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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, June 18, 2005


Another great blog i found can be seen here at

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Friday, June 17, 2005


So Jackson is now planning a party to celebrate his victory over a little boy in some flashy casio in the states. But what victory? After all, he wasnt found innocent but that the jurors couldnt find enough evidence to convict him. Hes still a pervert who prays on little boys and kids and had child porn laying around his house and maybe someone should consider the feelings of the boy who battled against him in court and lost because of money and influence of a sick freak. So its going to become the norm to celebrate this, to show the world that you wanna flash the cash because you got away with abusing little boys? What kind of fans would go to this kind of event? The same sick fucks as he is i guess, i'm sure pedophiles will be lining up around the world to get a ticket for this, after all hes probably setting the standard for them now. Lets hope that the victim hits him for a civil case and takes him for everything hes got and then to show everyone that it was about justice and not money give the cash they win to childrens charities or programs against child abuse. We know, the world knows him now for exactly what he is, and all this talk of reviving his flagging career is just talk. Nothing else, period. Who would want to buy cds to support child pornography? Lets just flog him, then throw him out on the street and leave him to rot. Or just throw him over Liz Taylors wall and let her fawn all over him like the old, wrinkly, crusty docker that she is, i wonder how long she know about what was going on in his bedroom? After all shes always saying how close she is to him, maybe he was doing more than poking her but confessing his sins to her too? This whole thing stinks to high heaven, lets hope that someone blows him up or shoots him and does the world a favor. Lets face it, whoever does this will be thanked by little boys in their prayers every night for the next hundred years or so..

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I just discovered a website online thats really cool and interesting called Postsecret so you can drop by and have a look see. They ask people to send in secrets on homemade postcards like the one above. Go visit, its an eye-opener..
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I sometimes feel really sad when i find out what kind of people some of my students are, especially their prejudices. Lets take my TN9 group for example, during a boringish discussion about Brasil and a football match that happened yesterday I raised the point that Brasil pays millions of reais just to football players that could be better spend on fixing social problems here. To this all I got was laughs as most of the tudents i guess think of themselves as more or less rich. When i mentioned that those people they were laughing about had children that were starving to death this brought yet another bout of laughter. I have to wonder what kind of upbringing did these people have to think this way about their fellow Brasilians. Were they raised with this attitude? basically they think that always their mums and dads will bail them out for the rest of their lives and they are going to live a life of luxury but in reality I think they are very shallow people. Luckily though their group finishes this semester and they wont return, I wouldnt really wanna take another semester of them anyway, coming from the UK obviously seeing this kind of feelings towards people just because they are poor offends me alot so I can smile and pretend until this semester finishes in a week or so and then they will be gone. But what really shocked me the most was the apparent coldness while they were laughing, a sort of 'who gives a shit' mentality. Although the rest of the world doesnt see a lot of the news here about starving children (and more or less half the people in Brasil dont have enough to eat) here on the TV they show film of indian tribes starving to death because people stole their money and left them with nothing but my so-called wonderful TN9 students really thought this was hilarious. Man lets hope they never have kids right, can you imagine what sort of ideas their children would have? It doesnt bear thinking about, does it? Aother thing that shocked me was the actual students who laughed, it just showed me that I really didnt know my students from this group very well, now maybe I know them too well :-( Still just a few more days and they will graduate and then..

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


So billy Graham is finally getting off his "Do as I say and not as I do" high horse and thiking of retiring. This can only be good for the rest of the world as most people are probably sick of his ramming his religion down everyones throat. On top of that we have his racist son in charge of their so called foundation - what was it he said about islam again? Its a very evil religion or something wasnt it? My god in heaven, what do people see in these losers. If this guy is such a god believer, why didnt he just stop having all those shunts and stuff and dye and go to heaven? The reason.. Cash, greenbacks, dosh, spondulicks, whatever you wanna call it. These so called religious leaders rip off people every minute of the day, living in Brasil you can see it all the time. After all you never see a poor priest or evangelist do you? Why arent they doing as the bible tells them and giving their money to the poor? After all who paid for Grahams mountain hideaway? Yep, thats right, poor people cash. On top of that they promote gay prejudice and any other number of things. These guys really promote harmony dont they, yeah harmony with their bank account and other peoples cold hard cash.

