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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, July 16, 2005


At the moment im at my old stomping ground CCAA in Planaltina to wait for Roberta's standby hours to expire. While being here i discovered that the payment fiasco is still ongoing with some people getting their payment 5 or 6 days late. My god, it gets worse and worse. It just goes to show the contempt that the owners have for their employees if they can let people on min salary go days late even when the owner knows they are the only bread-winners in the house

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Friday, July 15, 2005


School Harry Potter day 'evil'

A primary school has cancelled a Harry Potter day over complaints that it could lead children into "evil".
Pupils at The Holt Primary School in Lincolnshire were planning to celebrate the launch of the new JK Rowling book, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, by dressing up as witches and wizards.

The event was called off after the school received letters from parents and a local rector, worried about concerns over witchcraft.

Headteacher Paul Martin wrote to parents saying: "When I received a letter from the rector which suggested that I was 'seeking to lead our children into areas of evil', I felt that the situation was escalating disproportionately."

The Reverend Richard Billingshurst, who sent the letter admitted he had not read any of the books but had seen the Harry Potter films.

He said: "If people start going around casting spells on their neighbours because they don't know what they are doing, they are heading into dangerous waters."

Nigel Shier said his son Matthew was upset when told the Harry Potter day of magical maths and spelling invention had been cancelled.

"My son is autistic and was really looking forward to the day. Where do we draw the line? Are we going to ban schools from putting on Shakespeare's Macbeth because it features witches?"

The sixth and penultimate instalment of the Harry Potter books goes on sale this weekend. The adventures of the teenage wizard have made Rowling an estimated personal fortune of 280 million

Can you believe this? What sort of priest would do such a thing to ruin a day of fun for small childen? Does this so called priest really believe that you can shout accio and things start flying around the room and stuff? It really goes too far when religion starts interfering with school processes, they have to accept the fact that the can preach this kind of stuff to people who wanna listen in their churches, where priests belong as they are normally so out of touch with the real world. I hope these children remember this when they get older and shun this priest and his church. I'm sure that all the people in the school must be really sad about this and I wrote the headmaster a quick email;

Its very sad that you had to cancel your Harry potter day because of the actions of some over zealous priest. I cant help but feel sorry for you, your teachers and all the children as you must have all been really looking forward to having some innocent fun and games before this person spoiled it for you. I'm a British person teaching English in Brasil and here my students are really hyped up about reading his new book and about his adventures and this is with Brasil being a religious Catholic country too. Maybe you guys need to think about getting a new priest whose more in touch with reality hehehe! I hope though your students will enjoy reading the book and talking with you and your fellow teachers as much as i know mine will with me :-)

The headmaster replied;

Thank you for your kind words. I am confident that we will enjoy it.

Why is it that priests wanna ruin everything and turn everything in to some sort of evil conspiracy? It really makes me wonder what they teach them in those religious seminars they attend..

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Heres our wonderful President, see how happy he is? Thats because hes on vacation again but this time in France. Im sure hes having a wonderful time as France loves to get its cowardly claws in poor countries so it can exploit them. I guess it must be trying to get something out of all those Live8 concerts and aggreements that were made last week. A new thing they are advertizing here on the tv is a commercial to remind Brasilians to be polite and have more manners. Sounds a little strange you might think, right? Well try being 65yrs old and getting on a bus here, you wont see many people giving up their seat for you, most of the time the person who does is me. I think its because the way they see things is that the bus company provides two seats for old and disabled people and that if you werent quick enough to get a seat tough shit. You see people with a small baby struggling down a bus with no help (Apart from when a handy Brit happens to be there) and no one getting up to help them. Most people just turn to the window and pretend they arent there. So to combat this they have a snazzy new advert aimed at educating Brasilians on proper use of manners such as, giving up a seat for someone who needs it more, being polite to others, helping an elderly person cross the street, generally being nice to people. I think we have to have an advert for Lula too, maybe something that encourages him to spend less time on vacation visiting other countries and more time here dealing with the many problems he said he'd take care of as well as all of the corruption in his government. It must be nice to have more vacation time that President Bush hehehe!! Lets see if this advert will encourage more Brasilians to have the same sorts of manners that the rest of all have had since we wre 3yrs old, i wouldnt hold my breath though..

