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What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
Monday, December 10, 2007


Finally the fat bastard buckles under and last week had to sign an agreement in front of the local judge here to stop making noise or else, it was actually quite pitiful to see him in the hearing. He likes to give out this impresson that no one can touch him but last week he was the complete opposite, 'yes judge this and yes judge that'. Can you guys believe he even tried the nearly crying trick? What a fucking loser!!! "Please feel sorry for me" - this was his last final trick but he was fucked from the moment he opened his mouth. I caught him out lying time after time and he knew it. Him also having a donkey lawyer helped, some of the stuff they came out with would stretch the limits of the fucking twilight zone. This guy was so stupid that he arrived with a load of photos saying that there was nothing to make all of that noise outside his bar and in the photos you can see a dirty great loudspeaker - Doh what an arsehole.

We have one more court case - apparently he agrees not to make the noise anymore but denys that he made any lol. Yeah you're reading it correctly, some people were near the end of the queue when they gave out brains but when they got to this guy there were none left so they filled his head with saw dust or some other crap that got wet and went all moldy and stuff. More on this as it happens..

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fat Prick

I just spent a couple of weeks in the hospital here apparently suffering from deep vein thrombosis. During the two weeks I was there we asked my wifes cousins to stay at our place and keep an eye on it. During this time the said that the bar next to us was quiet as a mouse but since the first day i arrived home its been nothing but noise until 2 or 3am most mornings. I have to go to the court next Tuesday to try to solve this problem again, hopefully this fat racist prick will finally get whats coming to him and I'll get some sleep at night. I've been trying to catch sight of this walking pile of shit to get a photo of him to put here but he stays out of sight when he knows I'm at home and prefers provoking drunk people from his bar to try to get them to come do something instead. Nothing but a coward, yellow through and through, he'll rue the day he decided to call black people dogs! Those of you that live in my city should avoid Bar Maracana and its owner oswaldo like the plague and go to one of the other better bars and restaurants in the city instead, although if you drive past feel free to open your window and shout the words 'FAT RACIST LOSER' at him - he doesn't speak English but it'll annoy the hell out of him lol. The piss take is that he'll take colored people's money but his black wife spends all day slaving over the stove and you only see her to either go to work or leave. Still they say what goes around comes around, right? Lets just hope its fucking soon!!

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tearing a new asshole..

I finally found out what happened in the court the other day concerning our knobhead neighbor who hates black people, apparently he is trying to deny that any police went to his bar and that its all some kind of fantasy hallucination only in the minds of the rest of the world, mind you he is fucking cracked. Still it drags on, he desperately clings to this 'I can do whatever I want and say whatever I want about people and you can't do anything about it' mentality, lets hope someone is good enough to answer the prayers and either shoot or give him some incurable desease and do the city and world a BIG favor.

Yesterday night I was invited to go and speak at a public meeting with mayor and people from the Ministério Público about this problem. My wife didn't have time to go but I attended so that I could see how these public frums work in Brasil and to get to meet a lot of people from the Forum and the justice department too. It turns out most of them speak English too, which was nice for me as my Portugues isn't really all that good. When it was my turn to speak I asked the chairperson to translate for me while I spoke to the rest of the people there, who unfortunately didn't speak any English hahahahahaha!! I think it must have been the highlight of the week for some of the people who attended the meeting as they have never met a foreign person before. The main thrust of this meeting last night was to promote a new initiative that the justice department in our state are pushing through, to control bars in the state and also the flow of alcohol to teenagers to cut down on the violence and trouble. Most bar owners in Brasil would sell a five-year-old ten liters of vodka so long as they had the cash to pay for it. I asked the people promoting this, jusges, justice etc., to also try including something that would control the noise coming from these bars as well as the loud music coming from the clients cars of these bars. That would more or less put paid to that fat piece of shit next to our place. It turns out that there is already a law to control this noise in our city and that its not really taken notice of so wth my protesting there I'll wait to see what will happen next. To be honest though, with regards to that prick from the bar next to our house, we've already won, even if it didn't go to the court he has had to put up signs stating that no cars can play loud music and hes obligated to control his fat mouth and stop trying to provote his drunk clients into take us on while he like the coward he is hides in the back of his bar. Unfortunately a few of them tried and came face to face with Mr. Steak knife, all 8" if him and their dutch courage soon left them and they quickly developed a yellow streak a mile wide down their spines. Eight onto one trying to slap my wife, no way was that being allowed, why is it drunk guys like to show off by threatening women but the moment a sober guy appears to defend the girl they run off, shows how fucking brave they are, doesn't it? There isn't a date marked for this next court hearing yet, when there is ore news it'll get put here..