Still i'm hard at work here in Brasil helping people to see the truth, most people here are religious only by birth but i think that now after seeing the mess religion is causing in Africa they are waking up and smelling the coffee. You have to get to them while they are young though, once they hit 14+ its too late they are already 99% brainwashed and dont really think bout what their religions are doing with their full support. I was talking with some of my students the other day about dirt poor people here and the fact that maybe Brasil should spend less money on their football teams and a bit more on social stuff instead. One bright spark said that poor people needed football to make them happy, compared to having food i asked. Others just laughed, strange aint it? A lot of people here are like this, there are a whole class of people here in Brasil who are invisible to everyone else. Yeah you got it. poor people. Sad but true, they can walk past the most desperate situations and see nothing even if its right uder their noses. And these same people are the ones that are in the church telling their priest how fucking holy they are!! They need a good horse whipping! When I share my observations with Brasilians about their country mostly they say I only see bad things, but coming from a 1st world country I tend to see alot more because im not accustomed to seeing starving, dying people with children who havent eaten for days in the UK. But when i ask them about giving something for these dort poor people they just shrug it off. So I'm the bad person for seeing it and reminding them about it but they are good people cause they ignore it? Buttfucking weird aint it? As the modern world encroaches in hre things will have to change as although Brasilians can tolerate this, countries investing here will not and this will force them to tow the line. For the poorest people here (and half the people in Brasil are starving remember)this had better happen soon. Why doesnt the Catholic church open its gold filled coffers and start giving to the poor, after all that was one of Jesus' commandments right?

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Jackson Won't Share Bed With Kids Again - Michael Jackson's lawyer said Tuesday the singer will no longer share his bed with young boys

What a crock of shite!! He should have never been sharing his bed with them in the first place, fucking pedophile!! What sort of grown man publicly admits sleeping with young kids and them tells people abusing them is sweet? I think people should take a sharp knife and cut his dick off so that children are safe because just cause he was freed doesnt mean that he didnt do it, just that there wasnt enough to convict him. but, hes a predator and like all pervs he will still continue and skip up and then all of his victims will have their day when they finally see him thrown inthe prison where he belongs. After all, his money is nearly all gone now and he wont have so much to spread around the next time one of his young victims finds the strength to stand up and speak about what this sick freak did and then with no cash left to buy his verdict he will be fucked! What a sad fucking day for childrens rights. Parents must be thinking in the USA that no one is safe now this sick fuck is back on the streets..

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So Jackson got off, we all knew he would though. After all the cash hes bee spreading around its not surprising. Using his fame and influence and getting as much cash behind him to intimidate the legal and court systems was a sure way to make sure he would get away scott free. from the moment his so called trial started it was abvious that he wouldnt get his just deserts, when you have money you can do anything and this is just a travesty of the justice system of the world, where we now know that you can molest whoever you like if you have the cash to cover your ass. but we all kow the truth, its not that hes innocent but that there wasnt enough evidence to convict him. What they should have done is taken a big gun and shot the guy, whoever did this would be in the prayers of little children for the rest of their lives. We know Jackson, we believe the truth was sold and brought and that most people know you for what you really are: A filthy little baboon faced fucking pervert who should have his testicles cut off with a dull knife and have them pickled in a jar. Fucking Freak!!

"He's just not guilty of the crimes he's been charged with," said Ray Hultman, who told The Associated Press he was one of three people on the 12-person panel who voted to acquit only after the other nine persuaded them there was reasonable doubt about the entertainer's guilt in this particular case.

Hultman said he believed it was likely that both boys had been molested. He said he voted to acquit Jackson in the current case because he had doubts about his current accuser's credibility. "That's not to say he's an innocent man," Hultman, 62, said of Jackson

Some jurors noted they were troubled by Jackson's admission that he allowed boys into his bed for what he characterized as innocent sleepovers

Quotes from online:

The best thing Jackson can do now is to go away and remain a recluse. He may have been found not guilty this time but that doesn't explain the millions he gave away to buy silence from others. I would never leave my son in his company

I now fully expect every paedophile in the world to be granted the right to take a child into bed with them, whatever the sex of the child, without fear of any recrimination. Thank God he does not live in this country