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I remember not so long back the Vatican harping on about how good Harry Potter books were for promoting family life etc. Now we get a complete load of bullshit from this fucking arsehole pope about it preventing christianism from growing in children. More like hes afraid that they wont grow up to put money in the church coffers to pay for his next vacation, what a piece of shit. Just read this crap below:

Pope disapproves of Harry Potter, letters suggest

Pope Benedict believes the Harry Potter books subtly seduce young readers and "distort Christianity in the soul" before it can develop properly, according to comments attributed to him by a German writer.
Gabriele Kuby, who has written a book called "Harry Potter - Good or Evil", which attacks J.K. Rowling's best selling series about the boy wizard, published extracts from two letters written to her by Benedict in 2003, when he was a cardinal.

Kuby, a devout Catholic, had sent him a copy of her Potter critique and he wrote to thank her, according to a passage from one of the letters published in German on her Web site.

"It is good that you enlighten people about Harry Potter, because these are subtle seductions which act unnoticed and by this deeply distort Christianity in the soul, before it can grow properly," Benedict wrote, according to the excerpt.

A Vatican official was not immediately able to comment on the remarks attributed to Benedict, who is currently on holiday in the Alps. Reuters was unable to reach Kuby by telephone.

The sixth book in the series, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", is due to be published on July 16, with millions of copies already shipped to stores around the world.

After Benedict was named Pope in April, his own writings shot to the top of the German book charts and dislodged the most recent book in the Potter series from number one.

The Vatican had previously appeared to approve of the books, saying they helped children to understand the difference between good and evil.

Kuby maintains the opposite, listing among 10 arguments against Harry Potter: "The ability of the reader to distinguish between good and evil is overridden by emotional manipulation and intellectual obfuscation."

In one of the letters, Benedict gives Kuby permission to publicise his opinion.

"Somehow your letter got buried in the large pile of name-day, birthday and Easter mail," he writes.

"Finally this pile is taken care of, so that I can gladly allow you to refer to my judgment about Harry Potter."

Vatican officials earlier this year condemned Dan Brown's Catholic conspiracy bestseller "The Da Vinci Code".

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone in March blasted the book as an absurd distortion of history, saying it was full of cheap lies and Catholic bookstores should take it off their shelves.

Of course these sausage eaters would buy up anything hes written as its written by a Nazi in disguise. They are probably hoping he will rally them again to go on yet another killing spree and slaughter a few millions people more, After all the church and Hitler have similar qualities; they hate anyone whose not Catholic, they like to kill people who dont believe their bullshit, they love the use of torture as history has shown us, and theyare related by the fact the pope is a fucking Nazi!! God-damn, can it get any worse, i ask you..

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Church of England votes to back women bishops

