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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Saturday, December 03, 2005


I though I'd email the so-called Pope again and vent off more frustrations at how badly him and his cronies are treating poor people and stuff. You can read a copy of it below but don't expect a reply to be posted from the Vatican. They never reply..

You can't hide the truth..

You really can't for a single minute think the rest of the world will go along with your "Lets persecute gay people and blame them for the child abuse inflicted by our priests" routine, can you? Althought i'm not gay myself i know alot of gay people and not one of them is a child molester and yet i see many priests being arrested and convicted of this crime and they definately weren't gay. You know there was another person in history who also persecuted a race of people, hmmm let me think of his name.. Oh I remember now, Adolf Hitler. He condemned millions of people because of exactly the same ideas as yours, and lets face it we all know that you believed in him and joined his Nazi party. You cant put your own house in order by victimizing a group of people just so you can divert the public eye away from the real truth, that you and your church have concealed in your midst all manner of perverts, child rapists and abusers and moved them around so that people dont realize whats happening until its too late. We all knw the truth and you are just as guilty as they are, you can wear your expensive white dress all you like and it doesnt make a blind bit of difference. Hmm actually i guess you must allow cross dressers, right? Lets be honest, white isnt your color. Every day in Brasil thousands of people are converting to other religions, banning one of their most popular singers from the Vatican served this purpose well. How can you condem Daniela Mercury for trying to save her own countrymen from the death that you would force on them? Man, It makes me wonder how you got voted for in the raffle for the papalship, but then we all know that you had that sewn up in your pocket long before the old pope died, didn't you? You know though that your time is coming and your going to burn in the deepest fires of hell. You will isn't gods will, you use the bible for your own intentions and pass it off as some religious thing and on the day of judgement everyone you accused and victimized will be lining up to watch you pass through the gates to go down below. You sicken me and the sooner you pass over the better..

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Vatican defends banning singer who supports condoms

The Vatican on Friday defended its decision to exclude Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury from its Christmas concert, saying she had threatened to promote the use of condoms to fight AIDS during the show.

"The Vatican decided to exclude Daniela Mercury from the cast not because of her convictions about contraceptives even if they are not in agreement those of the Catholic Church," said Father Giuseppe Bellucci, a priest who organised the show
"She was excluded because she had announced that at the concert she would openly promote the use of condoms to fight the plague of AIDS," he told a news conference presenting the benefit concert, to be held on Saturday night.

Mercury, who is an ambassador for UNICEF and the U.N. anti-AIDS program, had been invited to sing several songs as part of an international cast that includes South African singer Miriam Makeba and Ireland's Dolores O'Riordan.

"The convictions of a person are one thing but making statements like these are another," Bellucci said.

"We have to remember that the performers, the promoters and everyone else at these things are guests of Vatican City and we have to abide by the rules of the hosts," he said.

The concert is a traditional fund-raiser for charities. It is not attended by the Pope but is attended by dozens of cardinals and other top Vatican officials.

It is then broadcast on Italian television on Christmas Eve.

Mercury said in a statement last week that she regretted the decision but had the right to disagree with the Catholic Church's opposition to using contraceptives as a way of stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

At the 2003 concert U.S. Hip Hop singer Lauryn Hill shocked Catholic officials by telling them to "repent" and alluding to sexual abuse of children by U.S. priests. Her comments were cut from the recording and not broadcast on Christmas Eve.

The Church opposes the use of condoms except in the rarest of circumstances because they are a form of contraception.

It says that fidelity within heterosexual marriage, chastity and abstinence are the best ways to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The Church says promoting condoms to fight the spread of AIDS fosters what it sees as immoral and hedonistic lifestyles and behaviour that will only contribute to its spread.

The church gets worse and worse and they have already lost this argument but still continue to cling to it even though its a loser. Why? Because they havent got any really good reason to enforce their ban on condoms. I compare this action to the same as hitler persecuting the Jews in the second world war, here the Pope is persecuting people for making love, a perfectly natural thing that we all do. In fact we wouldnt even be here if our parents hadnt made love. Why the church cant change its ideals and methods to fit in with the modern times is beyond me. I think its similar to the reason long term prisoners cant adjust to living outside the prison, they are institutionalized and cant make the change. But with the Catholic church its something different, the dont wanna lose their money making scheme, after all its lasted them a long time now and they dont wanna change for something that might not bring in the readies. Pieces of shit, they make profit from the deaths of millions of poor people and starving children and then turn their backs on them. they should all be fucking shot..