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Court day

Well yesterday was finally the day that my loser neighbor was supposed to attend the court so the judge could put an end to this fucking noise we have been suffering. The big question is did he go or not? Probably not but then I could be wrong. The judge got someone from his office to go and remind him by shoving the documents right under his nose so even this dipstick couldn't say he didn't know about it. It'll be a couple of days before I get to find out if he went and what happened there, I didn't waste my time going although it would have been fun to see that fat tub of shite finally sat there getting what he fucking deserves. It's a shame they don't have the death penalty, I would have asked them to make a special exception and stretched his fat flabby neck and do the whole city a BIG favor. My best guess, he decided to disobey the judge or won't comply with the court wishes and he'll try to get some kind of thing in a court so he can get a hearing instead. I don't think he'll get very far with it mind you, no matter what idiotic thoughts pass through his pea-sized brain he still broke the law for more than five months and is still continuing on odd days, like the two and a half hours of car stereo last Friday night. I'll try to get a photo of this guy so people can see what sort of person likes calling black women DOGS and encouraging his drunken clients to do it too. Pity he runs away or into any available building every time I'm in the street, you can see the sort of fucking yellow, spineless coward we are dealing with here, right? My size 12 would look great planted right across his fucking nose or in what he has for balls, hmm thinking of that he probably doesn't have balls, or they didn't drop yet. Post more when I find out what went on, okay?

I get to hear a lot about the uni that my wife studies in from a lot of my students. Although some people rave about the free uni's here in Brasil, the real truth is they aren't that good at all. Only really for getting an easy degree etc. I know people at the uni in our city who can't speak a word of English for example who will get a degree to each English languages. In the last month I heard of a teacher who told her students she hadn't seen them and they hadn't seen her and spent the whole day sitting in a room drinking coffee and chatting instead of giving the classes she is paid to do. Another one married an American and as soon as she gets to class she connects her laptop to the uni intra net and spends the whole night there cybering with her lover. A philosophy teacher who went around telling all the teachers that the students were thick and stupid and shouldn't be studying with her - this is the same teacher who once asked the students to do a piece of homework and told them she wasn't going to tell them what it was or what she wanted them to do. Right bunch of fucking geniuses they got working there, ain't it? Then today one of my students told me that the one married to the American has given a month sick note but she's not really sick and has gone to the States with her husband, so she gets her paychecks still and they are going to replace her with a little girl who was fired from one school in our city (Wizard) for causing problems and fights with the other teachers and who spent most of her time asking me to repeat more or less every word I spoke when I bumped into her once. How do they choose these teachers? Some of the students who graduate this year told me they speak more English that their English teachers, can it get any worse I hear you asking? Oh, hell yeah!!! Try a teacher that teaches at the uni and the biggest private school in our city who my wife once substituted and left a simple test for his students that I corrected and failed 80% of the 270+ students because there was not even a single correct sentence on the exams papers and when he returned from the States he gave all the students I failed a full pass or they said they would complain to their parents, and you guessed it, he teaches at the uni too. What a cluster fuck!!!
How do these people get selected to work in a public uni? Well believe it or not there is not public exam, they are just given a contract, so anyone could refer you there. I got asked a few semesters back by some of my students if I would give classes there but I blew that idea off, I don't wanna be anywhere near that mess and don't wanna get any blame rubbing off on me when these so-called graduated students get jobs in public schools and can't teach a single word of the language they have their degree in. I'll stay here in my private school where my students know they are getting the real deal and my undivided attention and not me online in a classroom telling my husband on a laptop how I'm going to remove my baggy draws for him that night :P I'll try to keep this more updated as I go along, okay?

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McCanns launch phoneline to find Madeleine

LONDON (Reuters) - The parents of Madeleine McCann believe their daughter is still alive and have hired private detectives to man a 24-hour phoneline in a new bid to find her, their spokesman said on Wednesday.

Kate and Gerry McCann, named by Portuguese police as formal suspects in the case, will give details of the Spanish-based phoneline during an interview on Spanish television.

"(They) will reiterate their firm belief that Madeleine is still alive," said spokesman Clarence Mitchell. "And they will urge anyone with information, no matter how minor it may seem to them, to contact a newly established, confidential 24-hour phone number."

Any information received will be shared with Portuguese police, he added.

"This is not a sign of losing faith. We want this to be a collaborative exercise with the police," he told GMTV earlier.

Madeleine McCann disappeared from her bedroom in an Algarve holiday resort on May 3 shortly before her fourth birthday.

Portuguese police named the McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, as formal suspects in the case on September 7.

The couple say they are innocent and have launched a high-profile campaign to find their daughter, who they think was abducted.

Earlier this month, Portuguese authorities appointed a more senior police officer to head the investigation, amid criticism in Britain over slow progress.

