monday, July 14, 2003

Crazy stuff at Google lol

I was just browsing the news sites and found that there is a really funny story about a guy who created a joke error page that is top of its list in the Google search engine lol. The full story is on my news page... yep i copied it there as we all know how yahoo is for pages that dont load or appear or even disappear lol. You can find it at its usual place HERE and i thought it was hilarious when i first read it lol

The page with the fake error message can be found HERE

Oh just checking my email and i got one from Eliane, awwww lol. Its in portugues and a little english too which is really sweet :-). Ill reply to it in a little while as she wil only read it at work tomorrow. Ill try replying in portueus as much as i can but to be honest it will be very difficult as my portugues sucks lol. Its going to be fun though i think and the weekend we are going to have loads of fun too at the cinema and the park as well :-). I wonder if there will be any activities happening sunday in the city park.. i will have to try and find out

Okay let me reply to these few emails and maybe ill post later on too :-)

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In need of lots of coffee here lol

I just got back from playing counterstrike as i was bored and needed to do something for an hour or so. Planaltina has nothing here thats remotely interesting apart from the church which is only good if you are religious.. im not lol. I was giving exams this morning and i think that she did okay but i wont correct it until tomorrow as it will give me something to do besides try not to get bored lol. Standby hours are so exciting cant you tell? lol.

I just got through sending one of those online card things to Eliane to make sure i had the right email adress. I think that Yahoo is becoming like Aol as there are so many popups and adverts and for some reason my popup killer doesnt stop the ones that yahoo has. I guess they must have a way to go around it so ill have to check around for another killer program. I hate popups with a vengence as they are a pain in the arse and i never read them.. they should outlaw them along with junk emails. I will just use google instead when i wanna search online now, at least they know what people want and its not popups. plus Blogger is part of google ;-) I will have to change my homepage too so that it points to Google as i spent around 2 mins this afternoon trying to close all the windows in Yahoo, some of them wouldnt close either and i have to get the task manager up to get rid of them and one even crashed my desktop so Yahoo had best get it sorted out :-(

I have standby hours in sobradinho but this afternoon i think ill just take a video to watch or just sit online or something as i dont think i will have alot to do once i arrive. I have this teachers training to do at the end of the month, last time it was all in portugues so you can imagine how thrilled i am knowing we have to suffer this yet again. Plus the spanish teachers dont speak any english so you can imagine how its going to be with everyone wanting to talk different languages right? lol. Oh yeah its going to get crazy!!!! The life of a teacher... never a dull moment ;-)

Hmm my cell company are sending me text messages that i cant read as they are in portugues lol. I just delete them as they are usually promotions or something similar and i never bother with them :-)

I went to the fair this morning too and had a look around for someone that had some english cds for me but there wasnt anyone there again. Ill check in the other city when i go there later on as there is usually someone walking around selling cds in english and fingers crossed ill get one or two there as i am getting a little bored with ones i have here. At the moment im listening to.....

**Now playing Mana - De Pies A Cabeza**

I found an interesting site in blogspot that i had chance to read though this morning that was created by a young girl in Iran. I love these weblogs as we get chance to read about things and people experiences in other countries, We are able to access news and information that usually doesnt get carried in all the usual news channels etc. If you wanna read this site you can go HERE

Okay time for me end here and go get something done and prepare myself for my wonderful exciting afternoon of.... Doing Nothing lol

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

I need more coffee lol

I just got off the phone with Eliane... Now i have a BIG smile all over my face lol. We are going to go out on a date, well actually two dates. One next saturday and one on the sunday too. I have to confess to being just a little nervous as i havent been out on my own somewhere with a young lady who speaks mostly portugues and very little english before but i think we are going to have alot of fun. On saturday we are going to the cinema, i think this must be one of the favorite places for first dates right? lol. Its a place though that we both like to go so will work just fine. I dont know what film we will see yet, either comedy or a romance film as Eliane loves those ones but for me any film will be okay :-) On sunday we are going to visit the city park as Eliane loves the park and to be honest i have only been there a couple of times so for me will be really nice. I have to confess to being just a little excited now lol, i am sure we are both going to have a lot of fun :-)