After reflection and the dust settles, I just hope the jury will be able to live with themselves. They have set Mr Jackson free and no boy is safe. Seems the most important thing was to get a book deal. My heart goes out to Gavin and his family

Only in America, if you have enough money for high profile lawyers you can get away with anything. Justice has not been done and Jackson will re-offend again and again

He got away with it, what a justice system! If he had nothing to hide, why did he pay a large sum of money to silence an alleged victim in the past? Call him weird, naive, lucky or stupid, but don't call him to send your kids to Neverland. Next time (hope not), he may not get such an understanding jury

can't help but wonder where the justice is in this world. A country who can send hundreds and perhaps thousands of men after one man in Iraq can ignore what this person has done to many boys? He may think of himself as Peter Pan, but if everyone thought in that way, will it be OK for all men to go to bed with all little boys, feed them drinks and lick their heads ? I think not. I have lost all respect for American justice and am greatly disappointed in a country which is supposed to be an example of fairness

This verdict proves money can buy anything, even freedom. I would not let my son anywhere near him, cleared or not

Disgusting. Another normal person would have been declared guilty. Poor victim. And why was so much money was paid to the others if nothing happended? The jury is wrong or do not want to see the truth, but why?

Unbelieveable. The jury claim there was simply "not enough" evidence for a guilty verdict, yet the accused admits sharing his bed with children, and has publications of naked boys in his bedroom. There's no excuse for that. Surely even these facts merit a sentence of some kind?

Jackson should have at least be regarded as mentally unstable or totally arrogant to think after all the kids he paid off he could still have young boys in his bed. If he did nothing to these boys then he should have been found guilty of gross stupidity at the very least (if only that was a legal term) to allow himself to be compromised by these actions. I am afraid, however, I am of the old school and think "where there is smoke there is fire". The prosecution, however, were inept and supplied poor and unbelievable witnesses one after another.

some fans suggest that Michael Jackson is a saint. I'm neither a judge or the jury but, after hearing all the evidence, they found him not quilty. Yes Michael is weird but he has lived in a bubble his whole life. His fans however leave a lot to be desired. I feel sick at the display of unquestioning devotion that was shown by so many, many fans and scared that they get to vote. Michael Jackson is a man, not Jesus or God, he has not cured cancer or AIDS nor has he done that much for humanity, which was suggested by one emailer. Inviting a bunch of kids to an amusement park for the day is not my idea of charity. These kids are not starving in Africa or suffering from AIDS with no medical help. His fans now set him up as a saint. Suggest fans weird not Michael.

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Monday, June 13, 2005


London Uk is making its big push to host the Olympics in 1012 but for me i think they should just drop the whole idea. After all itll cost millions to prepare the city and also every city that hosts this event loses millions too. Millions that we could better spend on education or training the police and others like social workers who are useless at their jobs. It has to be said that Uk social workers for me rate as some of the worst in the world, they are god-damned useless. For those people in the UK who live in the South Derbyshire area they will know exactly what I am talking about. I think the UK should sack the lot of them and then use these millions to train good social workers, ones that are without prejudices and preconceptions. Some of them are actually people that were ex prsion officers and how the fuck can these people who we all know are corrupt and easily bribable run an organization that it supposed to help people? Well we know how it works right? If they flogged a few bad social workers in the streets then maybe they would buck up their ideas and get something useful done. For me, i will never believe in UK Social Services and the sooner the government stops spending money on this foolish idea and spends on something thats urgently needed the better C'mon tony, get it sorted man!..

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In what can only be called a sad desperate attempt to try to salvage something from his pathetic little child abusers life, Freaky here wants to take part in the Live 8 concerts. how can this be allowed? What is he going to do? Appear on stage and start singing while at the same time eyeing up all the ten yr olds he can see so he can invite them back to his place later for cola and a blowjob? For me the best thing he can do is exactly the same as everyone else thinks the Pope should do: STAY AWAY!! He needs to accept that we all know him for what he is and that he should just fade from sight as his comtinued presense in the public can only be causing untold harm to the children he has abused and molested over the years and no amount of prancing around the stage can ever take that away. Lets hope he is convicted soon and that they throw him in with the other priosioners so he can see what abuse really feels like when he gets the crap beat out of him in the cell blocks..


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