Man, as if not enough cash has already been made by these people from the death of their child at their own hands, no they open a $1 per minute phone line to rake in more cash! You gotta admit these guys were clever, going to a country where they knew the police wouldn't be able to handle the murder, killing her, hiding the body and then starting a huge, very public campaign to divert attention from them while all the time raking in the money donated by people sucked into their lies by all the media hype. And Maddie? Well let's hope that someone, somewhere is remembering her as it's obvious her parents don't. I have this image of them crouching over their piles of cash counting every penny, just like Scrooge. They should be extradited to some country that is allowed to use more persuasive ways of making people talk when media hype and smoothly changing the subject when real questions are asked doesn'1t work, then some answers would soon appear. Flogging appeals to me, both for the questioning and the punishment for abandoning their kids and going off eating and drinking and leaving them alone and defenseless. What a pair of worthless pieces of shit!!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Late postings..

I haven't posted for a long long time, I've been busy dealing with my prick neighbor who insists on playing music in his fucking bar till 3am in the morning. I think he does it because hes a insufferable fucking idiot with very little brains and a huge mustache that would rival a walrus. For almost 4 months he or people from his bar would make this noise even though I called the police many times to deal with him. Now we will go to the forum here to finally get some punishment for him and yet he still continues. I think hes a little retarded, after all who would call a bar maracana? I guess it makes him feel as though he is impressive or something, also he loves sucking up to the rich people in the city, like they actually give a shite about him. Once hes been through the justice a couple of times I don't think he so-called rich friends will hang around him so much. Its only for the cheap, piss weak beer they are there in the first place. We had to suffer his friends banging on our door and windows at night when they had their dutch courage inside them but in the day time when I see them they look at the floor trying to hide their worthless faces in case I slap them silly. you can be sure these are the same people who will be perched on a pew in the church at weekends too, paying their taxes to buy forgiveness. I have a new court day here at the beginning of next month to try to finally get this twat to shut the fuck up. I already spoke to a judge and prosecutor here who told me that this case should already be in the courts but for some reason it takes forever to get anything done here and tomorrow I'll be in the forum making a statement to the justice people about how I can't get the case moved in front of a judge so we can try to get it moved before the next police audience (these police things are a waste of time). Of course, we could be lucky and someone could run over or kill the fucker before we actually get through the court room door, but I won't hold my breath. If it happens, I'll throw a big fucking party to celebrate. Then finally five months of this crap will be done with and we'll get some decent sleep at night. I'll still be happier though if this fat, lazy, bushy bearded, retarded motherfucker cops a packet!!

Also we have had a lot of problems with our net connection. Mainly the city has wifi and apparently some people have tried setting up their own wifi stuff and are knocking our the cities on set up. This bunch of fucking geniuses who run Open internet can't seem to solve the problems and after three weeks of us calling them to get them to come look at it we still haven't managed to get a decent connection speed. We will go to their offices in the city center tomorrow if we get time after going to speak with the forum people to drag their sorry arses out here to get it solved or cancel and move to another provider.

Man, its blistering hot here this evening, I'm not sure what the temp is at the moment but feels like it was last night, getting to sleep will be a real bitch. It was past 3am when we finally managed to get to sleep last night, and we had to be awake at 6am for my first class of the day. I think I'll end here and go get something cold to drink..

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Its about fucking time..

Petition over Madeleine's treatment

An online petition has been launched urging social workers in Madeleine McCann's home county to investigate the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

By Monday night, more than 1,700 people had signed it, calling on Leicestershire social services to "investigate the circumstances which led to three-year-old Madeleine McCann and her younger siblings being left unattended in an unlocked, ground floor hotel room".

The petitioners claim Leicestershire social services have a "statutory obligation" to investigate those circumstances.

The petition - on a website called - added: "We ask that they do this to reflect an even-handed approach to the important issue of child protection."

Speaking to the BBC, John McCann, brother of Madeleine's father Gerry, described the initiative as "not helpful".

Brian Kennedy, the little girl's great uncle, told the Press Association: "It's not worthy of comment."

Madeleine disappeared from a hotel room in Portugal on May 3, while her parents, Gerry and Kate, were eating at a nearby restaurant.

The Rothley youngster, now four, has not been seen since and her mother and father have faced criticism about their decision to leave her, and her younger brother and sister, in the hotel while they dined.

The couple said they had been close by and made regular checks on the children.

Responding to the petition to the BBC, Leicestershire County Council said it always discharged its duties in a "full and professional manner", then added: "All agencies are acutely aware of the traumatic ordeal that the McCanns are experiencing."