The Church of England voted on Monday to move towards ordaining women bishops, a step which could provoke an exodus of conservative clergy and deepen the widening splits within the worldwide Anglican Communion.
A synod meeting in the city of York voted to "remove legal obstacles" in Church law to women bishops, a process Church of England officials say could take about four years to complete.
All three houses of the synod -- the church's parliament -- voted in favour. The most senior house, the House of Bishops, voted 41 for and only six against.
"(This is) historic, memorable, hugely affirmative. I think we will look back and say why did it take us so long to get to July 11, 2005," Christina Rees, chair of Women and the Church, told BBC news.
Bishops play a key role in the hierarchy of Christian churches since they head dioceses and ordain new priests. Opening the episcopate, or community of bishops, to women allows them into the inner sanctum of power.
But the decision risked putting the Church on a collision course with its conservatives, who defend the all-male clergy by saying Jesus Christ chose only men as his Apostles -- the forerunners of modern bishops.
"This question goes to the very heart of the Church's ministry ... It is from the bishop that the Church's sacramental life comes so it really does threaten our very existence," Father David Houlding, leader of the Anglo-Catholic group on the Synod, told BBC news.
As the mother church of the 77 million-strong Anglican Communion, it also risks stiff opposition from sister churches -- especially in the "Global South" -- already up in arms over reforms on homosexuality by liberal "northern" churches.
The Communion, which has 38 member churches, is threatened with schism over decisions by United States Anglicans -- the Episcopal Church -- to ordain a gay male bishop and Canadian Anglicans to bless same-sex unions.
In a recent open letter, 17 bishops opposed to opening their ranks to women urged the synod not to vote on a resolution that would introduce "new divisions" into the Anglican Church. The letter prompted scores of protests from women priests.
One of the bishops, Andrew Burnham of Ebbsfleet, told the Sunday Times he would probably switch to the Roman Catholic Church -- which vigorously defends its all-male clergy -- if his church gave women bishops the green light.
"A Church of England with women bishops would no longer have a united episcopate. Bishops would no longer be what they say they are. I would have to leave," it quoted him as saying.
The Church of England now has 108 bishops.
Burnham estimated some 800 priests would leave the Church in protest. About 300 priests and thousands of churchgoers abandoned it in the 1990s to protest against women priests.
The Catholic Church has accepted about 200 married Anglican priests into its clergy in Britain and smaller numbers from Anglican and Protestant churches in other countries.
Of the 38 member churches in the Anglican Communion, three -- in Canada, New Zealand and the United States -- have already ordained women bishops.
Women bishops are allowed in 11 others, although none has been ordained, while 23 others have no provision for them. Eight member churches refuse to ordain women as priests or deacons.
Women bishops are also allowed in some Protestant churches in Germany and Scandinavia.

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Today Roberta's salary wasnt in our account, 3 days late. We tried talking to CCAA Taguatinga online to ask them if they knew what had happened to the salary but they just logged off, not a good sign but then they dont have good secretaries there since Mara and rubia left. We checked and double checked the bank to make sure it wasnt there and by some miracle the dopey owners sister arrived online so roberta proceeded to question her about the missing salary. This skinny piece of shit tried first to tell us she had paid everyone and that we were wrong, then that we were lying and we had the money in our account before trying then to blame the accountant. We knew straight away that she was a bullshitter as the accountant told me that since she had taken over running the schools in Taguatinga and Gama they were falling to pieces and pressed her again before she revealed that she had screwed up Roberta's salary. We asked her if the salary would be deposited today and were told it wasnt possible as she was a govenment worker and needed permission from the justice dept to free money from her account to pay Roberta, fucking lying skanky piece of trash!!!!! When we asked if they were going to pay the interest on any late payments Roberta had to make she promptly disappeared from the internet which gor us straight on the phone to her school asking her what she was playing at. Now we get phone calls from lots of people telling Roberta their salaries hadnt been deposited either, you can see what im getting at here right? Yeah the people administering CCAA Planaltina, Gama and Taguatinga are full of shit, ripping off not only students but teachers too in their quest to take as much cash from people as they can without giving any back. This sack of shit lying to use is the directors bag of bones sister Luciana, man i cant believe that they think we fall for their bullshit and lying crap. If they dont pay anyone today i dont think they will have any teachers turning up for school tomorrow. Man i'm so glad i got out when i did as i wouldnt have stood for the lies and gone there and punched her straight in her goofy teeth..

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Monday, July 11, 2005


You guys really have sank to a new low, first you put on your website some comments saying you're behind everyone after the bombings and no one should be pointing fingers and what do i see in the news today? You're demanding an inquiry when the police and everyone else have enough to do. Whats this? you're trying to score political points from this? It's pathetic, how many other people must be thinking as i do that you guys are so desperate to get a crack at power you'll use innocent people deaths to try to get back. And you guys sit there wondering why you cant win, why you are in limbo, you guys need to take a step back and see yourselves though our eyes, i think you would be really shocked to see how the common person see you and your party. Living in Brasil i'm accustomed to seeing politicians trying this sort of thing to get into a government but when i see it in my own country i just become more and more happy that Tony Blair is there in charge dealing with things.

My email to Michael Howard, Conservative party leader after i discovered that he is using the deaths of people in London to try to score political points by trying to say that the police and armed forces didnt do anything to stop this attack. Hes just a fucking sad, fat, bald-headed loser crying because he couldnt get back in power yet again. Thank the gods he didnt get into power or we would all be screwed..


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