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Thursday, December 01, 2005


South African Court Affirms Gay Marriage

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - South Africa's highest court ruled in favor of gay marriage Thursday, a landmark decision that clears the way for the country to become the first to legalize same-sex unions on a continent where homosexuality remains largely taboo.

The decision does not take immediate effect, however. The Constitutional Court, which decided it is unconstitutional to prohibit gays from marrying, gave Parliament a year to make the necessary legal changes. That disappointed gay rights activists, some of whom have been waiting years to wed.

"We were thinking we would be calling our friends today and inviting them to our wedding," said Fikile Vilakazi, of the Forum for the Empowerment of Women, who proposed to her partner more than six months ago. "Now they are asking us to wait another year."

South Africa recognized the rights of gay people in the constitution adopted after apartheid ended in 1994 the first in the world to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. But the government has opposed attempts to extend the definition of marriage in court to include same-sex couples in the mostly Christian country.

Married couples have many rights denied gay couples, including the ability to make decisions on each other's behalf in medical emergencies and inheritance rights if a partner dies without a will.
In delivering Thursday's ruling, Judge Albie Sachs said current legal definitions of marriage as a union between a man and a woman "are accordingly inconsistent with sections ... of the Constitution to the extent that they make no provision for same-sex couples to enjoy the status, entitlements and responsibilities they accord to heterosexual couples."

The court instructed Parliament to extend the legal definition within a year, or else the courts would automatically do so, the South African Press Association reported.

Judge Kate O'Regan agreed with the other 10 members of the court that same-sex marriage should be legal but argued in a separate opinion that the court should effect the changes immediately a view shared by gay rights groups.

One fear is that during the coming months lawmakers could attempt to water down the decision by introducing a different category of marriage for same-sex couples, Vilakazi said. Proposals previously mooted in Parliament include the introduction of "civil unions," which would provide the same legal benefits as marriage but not oblige religious institutions to solemnize them, she told The Associated Press.

Some Christian groups already are arguing that Thursday's ruling goes too far.

"South Africa has a very strong traditional and conservative population," said Steven Swart, spokesman for the tiny African Christian Democratic Party. "We as Christian Democrats believe we should treat all people with compassion, but there are certain guidelines that we stand by: Marriage is a union between a man and women."

Rhema Church Pastor Ray McCauley said: "It is a sad day for South Africa when the very bedrock foundation of society, the family, is redefined by a court. We believe that the majority of South Africans do not agree with this decision."

Thursday's ruling was in response to a government appeal against a Supreme Court ruling last year that said a lesbian couple's union should be recognized. There was no immediate government comment on the decision.

Marie Fourie and Cecelia Bonthuys, a couple from Pretoria, took their case to court after the government refused to recognize their October 2002 wedding on the basis of the common-law definition of marriage. They were not in court Thursday.

This must be a big kick in the teeth for the pope in Africa aftey decided to give gay rights to the people, not before time too. If we are to live in a world where everyone is treated equally then countries must recognize gay rights for equality too and not try to ignore then or as the pope and outlaw them. Hopefully many more Catholic countires will follow Africas example and introduce this kind of legistature too and show the world that we are all truthfully equal in each and every way..

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I just fell on this site and thought I'd post the address here, man it's so funny! Check it out by going to Confessions Anonymous

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Well it appears that Dan Browns 'The Da Vinci Code' is still causing agro for the catholic church leaders, now some high up catholic writers have decided to write a book debunking Browns book. I wonder what it is about this book that rattles the Vatican so much they would ask some people to try to disprove this book? Maybe there is more truth in it than they let on? Or maybe they're just afraid that people will see the real truth about their fucking church by reading this well written book that sheds more than a little light on some of the strange goings on in the church and its spin off organizations? We all know for a fact that the Catholic church tries always to promote women as less than men, even going so far as to make them feel bad about themselves for the so called act of Eve bringing sin to humanity. The fact that this book brings more focus on this can hardly make it popular with Catholic church leaders who are already struggling to control women and keep them dominated by men. This book started out just as a simple airport thriller and has caused the church more grief than anything else, which of course can only be a good thing as ive noticed that church leaders tend to turn their eyes away from everything so long as money is flowing into their bank accounts. They have to get used to the idea that people are finally waking up, especially in third-world counties where the churches have rode rough-shod over the poor people, abusing and taking advantage of them for pure profit, and that now these people are waking up to the very real possibility of being able to pray to their god without having to put up with corrupt priests exploiting them..


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