Its about time something was fucking done here about these parents abandoning their children while they went out on the town. They should have been investigated and processed the very first day they admited they left their kids alone in a foreign country. What the fuck were they thinking of? How come they never seem upset and what the hell is this world tour thing? And now I read online they are hiring some kind of manager? Sounds like they've taken a leaf out of the Beckham's book and selling their kids to make even more money. You can sign this petition by going to this link - and help make sure these child abandoners are taken to the courts for their crime. If their daughter is discovered alive, she and their other children should be immediately but up for adoption with other people who actually give a shit about their kids. I think we need to be taking a good look at their computers and see who they have been talking to online, I'm beginning to wonder if they are part of the wonderland club we read so much about not too long back in the news. The mother looks a little iffy and the dad too, pedos?? Have they sold off their daughter? Something fucking stinks here and the main smell comes from the parents. Lets hope someone sees past this carefully organized media stunt designed to make sure that public sympathy keeps them from being charged and slaps the cuffs on them and carts them off to prison. Preferably on in a place when torture is allowed so we can find out where this little girl really is. you can be 110% sure the parents know something about it..

Comments from the petition:

While the parents must be having a terrible time it isn't about them. Madeline's life is either over or ruined and it is a direct result of their (in?)actions. If their local council doesn't have the gumption to investigate them then the government should step in. They have had time to greive now they need to be punished properly.

If their kids had been killed in fire whilst left alone there would be outrage!

As quoted by your 'Child abuse' page - " Somebody may abuse or neglect a child by inflicting harm or by failing to act to prevent harm'

Bit suspicious about the mccanns reaction and their afterwards conduct of this whole situation. Something is a bit fishy... Now if they used the media to amongst other things, use it to warn people of the potential dangers of such an incidence happening, i think it would be good. But this whole glossing over their stupidity with constant media blitz, going to the pope (must be having a laugh) and showing what appears to be no remorse, is frankly disturbing and odd. I think i speak for everyone when i say that madeleine's well-being is certainly the priority in this story, but they are angry (im sure most signing this are parents themselves) with the conduct and the steps taken by the mccanns thereafter. So people posting here saying "YOU ARE EVIL FOR SAYING SUCH THINGS ABOUT THE MCCANNS!", please maybe look at the bigger picture? I personally think they should get more german investigators.

Did you know that the balance in the missing madeline fund is £721,748.84 as of 11/6/07. Does anyone know what is going to happen to this money being donated. I hope it's not for the McCanns legal team when they are prosecuted for child neglect

Why should the McCanns avoid Social Service intervention when average people have done a lot less and had ther children taken away?

I get the feeling that if the parents were unemployed drug addicts then they would have been hung by the british media.. why is it so different just because these parents are doctors? I wouldn't leave my kids in the car to run into a shop for a paper, never mind leaving them to dine out.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Vatican defends World War II pope

The Vatican' stepped up its defense Tuesday of Pope Pius XII, with its No. 2 official decrying that the World War II pontiff was the victim of a "black legend" claiming he remained largely silent in the face of the Holocaust.

Less than a month after the Vatican took a new step to put Pius on the road to sainthood, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said that historical research and thousands of personal stories prove the pontiff acted behind the scenes to save the lives of Jews and other victims.
Pius "is the victim of a 'black legend,' which has spread to a point that it is difficult to change it, even though documents and witnesses have widely proven its complete inconsistency," the Vatican secretary of state said at a presentation of a book about the wartime pope.

Bertone acknowledged that Pius was "cautious" in his denunciations of Nazi persecutions, but said that any bolder public moves would have only angered the Axis powers, accelerating the extermination of Jews while endangering the Vatican and Europe's Catholics.

"Popes do not speak while thinking of creating for themselves a favorable image for posterity," Bertone said. "They hold dear to their heart the fate of men and women of flesh and blood, not the praise of historians."

Last month, a panel of bishops and cardinals at the Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Sainthood approved a declaration on Pius' virtues, passing the dossier to
Pope Benedict. If Benedict signs the document, it will be the first major step toward possible beatification for Pius.

The Vatican would then have to confirm a miracle attributed to Pius' intercession for him to be beatified, and a second miracle for him to be made a saint.

The move came shortly after a public spat between the Holy See and Israel over the pontiff's wartime conduct. In April, the Vatican ambassador to Israel threatened to boycott an annual memorial service at Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem because of a photo caption at the museum that said Pius did not protest the Nazi genocide of Jews and maintained a largely "neutral position."

The envoy later reversed his decision and attended the event, but the incident frayed the Vatican's sensitive relations with Israel and with Jews, many of whom share in the criticism of Pius.

Look at the total bullshit these people come out with, how the fuck can they make this guy a saint? I guess the Nazis thought he was one, my thoughts are that he was on the payroll just like the rest of them. I wonder how much gold from all those murdered jews the Vatican recieved? Probably enough for them all to live in their life of luxury and not give a fuck about the souls of those poor dead men, women and children. I'd like to see someone take a gun to this pope too, in fact we should pray that it happens soon before they cause even more disasters and misery for the whole world. how about digging up Pius' body and throwing it in the garbage where it as well as his church belongs!!


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