I found out that the mall has a website so i can see what new films are going to be shown over the next couple of weeks so if you are Brasilian and you go to Patio Brasil in Brasilia you can click HERE to visit their site lol

Give me a sec here while i put on the kettle to make some Camomile tea for my cold okay? lol

Also i checked out a couple of sites for Weblogs that work with Wbloggar that maybe i can use with my students that have a nice interface to use as the blogger one is still the same as it was the other week with the glitches. They wont want to have to hassle of having to use Wbloggar so i checked out both Blogcity and also and they seem okay but i also have a list of a few web sites that i can check out including some that i am not sure are still up and running as i couldnt access their sites earlier on.

Okay i have to be up early in the morning as i have to give that test so ill get off and go finish my tea and get some sleep.. Nite guys and gals :-)

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Just updating here lol

Im just waiting for a newer version of Wbloggar to download so i can try it and see if it fixes the bug in the spellchecker :-) also i had a roam around the livejournal site but its in portugues or spanish and i cant read it and they wont let you read anything interesting unless you have one of those access codes.. which for me is useless lol. They did offer to let me download the code to use on my own web server.. yeah as if i want to go to all that hassle just to have a look around their site :-).

I have the Webcrimson all sorted out now though and i think ill try to use it with my students or something smiliar. I dont really want a community but something or somewhere they can post interesting stuff they find online in english that the other students can also access and read and then in return post their own stuff. I know that alot of them have access to the internet so i think they might like the idea of something they can use in english to practice and know that they dont have to worry about the hassle of running it etc. Whether we will use Webcrimson or another one though i dont know yet. I might just set it up and then invite them and see what they come up with and then go from there. Maybe the students from the other schools would join in too.. hmmm well i dont know about that lol. Ill chat with some of the others and see what they think. I think the MEC ones would maybe like this as they post all sorts of crazy things to me lol.

My cold isnt really feeling any better, i have been sneezing all afternoon and evening too and still am as i type this here ;-). I hope i can shake it off soon. Tomorrow i am going to get some lemons and oranges so i can drink plenty of fresh fruit juice so the vitamin C helps me to get rid of it as soon as possible. I didnt think i wouls catch a cold here in such a warm place lol.. shows how much i know doesnt it? :-)

I was hoping that my brother would be online or have emailed me today but theres nothing. I wanted to ask himto repost the cds and stuff they had sent to me as they didnt arrive and i dont think that they will now :-(. He has some copies of Linux for me to try out which i am really looking forward to messing around with it just for fun. I know that alot of the software i use now thugh wont work with it but i would guess there are other programs written in Linux that i can use or try out. Ill have to email him again and see if hes reading his emails lol

**Can you hear me sneezing? lol**

I had a roam around and found a site that is related to livejournal called funnily enough deadjournal thats supposed to be for sites that people wont host and stuff like that. Its really just a rip off of the livejournal site though as its exactly the same apart from looking just a little different. I managed to find four that are all just about the same and i guess its just to get more people to sign up as paying users as the access code thing to me is pretty pointless. Alot of my friends say they use blogger or something similar to post online and i cant find anyone i know yet who has a livejournal site lol. I like blogger alot but just wish they would sort out the post message page as its really annoying.. not that it matters now i use Wbloggar though but would be nice just for when i have to use the website for alterations etc.

You can find Livejournal Here
And Deadjournal Here

Okay ill stop here for just a little while as i wanna have a shower and see if the steam will unblock my nasal passages a little. I hate having a blocked nose dont you? lol As a last resort i can always get out the Vicks i guess ;-)

Thats better, i feel alot better now and just ate some pudding here. i cant spell the name in portugues though lol. Its similar to rice pudding and called Condica?... grrr lol. If you speak portugues please forgive me okay? ;-)

Oh i have to ring Eliane in thirty minutes.. i wonder what she will have to tell me about her visit to her parents house?. I know they live around 2hrs travel time from here or so, its a long journey to have when you have to travel as soon as you finish work and then have to rush home again on sunday night. I would have some major planning to do though if i wanted to visit my family back in england. Of course i will never go back there to England. I have many reasons why i will never go back.. Who knows maybe one day ill post them here..

**Let me grab coffee here as i need a fix of caffeine lol**

Okay back.. itll be my last cup of the day or i will never get to sleep later on and i have to be at work early in the morning as i have to give an exam to one of my students.. Hey Sonia dont be late okay? lol. Thanks to a screw up by one of the secretaries she didnt get enough extra classes to cover all the ones that she missed because some idiot ran her over and now i am giving support and extra classes to her so she can take both the midterm and final exams. But she will take them within a few days of each other i think which is not good as far as i am thinking as to revise for both exams with just a few days apart from them will be difficult. I will see how things go though tomorrow. fingers crossed right? lol

I have another site thats about all the things that really upset me living here in planaltina and i have been toying with really what i should do with it. most of the time i use it when some half awake person in the city lights my fuse to let ioff steam but i was thinking of maybe making it a sort of essay site about these many problems too. Hmmmm ill think on it some more :-)

Okay ill go eat and get ready to give Eliane a ring and also my friend Tim too.. Will i be back later you ask??... youll have to wait and see ;-)
posted at 6:18 PM by john |  

Anyone want a cold? :-)

This morning i am laid up with a cold so i am drinking as much fruit juice etc as i can to try and shake it off as fast as i can. I hate having colds or the flu especially in a hot country as it feels alot worse. Ill go to the docs if i cant get rid of it by the end of next week, i dont wanna spend days trying to get well if i can help it lol.

Yesterday i went to see the film with just two of the students as the rest all didnt bother going. So it was just me, Camilla and Faridah and we watched Charlies Angels 2. In Brasil they translate this as the panthers.. dont ask me why lol. Its not too bad a film with lots of actions and half dressed women too along with half dressed men that all the teens found really interesting lol. Theres something about Drew Barrymore dressed in her wrestling gear you know.. ;-) I wanna see terminator 3 though, i hope it hurries up and gets here soon. Maybe itll be here by next weekend so i can go as i dont have to work for the next couple of weekends

Im trying to decide what to do this afternoon, to go to the Lanhouse or ring around to see what everyone else has got going. Maybe someone is going to the other cinema as they have around 10 screens so they will have something different from Patio Brasil. Ill find out after lunch. guess what lunch is for me today? ... Noodles lol. Im here on my own at the moment as everyone has gone to visit family and to congratulate one of them on his engagement to his girlfriend :-). For me no good as they only all speak portugues so i stayed here to mess around on the computer lol. got some Ac/Dc on here at the moment as i am sure my neighbours love them by now. I was going to use Guns and Roses but ill save them for later on if no one is back by then :-). I still havent got my cds from England yet either... very depresssing lol.

I must get some new tunes for my cell phone this afternoon too as i am getting so bored with the ones i have lol. Something different and not that dance crap that people always have on their phones. I watched as one of my friends yesterday payed R$10 just to have her name put onto the screen of her cell phone and i told her that they get the software free from the internet and i used to do it free in England lol. Luckily though my phone i can compose tunes on it without having to pay some greedy phone company guy to do it for me :-)

**Playing Ac/Dc - Night Of the Long Knives**

I think i will go to the fair here later this afternoon just to see if they have anything new in english cds. I need some new teeshirts as well so will be a good chance to try out my portugues lol. Oh i have to ring Eliane later on too so i can find out how her visit to her parents went :-) We will have to find a day to go out together and do something too, i have no idea what that will be though lol. I am sure we will come up with something for next week even if its just to watch a video or walk in the park ;-)

Right.. im off to get showered and get off to the fair and see what i can waste some money on lol


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